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Roleplay server?Community?Map?

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Hello everyone, my name is Krys and I am a fellow NewZ survivor.

First of all I would like to thank the developers/creators and moderators for this awesome game! It has been through some rough times and I am happy that it continues to live on!

I would like to make my own suggestion for a Roleplay server, perhaps with a custom map and a backstory to it? I was hoping it would attract new/old players and maybe even players that are "burned out" from pvp servers and I hoped this would be a nice change for some of the players ingame. I know most of you will probably say something in the likes of : "well, rent one" or "make a group and play in roleplay" but I really want something like this to last (and I don't have the money to do that xD), and I hope a backstory and some rules/regulations and a custom map for it would create a lasting community for this "gamemode", I think a lot of players would try something like this for a change and maybe this game isn't made for this kind of stuff but I am certainly willing to try! For this I would of course need time to create a backstory and I would like suggestions for it, I was also hoping for permission to use the map-creator program Svena69 is using in his stream while making the upcoming and amazing map! I of course want to discuss this with the developers/helpers/creators/moderators of this game if they want to try this idea of mine. As I said before it would take time to write the whole story but I am sure that with the help of this community of ours and help and regulations and approval checks from the developers we could really make this come true!

Thank you all for reading and please think about it, have a great time in game and please post suggestions/ideas and positive/negative sides of this idea.

Good luck farming zombies,gathering loot and battling eachother in the world of NewZ!

P.S.: Apologies for the broken english :D 



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I generally like the idea a lot because I am a filthy nerd, but his might be too much effort for too little return though.

Maybe at some later point when the mapping tool is released to the public and people can host there own maps on their own servers (damn thats my utopia and wet dream °_°)


But isn´t this really close to survival anyways? I can totally see you find a bunch of other nerds without any real hobbys (like me) and team up to get into such a server. It is just about the creativity and effort you put into it. So if you manage to come up with a nice story, hook me up <3




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I know it looks a lot like survival but survival is pvp only from where I stand, everyone kills eachother on sight just like on open world but with open world you can get all the loot you want for your character/roleplay group or faction easily and a few rules for the server would make it so no trolls/accidents would happen, I play everyday and we could surely have a group of leaders of factions to communicate with eachother to battle the trolls who would join, it's not that easy to find a roleplay group and this way everyone could join and try it themselves. The developers are always allowed to check the server for bugs and glitches on the custom map, the custom map would also have a big impact on the story!

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