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Survival Reputation

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Hi everybody !

Today i would to speak about Survival and reputation system. I think would be Nice and very interesting if you develop more the reputation system (Many players play for increase rep / for leaderboard and it’s important part of Survival mode).

1. Why not little rework system. Currently it is the same thing as open world. Why not add new symbols / emblems (after 1000 rep to replace « open world » symbols

2. Why not add awards (rewards idk) when you get a high rank ( special new skin / new and unique weapon / or something else ).

3. Good reputation more hard. Why not got +25 for agony +30 for killer...

4. Add auto defense system for good rep.                                               

 It s just a few ideas                      

Thanks for reading and have nice day.  ^_^                                                                                                                                                                                       


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I will ask but I am not sure that you can make a different rep system between Survival and Open World. It's technically possible but will ask a lot of work probably! Let's see. But great suggestions anyways, specially the one for with auto defense for the good rep. :)


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