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SurZeus's Contraband

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Welcome to my Contraband!



AWP Red Dragon OFFER

VSS Destruction 2,5M

OTS Modern Black 2,3M

L85 Dreadnought 500k

NVG Hynx 700k

M16 Black Night 850K

Mauser Crocodile 800k

AK 47 Dreadnought  500k

B93R Battle Royale 500k

Crossbow Battle Royale 900k

L85 Modern Black 600k

Sig Sauer White Tiger 900k



Medkit 900ea - im selling only in 200+ bulks pm



Riots 1,1K Ea

Woodens 0,5k Ea

Customs 2k Ea/Offer - only 200+ Bulks

K Styles 1,5k Ea - only 200+ Bulks

DX - 1,7K Ea


Imitars 2,2k Ea

Famas 4K Ea



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