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Hey what's up guys! I will Show u some Tips how you can survive the Battle Royal and what u Need to do in the first 5 minutes.

Basicly when the Battle Royal starts (Let's say we are in Tropical) Do NOT!!! run into the middle, better way to survive is if u just Keep going behinde u and try to not run into someone in.. If u found a good loot stop, stay there for a while cuz the Loot will respawn and u can collect as much loot as u Need. Until the Safezone is marked on the map check if ist far away or not. basicly u just Need to get as Close as possible to the Safezone (50-25m) Then u can still go around and loot Abit, sure u Need to camp and wait until someone is comming, but u have a higher Chance to win.

In Close battle most ppl would say use the Mossberg or other shotguns, I would say ist an win/lose Situation, because ist kinda 50%50% if the shotgun makes a 1 shot kill or not, best weapon is an ak or an stanag weapon.. Collect all the Meds u can get also the MRE's Electric water (forgot the Name lol) and Can of Soup cuz this will heal u up aswell, and try to kill the Zombies whit an meele weapon and try not to make any steps nearby shots or the safezone.

Good Luck everyone! :)

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