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Back after a couple months ... and wth ?

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So I took a couple month break from this and upon coming back I noticed that the original outfits, the ones that have been in the "customize" section of your character screen, the ones that have been with us since warZ ... are now locked ??

wth ??

Ok, look, if you guys make some new clothes, hair styles, etc for the characters, and want to earn some profit, cool, dig it ... but to lock the outfits that have been in this game from day 1 .... wth ?

Why ???? 

This may have been one of the dumber things Ive ever seen done to this game hahahhaha .... locking the original stock outfits ??? .... smh .

Oh and wth is up with the new "lounge" ???

Could you guys have made a more devoid or uglier lounge ??? omg !!!

What the crap was wrong with the old lounge ???

And whats up with the day and night cycles now ??? 

What are you guys doing to my beloved game !?!??!?!?

LOL ?!?!?!?!??!

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Okay first. Normal outfits are not locked xD

They made new ones, and only these are locked. So relax.

And the lounge. There I might agree with you, i liked the old one more aswell.

But to freak out about a lounge, where you only join to do trades. Thats really something

Come on, relax a bit.

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1 minute ago, AngeliLie said:

and that day / night cycle tho .... speed it up anymore and we will have epileptic seizures !!

PLAY pvp servers no night hehe

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