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Survival mod: frosty pines villa

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It wasnt fixed back in the days in infestation warz so I figured Ill give it a try to see if it works here. It does work here and I thought to share it with the ones who can fix it. Kinda hard bug i'd say if you can kill someone underneath the building. I havent used it once but just to show you how and when it happens I tested it. Made a few screen for better understanding.

its a glitch/bug which allows you to go through walls, floors anything basically and you wont get stuck, you can choose if you want to walk on 2nd floor or 1st floor (my example is done with 1st floor)

how? it requires you to jump out from the window, walk to the corner and log out, log back in to same server  and thats it. 

1. where you will be standing 


2. Log out


3. Log back in (same server)


4.  first floor move inside to go inside, outside to unbug yourself.


5. stand up to shoot, crouch to hide


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First of all big respect to the way you explain how to do this. I wasn't aware of this and now I am. Thanks for your extremely detailed and proper explanation I've been able to fix this instantly! For the next upcoming patch, this building will be updated and players will no longer be able to do this. This patch will most likely come somewhere next week. (It's going to be a smaller performance patch with not that much stuff but it will have this fix in!)

Oh, if you're wondering how I "fixed" it: 


^ Just removed the ridge, so that players can no longer walk there.


Please keep in mind (message to everyone) that glitching inside of buildings is NOT ALLOWED and if you're doing this your account will be punished.


Best Regards,



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