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What are the Super Zombies Drop rates?

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The Superzombie Drops

I have These following questions:

  1. Is there a List in Survival which is showing us what kinda Things you can get for Killing the SuperZombie?
  2. If there is a List, could it be possible that the % of all These Items will be shown aswell?
  3. What is or was ur best Drop from a Superzombie?
  4. Is Svena69  a cool boi, swing boi, thrill boi or a shy boi? Kappa
  5. When there is no List already uploadet would someone from the Community or someone of the dev Team Uploading an List for all the %?


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33 minutes ago, Skillerfreak said:

1. I don't know if there is any list of it. If so then probably here : https://infestation.gamepedia.com


2. I don't think that there is a list of that.


3. 2 VSS from one super zombie.


4. Kappa


5. Only the DEV Team can know the exact percentage of every item.


Best regards



Yo my African America, I posted that in Survival my Good Boi Kappa


Not so Best regards because I think I'm cool but I'm not





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31 minutes ago, Pac' said:


I'd say you just need to be lucky and doubt we'll release official % drop chance. Keep killing them :)

Best regards,


I would like there % Drop too, Gamepedia Helps a Lot.

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