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Alien Super Zombies

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Aliens spawn at the following locations between 2200 and 0400.
If you are off before 21:00 and come back at like 2300 with no players on there's near 100%chance that all aliens will be spawned and ready to kill.
Have them dead by 0400 or you will get nothing. 
Those times are IN GAME times, NOT real world time. To see  current in game time, hit escape while in game. It will tell you your current server and current Game time.

V,2 (Colorado)
⦁    Death valley 1 Alien
⦁    Emerald peak 1 Alien
⦁    Secret spot 1 Alien
⦁    Nato Airport 2 Aliens 
V1 (Colorado V1)
⦁    Frosty pines 1 Alien
⦁    cyrstal lake 1 Alien
⦁    amerly station 1 Alien


Saw wolf post this while back, enjoy 


I use this


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Please note. If there are people on the server about 2100 on, it is hit and miss if and when they will spawn at those locations. Try to stay out of the area they spawn in if people are on the server, Wait till around 0230 or later and move in to see if it spawned. Hope that helps. It's way easier to kill them on private server because you can control whos on when.

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