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Item description error

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When looking up item prices and item descriptions on https://infestationnewz.gamepedia.com the VSS Compact is listed as a sniper rifle, as well as it is listed under Semi_Automatic rifles. 

VSS Compact listed as a Semi-Automatic Rifle: https://infestationnewz.gamepedia.com/Trading_Prices#Semi-Automatic_Rifles

VSS Compact listed as a Sniper Rifle: https://infestationnewz.gamepedia.com/Trading_Prices#Sniper_Rifles

Same exact weapon. So which is it? Sniper or Semi-Automatic? This makes ALL the difference when trying to play on servers where certain weapons are not permitted. Even currently with it having an in-game listing (weapon description when you look at it in your inventory) as a Semi Automatic Rifle, you are not permitted to use it on servers where sniper rifles are banned. Can someone please look into this. Semi or Sniper? Which is it Devs???? It can't be both!!

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