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Shaleh's Christmas Event!

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https://imgur.com/a/VJIqL or see picture below (had some problems uploading it) Thanks flowz


Day of the Event - 29th December at 18:00PM GMT +1


1 Event: Co-op PvP event - Avoid The Elf

Map: Event Server

Small Info: In a 2 man group being 5 teams total each round, best the map while making sure the Elf survive, if the Elf dies, the round is over! And, if a team win, but only 1 player left from that team, only 1 get a price. (The teams will be made of me!)

Rules: Will be told on my stream!


2 Event: PvE event - Find The Lost Elfs

Map: Colorado PvE Server

Small Info: 2 Elfs are lost! I need your help to find them! But wait, they have shattered clues around the map!

Rules: First player to find one of the two elfs, win the "price". With that being said. One have to "find and stand before the elf" take a screenshot, and send it to me on my stream :D



  • More rounds of each event will be done!
  • More Info will be said in my stream for those who wish to come by and have some fun!
  • Merry Christmas and HAPPY New Year!



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