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Pastor Kled

BANNED 10 TIMES? No one helped me, Thank's

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Thanks again banned for 10 times!!!!, they did not give me solutions of anything, nobody helped me and the little help that I received was to turn off the PlayShadow which I already did and nothing. No one will help me? It is illogical that having a support area can not meet the needs of the players. Thanks for nothing, I tried it but I did not receive help from anyone, they did not solve anything, just "Hello Unbanned" and no more.



Without adding that only know to close my post and no more.

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I saw your ban today while I was looting and I laughed so much xD

It's like the 3rd time I see you on the FAC chat. By the way, you can enable ShadowPlay again because that is not definitely the problem, i tell you for experience and because I have friends that use it and 0 issues.

Don't expect support response since are holidays, create another account meanwhile and have fun killing bambis or something 


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The problem is that every account I think bans the same, so I think it must be something but I do not know that it is since my computer is newly formatted, I hardly have 3 programs apart from the basics, League of Legends, Infestation and Discord.

Just to remove the doubts I have not used any kind of third party program or anything in order to take advantage of the game, nothing.

As I reiterate I do not know what happens but I can not play because the ban is not instantaneous and it is only between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

The subject of Shadowplay I indicated in the support of tickets, which makes it illogical to indicate a procedure that they know would not be my solution.

10 consecutive bans is a little strange for me, and I'm really angry that I can not play at home.

Still thanks for giving me some of your help, at least it has been more contribution than what made tickets support for me.

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4 minutes ago, Z E D said:

U need to believe in God 


OP  could also try sending money to Robert Tilton.  He believes if you send money to him great things will happen to you and all your problems will be solved.  Kappa

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