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Skintember DOUBLE GC Weekend!

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Dear Players,

The "Special Weekend" announcement is: DOUBLE GC WEEKEND! This means that for all purchases your GC will be doubled! (For both Steam and Xsolla)


Start: September 29, 12:00pm (UTC+2)

End: October 2, 12:00pm (UTC+2)


Buy GC at: http://playnewz.com/buygc.php


Best Regards,


// Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team



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In my opinion this is a kinda´ unspectular event in the end i would suposse you should do all events from the further days for the weekend like : 2x GC and all Crates (would be nice to open) 2x XP/GD.

But It was amazing anyways

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1.  I am wondering why when in group, the green grouping icon and doesn't show up...

2.  Why when playing in any open world server and holding the crosshair ove a player the nametag is not showing up...

3.  Why has it been changed that you can no longer jump back into and you cannot shoot through the windows at the main towers at NATO, AIRPORT ect

In my opinion all of these changes NEED to be fixed ASAP for better gameplay or are they a new thing with the game, because if so I wont be playing much at all

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