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Reputation System for Lounge

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Hello lads.

I was thinking about implement a new reputation system at Lounge servers that perfectly can be the next step to make it a next level system.

How would it work? Simple. Let's say that I'm MR.X Kappaand I want to make a transaction with another player (Seller and Buyer). The purchase is succesful and the Buyer can rate the Seller 

*Advantages* :

Identify scammer players

Not worthy-to-trade-with players

Good sellers


You may ask why I mentioned the word 'transaction'. Well because if such system would be implemented, things like buying VIP with GameDollars would be possible along with many more examples / things u can add to the list, without being scammed of course.

Maybe I forgot a couple things about this, because it recently passed through my mind.

Feel free to add whatever you want and tell me what do you think about this idea.



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