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  1. Hello Survivors! I know how hard it can be when you playing alone in survival. Same with if you are new to Survival. You start with nothing, farming is the frist Thing you should do, but how? Other Player could kill you, and if that happens you will lose all ur Stuff.. I allow new Players and People who cannot really defent theirselves to Play on my PVE Server! If you are interessted just PM me or wirte a comment here. I will send you the Password and you can farm all day Long! The Server is empty atm, so it would be the best Idea to give other Players the Chance of using it. It is Free, so use it!
  2. Hello! Im playing Infestation The New Z since two weeks. Im having fun with this game. Recently I found a Common Key and Rare Key and I don't know where the necessary rooms are located. Someone can help me, please? Im playing Survival on Oregon but u can give me information about other survival maps too. Thank you in advance guys!
  3. Hello, i really want to finish my Juggernaunt armor and for that I Need to get the Body Piece of the armor. For that u have to kill the Aliensuperzombie. My question is simple, where do I find him? At what time do I do and when do I Need to log out of my Server and when do I have to log back in it? Radioation Zones or just a Special City anywhere?
  4. Why cant I place a cabinet that I crated?
  5. Kjerfestation Survivor Stories Me and my clan/community TSI – The Survival Initiative have all been away from NewZ for about 4 months now, due to our opinions on mistreatment/carelessness Survival game mode received over a longer period. Personally, this is my first break I’ve had from Infestation since 2012 lol. – And it’s funny how I didn’t realize how much I missed the game until I tried it again a couple of weeks back. It made me realize, that I should never have left in the first place, this game really runs in my veins. That said, I also realized that while we’ve been gone, there’s been some quite awesome updates, only that those updates should have happened 6 months ago, it’s a little late now, but not too late. I have been wanted to do this for a while, to write down my own “Vission-N-Dreams” for NewZ Survival, how I personally would have gone about it if I was developing this game. As you’re reading this, I want you to know, that all my following ideas & suggestions are designed to accommodate as many different opinions and playstyles as possible, and not only my own. – I have a tendency to be a very objective and analytic person, that always tried to accommodate the majority rather than the few. My personal goal is to have a Survival game mode that can accommodate people who like PvP just as much as people who like PvE, and even build a bridge between the two, so that players can earn pvp-advantages/progression through PvE-progression, and PvP-advantages/progression through PvE. [- Some games that have succeeded very well with this, are games such as Survarium and Escape From Tarkov -]. My Gameplay Suggestions Spawnkilling How I would solve spawnkilling; Not spawnkilling in general, but spawnkilling specifically when you spawn in “together with another player”… This is actually not my first time brining this idea to the table, I did it a couple of years back, but it didn’t receive much attention, even though it all seems very easy to code-N-implement. The idea is, that each player has an invisible “aura/circle” around them when they spawn in which has a timer, this aura becomes visible for you and your opponent, when/if another player spawns at same spot as you, - And as long the two aura’s are touching, they will appear as red, and while they touch the players can’t damage each other. – Simple! No? New zombies Before I start talking about new zombies, let’s talk about the ones that’s already there, and what there can be done to make them more interesting and appealing to kill/farm. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it would be nice to see some new/more zombies models, after almost 8 years looking at the same ones. Other than that, once in a bunch or so, zombies should wear a helmet and/or a light gear or something, gas mask, fireman helmet- or whatever-younameit etc.., this gives a realistically sense, that fits right in, in Survival game mode. I have 5 new zombies/monsters in mind exclusively for Survival mode: ⦁ Recently Effected Zombies These zombies should be just as easy to kill as normal ones, but they should always be sprinting at you, and have different face-model than normal zombies that look a little more human, so that you can spot them on distance. ⦁ Turned Survivor (Pre-Super zombies) These zombies are rare or semi-rare, and spawn at completely random places and are heavily geared, they’re fast and has increased damage AND hit rate, they take 1/4 of an LMG mag in the head to kill, and drops a random set of PvP-load out. ⦁ Big Foot. (Designed to require at least 2+ players to kill it) "Give veterans the Big Foot they never found" - I don't know how many of you remember this whole shit storm during alpha/early WarZ, about entire groups/clans looking for a "allegedly" spawning Big Foot, as there was "big foot" signs around the map, and ambient sounds of what sounds like a big foot, - which I believe is still there. Big foot shouldn’t be harder to kill than a normal Super Zombie, but it should be way-way more deadly, maybe not more damage, but faster hit-rate and further hit-reach! ⦁ Dead Foot. (Designed to require at least 3+ players to kill) Yes, you guessed right, a zombie-big foot x) … More bad-ass than Big Foot, and better loot drop. ⦁ Sick Foot (Raid boss) Radiated Dead Foot. Nuff said. --- (Can only be found during Power Plant Failure) --- A normal Big Foot should have less health than a super zombie, but should be more dangerous too, faster and further hit-reach. But Big Foot is not evil, nor aggressive, when Big Foot spots a player, it will first stand its ground and roar at your direction, as a warning. If you then get close or start shooting, it will unleash its rage and attack. Big Foot doesn't attack the zombies, its knows better that they ain't eddible, however, the zombies will attack Big Foot on attack, and Big Foot will hit back when attacked by them, but won't charge at them. Big Foot(s) do not have specific spawn location, but quite frankly just wanders around randomly on the map, it can be found anywhere. Dynamic events/occurrences I have many good ideas for this right here, here’s my 3 favorites: Event idea 1 – Locked Areas Places/Installations you can't just go there whenever you want. At each entrance to one of these places, there's an "locked" gate, that 1; requires a keycard (1-time use), that zombies have a small chance to drop. or 2; it takes 30 grenades to blow up (something like that). - The main thought is having places/installations on the map, that you can only access through either finding/gather in-game content, or by progression. I believe this is an awesome idea for the Survival game mode. Then you have small raids you do with friends, places with higher chance of loot. And still chance to encounter other players doing the same thing… Or arrive to the place with gate already blown. Event idea 2 – Save The Powerplant I have for a long time wanted to see some random “map-wide” events, that affect all players on the server/map at the same time, and forces people to make drastic decisions. These random events “radioactive zones” that was added, really provided me with some creative ideas for just that; There should be a nuclear powerplant building somewhere on the map, and 1-3 times a day (or maybe permanent weekend events) on every server, there should be a “Meltdown event”, where players have X-amount of time to save the nuclear powerplant before immediate meltdown. “Will players work together, or will they try kill each other while saving it?” – If players doesn’t mange to save the powerplant in time, a map-wide radiation will occur for 24 in-game hours, and all normal zombies will be empowered, but not dropping increased loot as in normal radioactive zone events, as that would be OP. Only safe zones will be safe, and a few secret locations on the map where “radioactive cover tents” have been placed. Event idea 3 – Survival Arena Many people play survival mode to get that “survive” feeling, so why don’t we spice it up a little, by adding a big fat colosseum-look-alike building somewhere on the map, where people can come and get the ultimate “PvE” experience. Here players will have to group up, and fight waves of zombies and super zombies, and force to work together in order to survive… Ok, so this is just hypothetical thinking, say there was 5 waves, and if you survive all 5, you’ll earn an airdrop, random skin box (or whatever, just some kind of reward). The xp gained from each zombie, should be lower than what you get from outside the arena of course, or else people would only farm xp this way, so lets say 1xp pr. zombie, 100xp pr. Super zombie. And people would have to bring their own ammunition and gear for this. In my opinion, this should be an in-game server thing, and not a server by itself like pvp-servers on Open World. There should be 2 hours cooldown on this Arena, and only 1 hour cooldown for premium players. Gameplay changes to items I'm sure this is gonna be one of my less populair ideas to many, as it will change something fundamental about Infestation, but also add that extra "survival touch / realism" to the game. I'm talking about adding "Clip/ammo-pockets" to armors, - each level of armor will add X amount of ammo-pockets, and "R" will only reload to the clips you have in your clip-pockets. I'm talking about the meaning of "tactical rigs", but not as an additional set of new item, I think it's better to keep it simple, therefore I suggest the following stats on already existing items: No armor: 1 ammo-pocket & 2 quick-use slot. Light: (Light Gear etc.): 3 Ammo pockets & 3 quick-use slots Medium: (MTV/IBA etc.): 4 Ammo pockets & 4 quick-use slots (vanilla infestation) Heavy: (Custom/Heavy etc.): 5 Ammo pockets & 5 quick-use slots (1 more than vanilla) SWAT Armor: 6 Ammo pockets & 6 quick-use slots (2 more than vanilla) Market/Economy suggestions: Bring currency and market to Survival!... Just like the GI, this currency should be separate from those used in other game modes, call it “Survival dollars”, I don’t care. These survival dollars should be more difficult to farm than in open world, and prices in market should be way more expensive, as getting loot through market shouldn't be easier than farming. But it will however add a "new way" to farm. Back in “WarZ”, they had something called stem cells, add those as well, and items in the store could be like, *1 Custom cost 30.000 survival dollars, and 5 stem cells*. And those stem cells, you can only get from super zombies and such. This would bring more trading economy to the game, which I think will make less people trade survival items for GD, which I know is something you guys don’t support. As long as skins are able to cross game modes, I believe that survival dollars (lets call it “SD”), can become a quite attractive currency to the game in whole. This will also make more sense as rewards in Survival contract boxes. My loot suggestions: Tactical Custom Guerilla With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors, I bring you the "Tactical Custom Guerilla", this has same armor protection as normal custom g's (myabe 1% more), more rare than normal customs g's, but has the same Ammo pocket & Quick-use slots as SWAT armor. Tactical Light Gear With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors, I bring you the "Tactical Light Gear", this has same armor protection as normal light gears (myabe 1% more), same rarity as ghillie suits, but has the same Ammo pocket & Quick-use capacity/slots as SWAT armor. --- Hazmat Suit: Civilian With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors & Save The Power plant event, I bring you "Hazmat Suit: Civilian", - As normal gas masks during power plant failure doesn't offer enough protection, full body hazmat suits are needed instead. This variant offers no protection, and you cannot wear helmets with this on. Hazmat Suit: Government With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors & Save The Power plant event, I bring you "Hazmat Suit: Civilian", - As normal gas masks during power plant failure doesn't offer enough protection, full body hazmat suits are needed instead. This variant offers same stats as a Light Gear, and you cannot wear helmets with this on. Hazmat Suit: Military With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors & Save The Power plant event, I bring you "Hazmat Suit: Civilian", - As normal gas masks during power plant failure doesn't offer enough protection, full body hazmat suits are needed instead. This variant offers same stats as a MTV, and you cannot wear helmets with this on. Hazmat Suit: Heavy Duty With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors & Save The Power plant event, I bring you "Hazmat Suit: Civilian", - As normal gas masks during power plant failure doesn't offer enough protection, full body hazmat suits are needed instead. This variant offers same stats as a Custom Guerilla, and you cannot wear helmets with this on. --- Bipod for LMG's This is something I wanted in Infestation for since forever, - I have always found LMG's in Infestation to me way too weak and inefficient than their reputation in the real life. This should be one of the most rare attachment in the game, just as rare as SVD's, and can only be attached while proned, and should change the spread to something like 2,9. And while we're add it, add barrels and stocks for LMG's too. I love these new attachemnts! Stationary Bipod This Bipod works like a barricade, after it's delpoyed, you can hold "E" on it like with vehicles, and your LMG or AR- together with the player-character- will be mounted to it. This should be the most rare attachment in the entire game, same rarity as a blaser. The spread on mounted guns should be something like: LMG's: 2,7 AR's: 2,3 I believe this item will add some more fair balance when fighting against snipers, and would be an amazing funny addition when playing with friends, and especially with the new base building system getting introduced to the game. Open World Loot I like the idea of OW loot having a "chance" to appear in Survival, - There should be special survival weekend events, where super zombies will have a chance to drop OW loot, but not at a higher chance/rate than already existing survival loot, but just that the chance is there. - And special OW ammo should be able to be found, at special locations such as "Locked Areas". I love the idea of being able to have SUPER rare items in the game, that only so few people have, that you can count it all on 1 hand. Thank you for your time reading all this, and any feedback, thoughts and ideas to all this is very welcome! - I'm looking forward to hear what ya'll think about this. Best regards, Kjer IF YOU LIKED THESE IDEAS, - PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM HERE: Then please go here, and vote for my ideas: https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/71-kjer--spawnkilling-when-spawning-together-with-some1 https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/72-kjer--survival-new-zombies https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/73-kjer--survival-newmore-dynamic-eventsoccurrences https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/74-kjer--survival-gameplay-changes-to-items https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/75-kjer--survival-marketeconomy-suggestions-survival-dollars https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/76-kjer--survival-loot-suggestions
  6. Keymbo

    New Missions

    New Missons Hey Survivors, I was kinda thinking about the Missions and rewards in Survival. You can obtain Survival Mission via the Survival Mission Case that the Superzombie Drops and I really think we Need a new Survival Mission Case. It will be a different Case, so we can still obtain the old Mission Case, but the new one will be market as #2 or 2.0. Here are some Ideas: (Killer) Kill 3 Players. Reward: 2 Stanag 30 and 500 XP Kill 10 Players. Reward: 1 Stanag C-Mag, Imi Tar and 2000 XP Kill 100 Players. Reward 5 Stanag C-Mags, (New Items, maybe a new Gun only obtainable via that Contract) and 15000 XP (Boxing) Kill 20 Zombies with ur bare Hands. Reward: 500 XP Kill 100 Zombies with ur bare Hands. Reward: 2500 XP Kill 420 Zombies with ur bare Hands. Reward: (New Meele-Weapon, For example boxing gloves they do 25 damage on Player and 50 on Zombies) (Thrower) Kill 1 Player with a Granade. Reward: 3 Bada Booms and 500 XP Kill 5 Players with Granades. Reward: 5 Bada Booms, 5 Frag. Granades and 2500 XP Kill 10 Players with Granades. Reward: (New MTV/IBA Skin with a Nade coloured design) + 5000 XP (Cash) Collect 1000$. Reward: 500 XP Collect 10000$. Reward: 2500 XP Collect 100000$ Reward: 5000 XP + (New item= Cash glasses) (Explorer) Visit all Citys on the Colorado Map. Reward: 5 Granola Bars, 5 Water, and a new Item mayke like a Explorer Hat) + 1337 XP These are my Ideas, there Mission will take up Time but they will be rewarded! In my opinion good stuff! I hope you will make new Missions to Survival, I mean that would be amazing!!!
  7. Survival Marketplace Hello Survivors, I think it's not wrong to give the Dev's some Suggestions for the Items that will be placed inside the Survival Marketplace. Keep in Mind I do not Feature all Items that are in Survival, only the things we do really need. These are not Trading Prices, These are only market Prices! Ammo: The Ammo on the Market Place should contain all Magazins and Bullets that are available in Survival Mode. Assult Rifle: Stanag (30): 3000$, Stanag (45): 4500$, Stanag (60): 6000$ Stanag C-Mag (100): 10000$, Ak 7.62 Mag (30): 3000$, AK 7.62 Mag (45): 4500$, AK 7.62 drum (100): 10000$, G11 Mag (50): 5000$, G36 Mag (30): 2700$, G36 Mag (40) 3600$, G36 Mag (60): 5400$, G36 C-mag (100): 9000$ Pistol Mags/Rounds: 9mm (13): 1200$, 1911 Mag 45acp (7): 950$, anaconda rounds (6): 1100$, Desert Eagle Mag 50ae (7): 2000$, Fn57 Mag (20): 1500$, Kruger 22. Mag (10): 650$, P226 9x19mm (15): 1300$, STI Mag 45.acp (10): 1800$, Nail Strip (35): 500$ Sub Machine Guns: Bizon mag (64): 2500$, Evo mag (30): 2100$, Mp5 Mag (30): 2300$, Mp7 mag (30): 2100$, P90 Mag (50): 2400$, SMG (20): 1800$, SMG (40): 3600$ Shotgun Ammo/Mags: AA-12 Drum (20) 7500$, Saiga Mag (10): 4000$, Shotgun Shells (2): 825$, Shotgun Shells (8): 3500$ Sniper Mags: SVD Mag (10): 12500$, .308 Winchester (10): 15000$, .50 BMG Mag (5): 15000$, .338 AWM Mag (10): 17500$, VSS Mag (10): 20000$ VSS Mag (20): 40000$ Other: Arrow (1): 250$, Flare Cartridge (1): 250$, Kruger Mini Mag (10): 650$, Kruger Rifle Mag (10): 450$, Kruger Rifle Mag (20) 900$, Kruger Rifle Mag (30) 1350$, Mosin Clip (10): 4000$, PKM Box (100): 12500$, M249 Box (100): 12000$ Meele: Bat: 2000$, Brass Knuckles: 1800$, Butterfly Knife: 3500$, Chainsaw: 4000$, Cricket Bat: 2000$, Crowbar: 2100$, Fire Axe: 3500$ Flashlight: 800$ Frying Pan: 1200$, Garden Shears: 2100$, Golf Club: 1800$, Hammer: 2000$, Hatchet: 5000$, Katana: 6000$, M9 Bayonet: 3000$, Machete: 4500$, Metal Bat: 3000$, Pickaxe: 4000$, Power Drill: 3500$, Pitchfork: 3500$, Shank: 4000$, Shovel: 2200$, Spiked Bat: 3500$, The Brotherhood: 8000$, Wrench: 1000$ Throwables: Smoke Granates All Colours: 3000$, Frag Granates: 5000$, Bada Boom!: 6000$, Flare: 2000$, Chemlight All Colours: 1000$ Armor / Helemts / Masks/ Backpacks: Armors Light Gear: 5000$, Custom Vest: 7500$, MTV: 10000$, IBA 10000$, Medium Armor: 10000$, Custom Guerilla: 25000$ Helmets: K. Style NVG: 25000$, K. Style Helmet: 20000$, M9 Helmet / w. goggles: 7500$, M9 Helmet NVG: 15000$, Fireman Helmet: 6000$ Mask: Gas Mask: 5000$, Gas Mask Advanced: 5500$, All Masks: 2000$ Backpacks: Medium: 4000$, Large: 7000$, Alice: 13500$, Military: 30000$ Medical Supplies: Bandages: 650$, Bandages DX: 3000$, Antibiotics: 2500$, Pain Killers: 2000$, Poultice: 2250$, Medkit: 7500$, C01: 12500$, C04: 30000$, Zom. Repellent: 5000$ Vision: Binoculars: 5000$, Range Finder: 7500$, Tactical Binoculars: 10000$ Food and Drinks: Food: Bag of MRE: 7500$, Can of Ham: 2000$, Can of Pasta 1500$, Can of Soup: 2000$, Can of Tuna: 2000$, Instant Oatmeal: 800$, Bag of Chips: 600$, Minicabra's: 800$, Granola Bar: 1000$, Chocolate Bar: 500$, Nudle Cup: 2000$ Drinks: Water 375ml: 1000$, Water 1L: 2400$, Electro Aid: 4000$, Can of Soda: 800$, Energy Drink: 750$, Juice: 1200$, Coconut Water 2000$ Attachments: Compact Scope: 7000$, ACOG Sight: 6000$, Holographic Sight: 6000$, Red Dot: 5000$, Reflex: 5000$ pso-1 scope: 10000$, Swiss Scope: 12000$, Tactical Sniper Scope: 10000$ Foward Grip: 5000$, Modular Aluminum Combat Grip: 4000$, SMG Grip: 3000$, Silencer: 8000$, Pistol Silencer: 3500$, Flash Hider: 4000$, Pistol Flash Hider: 2000$ Rifle Laser: 7000$, Pistol Laser: 3000$, Rifle Flashlight: 3000$, Pistol Flashlight: 1000$ Thats all from my Site, maybe you can add weekly Discounts and new Items, I did not Feature any Weapons! Thanks anyways!
  8. Hello! I know that the developers of the game will not pay attention again, but I will write. I have an idea about cars.Since cars are not often found on the map, you can make sure that cars can be saved in a safe zone or in the forest, but for this you need keys that a player carries in a backpack or holds in a safe zone. If a player is killed, then the keys get to another player. And he can find this car somewhere on the map. 2 years ago you said that you want to change the lighting on survival.To make the lighting look like an early ISS. So it would be prettier. Why are there fewer scary sounds? Now they sound very rarely. I suggest making the grass more optimized and adding some bushes and small trees to the forests.So you can hide better.You can also add a little vegetation to the cities. Many players have long been asking for this.You need to make more loot variety on survival.More variety of helmets that won't spawn,guns etc.In each place, the loot is almost the same. I think you can make sniper rifles more accessible to players.I would like to return to the excitement that was before in WarZ.I want to find snipers at military bases or points. Damn, crafting ammo should make sense.Magazines are very easy to find in the world and crafting is very meaningless. I suggest increasing the rarity of magazines. Can still add a weapon breakdown?So that weapons can be repaired? You have a long time ago agreed with the idea of zombie armor.Naturally, this armor cannot be taken away, but it will be harder to kill zombies.Such zombies can be added to military bases or to the big cities. A lot of military loot spawn on farms and ranches.This should be fixed.And also on the highway, where there are cars, you can find a lot of military loot. Remove many trees in Colorado V1 that are stuck in rocks or mountains.And you should also remove grass on rocky terrain.
  9. Merhaba Türk kardeşlerim ! Sizlere bu güzel haberi vermekten gurur duyarım. Bildiğiniz üzere oyun üzerindeki aktifliğimizi bitirmiştik ama takımca aldığımız kararlar doğrultusunda SURVIVAL MOD yani hayatta kalma moduna tekrardan başlamayı ve eğlenceyi doruk noktalarına çıkarmaya karar verdik tabiki bu süreçte yalnız olan Türk oyuncuları'da ekibimze dahil etmek istiyoruz. Detayları : Direk discord adresi için : https://discord.gg/v4XjPCn
  10. CLAN EN SURVIVAL - EN ESPAÑOL ¿Necesitas ayuda y hablas español? Guardianes del Bosque reclutando sobrevivientes para exterminar invasores y ladrones. Únete a los Guardianes del Bosque y trabaja para la reina y su sueño de construir un gran reino libre de oscuridad. Somos el mejor clan del universo en español lleno de latinos sexies y poderosos. Tenemos entrenamientos, nuestro propio sistema económico y mucha sabiduría. Servimos fervorosamente a la Reina del Bosque, la única diosa que lucha en contra de las fuerzas del mal y que nos protege de los más feroces y malvados enemigos. Para unirte a los Guardianes del Bosque, el mejor clan de survival en español, necesitas tener Discord para comunicarte. Búscanos en Facebook como Guardianes del Bosque - Infestation Survival y envíanos un mensaje para recibir el link de invitación al Discord oficial! https://www.facebook.com/Guardianes-del-Bosque-Infestation-Survival-1954226204908233/
  11. I did miss this game when servers was down. I was very glad to find servers again, but I am not a PVP kinda girl! I hope one day there will be an official PVE server, or a local/LAN server option so i can run around with my bf. I will say a prayer and hope for the best.
  12. I know that this Topic got discussted a couple of time, BUT I think if we spend a Little bit of time and a Little bit of engery into it, we gonna get a good result out of it! - New Currency. Some nice new Dollars would be noice! I know that someone can mod this into Survival, and I belive that this is possible! You can do it guys! - Drop rate. The Drop rate for the Money would be just 3% for each Zombie and even than, if u are lucky to get Money, you get the Chance of 5 - 2.500$ of each drop. (Premium 10 - 5.000$, Premium2 15 - 7.500$ and Premium3 20 - 10.000$) And VET Players are getting to the 3% a extra 1% drop Chance. - Market (Just Ingame on the SafeZones OR In Boulder City on the Old SafeZone) In There you can only obtain Items that cant be found ingame. and The Prices will be very high! If you are interessted in buying a SVD (Would be the only Sniper obstainable) it would cost 500.000$ (This Item can be found ingame ofc) Create new Items for the Shop, lets get new Mission and make them buyable with random rewards. - New Skills Imagine getting 4 new Skills only obtainable with Money (250.000, 500.000, 750.000 and 1.000,000 Ingamedollar for survival) Giving us 1. 250.000$ Able to get a higher Chance of getting a Money drop (1%) Name of the Skill: Banker 2. 500.000$ Unlocks some "rare" Items on the Market to buy. Name of the Skill: Black Market 3. 750.000$ Able to get a higher Chance of getting a Money drop again (1%) Name of the Skill: Banker 2 4. 1.000.000$ Do x2 more Damage to Zombies with meele weapons. Name of the Skill: Zombie Batcher - Privat Sever rentable with Ingame Currency People which are spending much Time into this Game but doesnt have the Chance of spending Money, finaly have the Chance of renting a privat sever in survival for 500.000$ per Day (24h) So PVE and Farming People can get that Sever without spending real Money. - Survival Currency trade Now you can Trade with that Survival Money for survival items. Hope my Ideas could get into that Game! I would surely help with that!
  13. If you add empty magazines for survival, then think about reducing the spawn number of guns. Or make sure that the weapon does not always have full magazines.It was once in Ifestation SS. There is still a problem, when I load 2 rounds into Mossberg or other shotguns, the animation charges 8 rounds. If there is an opportunity to exchange 10 Fn Scar's CQC for 1 night stalker, then I think it is worth increasing the rarity of the Night stalker.
  14. rEfCZE

    My suggestion

    My suggestion is turn off global chat, because some players search places for PvP and then it's not it. For these players exist Open World aso.
  15. Hi everyone! We have been reading all the content from the forums and the official discord, and we thought that we should make a thread showing all the addressed feedback. The objective of this post is to keep a detailed record of all the suggestions and changes applied to the Survival Mode. The goal is to ensure that the entire community follow the changes and can consult the advances. We choose to organize all the information in the same post making easier to check future changes and keep the forum unsaturated, helping the developer team to make efficient and precise decisions that benefit the evolution of the game. Now players will have the leading voice and an efficient mechanism to be heard by our developers. The changes are going to be divided into the next categories: Done, In progress, On hold and Discarded. Achieved ideas based on your feedback and suggestions: Airdrops: Airdrops are now spawning on different locations on the map. Done Week/Weekend events: There are always new exciting weekend events. Done Official price list for the Survival mode: A list based in community feedback exclusive for the survival mode. Done Weapon automatically switches between compatible magazines: Now weapons will automatically switch between compatible magazines prioritizing ammo and size. Done Airdrops drop faster: Reduced the necessary time for an airdrop to touch the ground. Done New zombie and super zombie models: A few zombie models got reworked and brought back into the game. Done Several stability, performance and server improvements. Done New car models: New cool looking vehicles. Done New weapons: Adding new weapons and variants to survival mode. Done Thompson MKII: Thompson's younger brother. His aluminum body and counter recoil mechanism makes it lighter, smaller and faster. Don't let his appearance fool you, just like his elder brother this Thompson has proven to be lethal on skilled hands sometimes more than high caliber weapons. This weapon got adopted by the Boulder Police Department a few months before the infection and became their favorite a few days after. M40A1 Remington 700: A sharpshooter dream. Light, accurate and reliable. The Remington M40A1 is the first from a family of military variants based on the reliable Remington 700. This rifle was modified to fit army standards replacing the heavy wooden stock with a much lighter McMillan HTG fiberglass stock together with improved Unertl sights and a threaded barrel to allow flash hiders or supressors. It was introduced in 1966 as the standard USMC marksman rifle. This bolt action might look small and fragile compared to their "Anti-material" cousins but if it can take down a deer, it shoudn't have a problem going thru your skull. New attachments and exclusive gear: Done Barrels: AR and Sniper barrels. Silencers: Rifle, SMG, Sniper and Shotgun silencers. Stocks: AR and Sniper stocks. Suits and Armors: Swat Armor, Heavy Armor and a Ghillie Suit. Helmet: Heavy helmet. Backpacks: Hunter and Leather Backpack. Exclusive content: Wooden Locker: A new destructable locker added as an early release for the building system. This locked is smaller than Small code locker and can be placed on official servers to help players store valuable loot during pvp. ( More information related to crafting in patch 2.36 ). Juggernaut armor: A Brand new craftable armor specialized to protect from zombie damage, realeased with a special skin ( More information related to crafting and availability in patch 2.37 ). Crafting system: A nice and simple crafting window for those who like farming materials. Done Mission system: A new mission system with new Jobs and rewards each season. Done Model correction: Several models and attachments were improved and corrected. Done Fully reworked Colorado V1 Map exclusive for the survival mode: A small and optimized map adapted to survival experience and player feedback. Done Rebalancing the crafting system: Improving the crafting system according to looters feedback. Done Rework the exchange missions: Reworked the weapon Exchange contracts, these missions are available on the mission tab and their rewards can be claimed on the Blue Ridge Safezone Done Optimizing Grass: The Grass model has been reworked and replaced to optimize the game. Done Hunter backpack for survival mode: A bigger backpack for all your trading needs. Done Increase the chance to get infected by the zombies. Done Killing another player yields experience: Added a 20 XP reward for killing players Done Crafting gives you XP Done Bringing the cars back to the official servers: Cars got reworked and spawn again inside of the official servers ( 6 Cars distributed around the map ). Done Loadouts in survival mode: Players can use the load-out feature now just like as in Open World. Done Rework clan territories system. Done Added a 1-minute cooldown to the locker usage: This is only on Official servers and done to prevent "locker camping". Done Increased the server hop cooldown time from 2 to 6 hours to prevent players from ghosting. Done Constantly improving maps in favor to enhance players experience and making their gameplay much more fun. Done Invisible Zombie showing on the radiation areas BUG: Solved a bug on the radiation areas where a zombie turn invisible but it can still damage the player, Special thanks to Took his time for notifying about this bug. Done Base Building and resource gathering system. Done and under constant improvement! New interesting missions: Adding new interesting and mysterious missions for those who like to complete tasks and follow a history line. Done Daily rewards for premium accounts ( Survival ) : Now all premium accounts will be getting a daily reward in the survival mode. Done Base building BETA : A big step heading to a new gameplay experience including new craftables and resources. Done Overall weapon rework : Weapons have been balanced in order to improve gameplay. Done Secret rooms and keys: Secret rooms that hide precious loot inside. Done Survival Marketplace : A nice market place for survival mode ( Patch 3.3 ). Done Survival Dollars : A currency for suvival mode. Done Survial mode wallet and ATM system : A wallet and ATM system to stash your Survival Dollars ( Patch 3.3 ). Done Picked by a DEV for next patch: Work in progress: On hold: Radiation on Campos Colorado V1. On hold Discarded: More Maps and servers for survival mode: There use to be a lot of different maps and servers for every region, but since many of them were not used and thanks to community feedback we choose to keep a smaller amount of maps and servers, prioritizing quality over quantity. Discarded A suit that makes you invisible to the zombies. Discarded PVP Flag: A server with a hotspot on the map that can be captured like a regular clan territory. Adding another Safezone close to Frosty or the airport ( Colorado V1 ). Discarded Discussion thread: External links: Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ Official discord: Discord.gg/thenewz Download the game: https://www.playnewz.com/ Survival Price list: https://goo.gl/wQiukT
  16. We really would appreciate if some attitude is taken to solve this problem everyday after 0:00 Brasilia time its impossible to play in South American servers. Kicking us out everytime. What is happening? The problem with the game is far away from the amount of maps.
  17. Flex Gang Community has recently decided to begin growing the community. We are opening up to a wider verity of players including, PvPers, Looters, Streamers, and more. We do currently have a team getting ready to compete in the up and coming cups who as well stream if you are interested in talking to one of them about the team. You can find their channels below. -----https://www.twitch.tv/downlikelazlo --------https://www.twitch.tv/oglokii -----------https://www.twitch.tv/korred635 Flex Gang Requirements : • Must have experience in game. • Age : Doesn't Matter. Have to be mature. • Able to communicate and Working Mic. • Language : English • Must have a GI • Follow Rules • Be Active and Help with events • Premium is not required • No multi clanning We can offer : • Event Server and Private Server • Discord and active members • Graphics for streams and Promotion Application : First name: Age: Location: In-game name(s): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What we should call you in-game and on Discord: How many guns do you have? How many hours a day do you play NewZ? How many hours have you played on NewZ? Across all of your characters, how many kills do you have? Do you know anyone in FlexGang? Do you record and edit videos of your gameplay? Do you stream if so what is your twitch/youtube?
  18. Since last update, I´ve been thinking a lot in this game and its possibilities. Radiation zones are great but having them for about 10 minutes feels like not enough time to really enjoy them, specially when you are at the other side of the map. What i´m proposing is to keep this wandering radiation zones of 10 minutes and add an area / town / place 24/7 radiated, something like Chernobyl NPP or the city of Pripyat. There you can go and loot in any time, of course with gas mask and the empowered zombies to defeat. Could something like this be done? Scenario could have radiation waste and a toxic river, just a few ideas.
  19. -MERHABA- UPLOADBOOM ALIM SAYFASINA HOŞ GELDİN! OPEN WORLD VE SURVIVAL MOD OYNAMAKTAYIZ ! HAYATTA KALABİLMEK İÇİN TÜRK OYUNCULARINA İHTİYACIMIZ VAR! AILE YADA TAKIMA MI İHTİYACIN VAR? EVET! BİZ BİR AİLE VE TAKIMIZ! AİLEMİZE KATILMAK İÇİN BİRKAÇ KURALLARIMIZ VAR! GERÇEKTEN ÇOK KOLAY! İLK OLARAK BU POSTA SAĞ AŞAĞIDAN KALP ATIP YORUM BIRAKIYORSUNUZ. TAKIMIMIZDA BULUNMAK İÇİN ÖN KURALLAR AŞAĞIDA YAZIYORDUR ONLAR YOKSA HİÇ UĞRAŞMA BİLE DOSTUM HERŞEY MEVCUTMU? AŞAĞIDAKİ SORULARI CEVAPLAYARAK TAKIM ONAYI ALABİLİRSİN! Websitemizdeki INTERNATIONAL Kuralları okumayı unutmayın. ! ! TEŞEKKÜRLER! -BİLİNMESİ GEREKENLER- -KONUŞTUĞUMUZ DİLLER TÜRKCE VE İNGİLİZCEDİR! - 100K (-) REP VEYA + 50K REP YANİ NAM OLMASI LAZIM! -DISCORD'A SAHİP OLMAK ZORUNLUDUR! -GÜZEL BİR MİKROFON KULLANMAK HIZLI BİR ŞEKİLDE ÜYE OLMANI SAĞLAR! -BİLGİSAYARDA OLDUĞUN ZAMAN DISCORDU AÇIK TUTMALISIN! -YETKİ LİSTESİNE SAHİBİZ ZAMANLA YETKİLER ALARAK İLERLİYEBİLİRSİN. Yetkiler şu şekildedir. -TOXICfps FAMILY : DISCORD'A ULAŞABİLİRSİN VE NİCE OYUNLARI LOAD OYUNCULARIYLA OYNAYABİLİRSİN. -ETHEREAL COMMUNITY :RESMİ LOAD ÜYESİ OLDUN DEMEKTİR DISCORD ÜZERİNDE İSTEDİĞİN GİBİ TAKILABİLİRSİN) -SUPPORT :(Gelişmiş LOAD üyesi oldunuz demektir artık daha çok klanda söz sahibisinizdir.(Susturma ve ROL yetkisi) -VIPMEMBER: (Takımdaki Kaliteli insalardır. Gerek Adamlık ve Ün ile kazanılabilir.) -MAIN SUPPORT: (RESMİ takım yetkilisi oldun demektir. Kurallarda seninde söz sahipliğin vardır demektir.) -CREW : (Yetki istek ve problemler gibi sorunlar ile ilgilenir takımın mürettabatıdır.) -TEAM MODERATOR : (Takımın yönetim ekibi üyesidir takımın büyük bir bütünlüğünde Rolü bulunmaktadır.) -TEAM OWNER : ( TAKIMIN Kurucusu,yöneticisi,lideridir. Bu yetkiye sahip olmak için uzun bir dönemden geçmek gerekir. --INTERNATIONAL RULES ! ULUSLARARASI KURALLAR -- https://discordapp.com/channels/267597008380887041/451475345917607936 -AŞAĞIDAKİ SORULARI CEVAPLAYIP ÖZELDEN MESAJ ATABİLİRSİNİZ FORUMDAN VEYA DISCORD ÜZERİNDEN! DEĞERLENDİRİLİP TAKIMA KABUL EDİLİRSİNİZ. -SORULAR- ENG LINK: https://goo.gl/XfN2qL -Gerçek isim: -Yaş: -yer: -Oyun adı): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. -Saldırgan / aptalca isimlerlebir karakteri yeniden adlandırmak için hazır mısınız? -Sana oyunda ve discord'da ne demeliyiz? -1'den 10'a kadar bir ölçekte, newz hayatta kalma veya açık dünyada PVP'DEKİ beceri seviyenizi nasıl gidereceğim? (1 en düşük olmak, 10 en yüksek olmak): -1'den 10'a kadar bir ölçekte ... ... NewZ Survival hakkında bilginizi siz ne kadar değerlendirirsiniz? (1 en düşük olmak, 10 en yüksek olmak): -1 ile 10 arasında bir ölçekte, nasıl yeniz hayatta kalmak için küresel envanter oranı (1 en düşük olmak, 10 en yüksek olmak)): -Newz'de kaç saatin var? -Ana Karakterinizde ne kadar şöhretiniz var? -Ana karakter (hayatta kalma / açık dünya) üzerinde kdr nedir? -Toplamda kaç adet Leşin var? -Günde kaç saat newz oynuyorsun? -Herhangi bir videon görmek istiyorsunuz? -Global envanterinin ve karakteristik ekran görüntüsünü görmek istiyoruz. -Karakterin Kendisi. : -Silah: -Mermi bölümü: -Zırh: -CAN İTEMİ: İYİ BİR OYUN GEÇİRMEK DİLEĞİ İLE! UPLOADBOOM WEB SİTESİ ! : https://muhammedland.wixsite.com/uploadboom HERKESE İYİ OYUNLAR İYİ SOHBETLER DİLİYORUM ! Sınırsız DISCORD linki : https://discord.gg/X6cxq5Z
  20. Hey! What would happen, when we are getting 3 Offical Stronghold Sever for Survival? More People would join Stronghold Sever to pvp on it. We can use the Harvisting Tool or what it was called to build wooden walls /water Generator /and fruits farms People would build a Base and Clan fight could be fought out there and this would be funny! And if you do it, pleas copy it from the Old Version of Infestation but with the SafeZone in it. So we can get back that "old" Infestation Feeling back and People and Safezone Camp again with their shotguns or maybe with a sniper, but would u rish that? Ofc we need privat Sever for Stronghold aswell, so "PVE" Player can farm their stuff on it. Making an offical PVE Stronghold would take the Survival Feeling away.. I would love to get Stronghold on Survival back, and I think that most of the Survival Players would not mind that you guys will add Stronghold sever to the offical Survival Sever Map Pool. Also many People would Play Stronghold, And some Player from Open World would prob come to Survival aswell, so they have a "Lower pvp Sever! for theirself. I don't think that this is a bad Idea. Because it will increase the Player Numbers for survival and we can make Special Events on those Stronghold Sever for Survival!
  21. Can you guys add more Items and Mission also craft items? Add a Bow (craft) Add a Leather Mask (craft) Add Ingame Money ofc (I know u are planning on doing it) Add spawnable cars (But make them as rare as snipers, so People wont complain about getting stucked in them cuz they will only drive on the road(streets) for not getting their car broke) But make this car pleas unbreakable but u have to add gasoline. Add a Mountain Bike Add a Tyran Zombie (Takes ~600 PKM Bullets to get down) Add Zombies which are harder to kill (4 headshots with katana on head and 2 bullets 9mm but only 1 bullet for stanag weapons) Add Clans so we can finaly Play together without being in a Group or party Just some ideas sure u can add ur wishes on here aswell! Add 1 Caliwood Sever Ps: The Loot on V1 is still too good the normal Colorado is decent!
  23. You want to release Colorado V1 for survival. And will you make any changes in the graphics? Or rather the lighting.I really don't like the current lighting in Colorado V2 because it really hurts my eyes.Maybe there will be a graphics like Warz?At the moment, too light and too not beautiful.This is my personal opinion and I may be wrong)))
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