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Z.E.R.T Clan recruiting

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Hey guys. I'm a veteran from the old version of Infestation, used to do clan PvP with Geezers in Arms, regularly roaming Whitestone, Campos, and occasionally Boulder City. My general playstyle involves patience and guerrilla tactics, camping out and waiting for an opponent to make a move on me/us, or flanking opponents from multiple directions. I use codewords to call out certain things, along with basic map directions. If I yell "Contact! North!" That means I've spotted a hostile player to our North from the maps perspective. If I can give additional details, such as "past PD (Police Department)" or "behind Pharmacy", I will do so as well. 

"Contact" = Enemy spotted

"I'm down" = I'm dead

"Dropped him" = Killed the opponent (will only say this if I see a Rep gain)

"Covering fire" = Firing at an enemy behind cover so another teammate can flank or push against them


That said, since I am completely new to The NewZ, and especially Survival mode, I have no skilled characters or GI to work with, so what I need is a private server to play on where I can grind zombies and loot freely without having to worry about another player killing me, so I can build my GI and skill myself up for PvP.


Questions to answer:

Why you want to join us?

The guild sounds a lot like my old PvP clan, Geezers in Arms (Timelord was the GM). We used a lot of code language and guerrilla/military tactics when doing clan PvP, although we were very often outmatched by better skilled opponents. We still had a good time.

How will you help us?

Though I'm not good on reflexes and heads-up PvP, I work decently in a team and know how to call out targets, objectives, and formulate/execute plans. I have a Headset and Discord. 

Tell us about yourself.

I'm 30 years old, work in sheet metal construction, and I'm a huge video game nerd of all genres. I especially love survival horror, and franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill are beloved to me. I write fanfiction from time to time, and I am also an avid player and student of Chess. 


Favorite weapons: G36, IMI-Tar 21, STI Eagle, Mauser SP66, Tac Knife


Let me know guys.

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