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Welcome to my shop survivors!


What I have:




3x Blaser

8x SVD

1x AW Magnum


75x Sig Sauer 556

75x Imi Tar

50x Aug

30x L85

40x Thompson

100x Scar Red Stalker

40x G11

30x Honey Badger

0x M4A1

30x QBZ

130x Scar Nightstalker

45x Ak-47


30x Stanag C-Mag

180x Stanag 60

80 x Stanag 45



120x Kstyle helmet

70x Kstyle NVG

70x Custom Guerilla

0x Large Backpack

30x Alice Backpack

20x Military ruck

50x Light Gear

30x Medium Armor

40x IBA

50x MTV

30x Ghillie Suit


200x Bandages DX

100x Medkit

800x Antibiotics

150x Pain Killers

1.000x Bandages

8x Small Code Locker

16x Metal Gear


What am I looking for?

Snipers, Meds, Sniper ammo

We can trade with items or I can pay highly in Game Dollars / Skins/ Open World guns



Loads of different stuff

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3 hours ago, Keymbo said:

Are u still active in Survival Pac?

(2pac is the greatest bro)


I am :)

2 hours ago, l_miss_sunshine said:

did u get your snipers from trading or did u find them? :D

A few from trading and found a couple ;)

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9 hours ago, AssassinT90 said:

Hey, Pac, I'm not sure I got this right, but based on your survival price check...

Would you trade an Alice backpack for a Sig Sauer 556?

The price check is outdated currently

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6 hours ago, Pac' said:

The price check is outdated currently

Alright. I've got a couple Sigs, Red Stalkers, Imitars one SVD and some sniper ammo. I also have some antibiotics. I'm interested in Alice backpacks. Can you PM me some rates (how many of those rifles for a backpack, etc)?

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