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11 hours ago, CO1M said:

May I join your clan? This is my screenshot.



9 hours ago, spartan said:

hey buddy can ı get the TS adress ?


Please send me PM with the details needed. And then from there i look into it. Thanks

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10 hours ago, Arty said:

i would like to join do i have to put in screenshots?


PM me with details that show these things.

To join you "MUST" have the following:
- Reputation -60k or +50k
- Atleast 1.5 KDR
- Experienced Players With A fairly large GI to come geared at all times.
- Good Microphone And "Fluent English" Communication Skills + TeamSpeak3
- Mature Audiance at the age of 18+ (This rule might be bend, if you are mature enough)
- No multi-clanning. (Screenshot Needed of whole account)

And Personal Details etc

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On 23/8/2017 at 3:06 PM, Velzen said:

Yo I'm looking to join again. I was in High before but got kicked of inactivity. 

IG Name: JustRobin (JR)

Hours: 3000+ 


YT vids of me: 




Pm meVElzen, also i updated topic. Please have a look at that.

On 23/8/2017 at 3:09 PM, enzio23 said:

Velzen enzio hier kom ff online op teamspeak3 die van ufo moet je wat vragen over jou skin :D

I got no clue what you mean. Declined.

On 23/8/2017 at 4:37 PM, Kennan said:

Its possible to join even without have the needed -60k? I mean..rep is not everything, u know?

Nope it is, to join our ranks. Because if you dont have that bit for XP you are simply not active enough.

On 23/8/2017 at 4:58 PM, kein harold gone said:

i can join this clan




With that note alone. How about no.

On 26/8/2017 at 2:32 AM, Ж ZЭЙЙЧС Ж said:

Hi shaleh, I would like to know how to enter the clan.  I am HUNTER and I have 1.88 of kdr

Look at the start of this post. It got updated.

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I think I'm a good player but not a god of this game 7/10 or 8/10 is a fair rate of my skills. :) At my whole account, I have something about -60k rep  but it's splitted on char. 

My English is not so perfect, but I'm sure that I can play and fluently speak with others 

I'm playing this game since January 2k13. I mean i was playing since beginning from the WarZ to ISS then to NewZ

I was in clans such as   - SEWI (this clan fall apart with iss/WarZ) 

                                          - MR0K (Too much to writing)

                                          - PXVI (too much flame in clan)

My name is Łukasz and I'm 18y old. I'm from Poland country of vodka and I live there at this moment. I can surely say that this game reared me because it was my first game about which i got crazy with. I'm a friendly player who keeps calm and it's hard to make me upset.

I'm an active player and I think I can bring something new to the clan and use my contacts for clan wars etc. I think allowing me to play with you would be a chance also for me and to improve my skills in the game and with langue. :)

Edited by kapelew

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10 minutes ago, GENETICZZ said:

I love how you just copied my Rules / Requirements / application form

Its rather hard to not" make it "look" like others :P When you search for the same "kind" of players <3 And i love you too ;)

Edited by Shaleh

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