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Old WarZ player looking for exp clan

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, i'm currently looking for a clan that has very experienced and mature players. I mainly want to burn my G.I to have some fun and get the old adrenaline feels that iss/newZ gives ! I play at any location or gamemode, Colorado,Calliwood or PvP servers.


Age: 22 years old

Name: Daniel aka SlappaZz

Country: Sweden

Skill: 6-7/10

G.I: I'd say it's infinit but maybe 8-9/10

Mic/TS3: Yes

Gametime: I got overall atleast 2,5-3k hours played ingame time.

Main Char: My main character has 5k+ rep atm

Playtime: I play both EU and US times since I work day 1 week and night 1 week, I'll play about 4-5 hours everyday.

About me !

I have played I:SS since warz, back then I guess I was 8-9/10 in skill level, now I guess I am 6-7/10. I need some friends and time to get back the feeling again ! I only come back to this game to kill and get my adrenaline kicks :D I do NOT care about loot or farming etc my G.I does not need loot. 

Back in mid old I:SS times I took over a clan called whc1 that I was the leader of for several years, even after I:SS we came to NewZ when it first launched and kept leading the clan until about 1 year ago when I quit to sort my life out and I saw no fun in leading a clan anymore. Why I write this is because there might be some old players out there that remembers me, if that is the case do please PM me so we can have some good old fun again ! :) 

Some old pics from I:SS and newz incase there are any old friend out there !


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11 hours ago, Fredaikis said:

Hello there fellow Swedish player <3

Hello there Fredaikis ! I guess there are no games in the entire world as addicting as this one, good job, whatever I do I cannot keep away from it ! :)

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