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  1. I separated some changes I would like for the game, for all of you to discuss: >Stack, and skin (not just remove) everything on GI. -Some stuff like cars, can't get stacked, and this is awful for the ones who have a lot of cars, and with the new market we can't sell cars in a bundle unless we fill all the gas and repair it. So, or either stack even with different hp and gas, or give an option to do it while access GI. -This is not just for cars, snipers get all separated for skins or whatever. If the game can't stack with different amount of ammo, just add an option to easily skin manually, stack all, and refill everything without leaving GI (this will be great accessing GI locker as well). -Remove "brand new" thing. That it's just annoying, When you get something from airdrop you have to put it in you hand, just to stack with the other snipers. >Raise the size of the trade chat. -Some people abuse the chat with flood (which is already an issue). So if you guys stretch a little, it would be nice. >No more x-men zombies. -I often, not matter which server, hit a zombie with a car, and the zombie just stop my car. It should run over him 100% of the times, they need to be week, not SZ. I understand this could be just a connection problem, but still... it's annoying (and happens on low ms as well btw). >Move the items on GI freely. -Enough with all the work of removing items from the top to make the snipers goes up. Make it free to organize please. >More secret bases to find. -I remember some years ago, the game randomly had some "secret bases" with a lot of loot hide somewhere in the map for people to find. I remember one near Camp Splinter and Castle Pine once. The idea of exploring the game is, for me, a thing yet. Farming at the same place always gets boring. >A way to contact the server owner, and more mod options to it. -An easy way to rent a server, or let the mod server know of someone trolling. -More options to rent the server WITH someone. Shared GC to rent, and 2 mods, or permissions to change password and kick people. >Remove the 10 secs to logout from PVE servers. -That's all, just remove it, it's pointless and it's not any "cheat" or something to get any advantage. This way will save our char when we crashed too. >Premium to PVE. -If I paid for premium I would like to have a decent server to farm. No one uses premium to PVP (unless you have no brain). It's about time to change that. There's no good at all of having premium servers, almost no one is using full time. Another thing: they should be rebooted as well if empty for 5 min too. >Radiation area more fun. -Usually I ignore rad areas at the night, cause it's simple terrible to see. Clean the mask sight 100% or maybe gas masks with flashlight attached?? If you use it on a weapon you can't run and light the way, since you have to turn your gun. >GAMMA, PLEASE! GAMMA! -brightness option sux, please add a decent gamma tweak to see without the NVG without having to use gapagama or some other software. >Free look. -Just the old good free look we have in other games. I don't think this will unbalance the game in any way. >Fix the "hitbox" of picking ip the car. -When you try to get loot around the car you often get into the car instead of the loot. If I'm not facing the car, I don't want to enter. Now, just some other stupid ideas I have and tweaks, but still, some fun stuff to think about it: >First person view for cars >Easy way to climb in your car (a great way to avoid some stuck situations). >Make the car spawn on the right direction when you drop him, so this way you know where the car will be facing when you put it on the ground. >Name preview. When you change your name, it would be great to see a preview on how it will look.
  2. Kjerfestation Survivor Stories Me and my clan/community TSI – The Survival Initiative have all been away from NewZ for about 4 months now, due to our opinions on mistreatment/carelessness Survival game mode received over a longer period. Personally, this is my first break I’ve had from Infestation since 2012 lol. – And it’s funny how I didn’t realize how much I missed the game until I tried it again a couple of weeks back. It made me realize, that I should never have left in the first place, this game really runs in my veins. That said, I also realized that while we’ve been gone, there’s been some quite awesome updates, only that those updates should have happened 6 months ago, it’s a little late now, but not too late. I have been wanted to do this for a while, to write down my own “Vission-N-Dreams” for NewZ Survival, how I personally would have gone about it if I was developing this game. As you’re reading this, I want you to know, that all my following ideas & suggestions are designed to accommodate as many different opinions and playstyles as possible, and not only my own. – I have a tendency to be a very objective and analytic person, that always tried to accommodate the majority rather than the few. My personal goal is to have a Survival game mode that can accommodate people who like PvP just as much as people who like PvE, and even build a bridge between the two, so that players can earn pvp-advantages/progression through PvE-progression, and PvP-advantages/progression through PvE. [- Some games that have succeeded very well with this, are games such as Survarium and Escape From Tarkov -]. My Gameplay Suggestions Spawnkilling How I would solve spawnkilling; Not spawnkilling in general, but spawnkilling specifically when you spawn in “together with another player”… This is actually not my first time brining this idea to the table, I did it a couple of years back, but it didn’t receive much attention, even though it all seems very easy to code-N-implement. The idea is, that each player has an invisible “aura/circle” around them when they spawn in which has a timer, this aura becomes visible for you and your opponent, when/if another player spawns at same spot as you, - And as long the two aura’s are touching, they will appear as red, and while they touch the players can’t damage each other. – Simple! No? New zombies Before I start talking about new zombies, let’s talk about the ones that’s already there, and what there can be done to make them more interesting and appealing to kill/farm. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it would be nice to see some new/more zombies models, after almost 8 years looking at the same ones. Other than that, once in a bunch or so, zombies should wear a helmet and/or a light gear or something, gas mask, fireman helmet- or whatever-younameit etc.., this gives a realistically sense, that fits right in, in Survival game mode. I have 5 new zombies/monsters in mind exclusively for Survival mode: ⦁ Recently Effected Zombies These zombies should be just as easy to kill as normal ones, but they should always be sprinting at you, and have different face-model than normal zombies that look a little more human, so that you can spot them on distance. ⦁ Turned Survivor (Pre-Super zombies) These zombies are rare or semi-rare, and spawn at completely random places and are heavily geared, they’re fast and has increased damage AND hit rate, they take 1/4 of an LMG mag in the head to kill, and drops a random set of PvP-load out. ⦁ Big Foot. (Designed to require at least 2+ players to kill it) "Give veterans the Big Foot they never found" - I don't know how many of you remember this whole shit storm during alpha/early WarZ, about entire groups/clans looking for a "allegedly" spawning Big Foot, as there was "big foot" signs around the map, and ambient sounds of what sounds like a big foot, - which I believe is still there. Big foot shouldn’t be harder to kill than a normal Super Zombie, but it should be way-way more deadly, maybe not more damage, but faster hit-rate and further hit-reach! ⦁ Dead Foot. (Designed to require at least 3+ players to kill) Yes, you guessed right, a zombie-big foot x) … More bad-ass than Big Foot, and better loot drop. ⦁ Sick Foot (Raid boss) Radiated Dead Foot. Nuff said. --- (Can only be found during Power Plant Failure) --- A normal Big Foot should have less health than a super zombie, but should be more dangerous too, faster and further hit-reach. But Big Foot is not evil, nor aggressive, when Big Foot spots a player, it will first stand its ground and roar at your direction, as a warning. If you then get close or start shooting, it will unleash its rage and attack. Big Foot doesn't attack the zombies, its knows better that they ain't eddible, however, the zombies will attack Big Foot on attack, and Big Foot will hit back when attacked by them, but won't charge at them. Big Foot(s) do not have specific spawn location, but quite frankly just wanders around randomly on the map, it can be found anywhere. Dynamic events/occurrences I have many good ideas for this right here, here’s my 3 favorites: Event idea 1 – Locked Areas Places/Installations you can't just go there whenever you want. At each entrance to one of these places, there's an "locked" gate, that 1; requires a keycard (1-time use), that zombies have a small chance to drop. or 2; it takes 30 grenades to blow up (something like that). - The main thought is having places/installations on the map, that you can only access through either finding/gather in-game content, or by progression. I believe this is an awesome idea for the Survival game mode. Then you have small raids you do with friends, places with higher chance of loot. And still chance to encounter other players doing the same thing… Or arrive to the place with gate already blown. Event idea 2 – Save The Powerplant I have for a long time wanted to see some random “map-wide” events, that affect all players on the server/map at the same time, and forces people to make drastic decisions. These random events “radioactive zones” that was added, really provided me with some creative ideas for just that; There should be a nuclear powerplant building somewhere on the map, and 1-3 times a day (or maybe permanent weekend events) on every server, there should be a “Meltdown event”, where players have X-amount of time to save the nuclear powerplant before immediate meltdown. “Will players work together, or will they try kill each other while saving it?” – If players doesn’t mange to save the powerplant in time, a map-wide radiation will occur for 24 in-game hours, and all normal zombies will be empowered, but not dropping increased loot as in normal radioactive zone events, as that would be OP. Only safe zones will be safe, and a few secret locations on the map where “radioactive cover tents” have been placed. Event idea 3 – Survival Arena Many people play survival mode to get that “survive” feeling, so why don’t we spice it up a little, by adding a big fat colosseum-look-alike building somewhere on the map, where people can come and get the ultimate “PvE” experience. Here players will have to group up, and fight waves of zombies and super zombies, and force to work together in order to survive… Ok, so this is just hypothetical thinking, say there was 5 waves, and if you survive all 5, you’ll earn an airdrop, random skin box (or whatever, just some kind of reward). The xp gained from each zombie, should be lower than what you get from outside the arena of course, or else people would only farm xp this way, so lets say 1xp pr. zombie, 100xp pr. Super zombie. And people would have to bring their own ammunition and gear for this. In my opinion, this should be an in-game server thing, and not a server by itself like pvp-servers on Open World. There should be 2 hours cooldown on this Arena, and only 1 hour cooldown for premium players. Gameplay changes to items I'm sure this is gonna be one of my less populair ideas to many, as it will change something fundamental about Infestation, but also add that extra "survival touch / realism" to the game. I'm talking about adding "Clip/ammo-pockets" to armors, - each level of armor will add X amount of ammo-pockets, and "R" will only reload to the clips you have in your clip-pockets. I'm talking about the meaning of "tactical rigs", but not as an additional set of new item, I think it's better to keep it simple, therefore I suggest the following stats on already existing items: No armor: 1 ammo-pocket & 2 quick-use slot. Light: (Light Gear etc.): 3 Ammo pockets & 3 quick-use slots Medium: (MTV/IBA etc.): 4 Ammo pockets & 4 quick-use slots (vanilla infestation) Heavy: (Custom/Heavy etc.): 5 Ammo pockets & 5 quick-use slots (1 more than vanilla) SWAT Armor: 6 Ammo pockets & 6 quick-use slots (2 more than vanilla) Market/Economy suggestions: Bring currency and market to Survival!... Just like the GI, this currency should be separate from those used in other game modes, call it “Survival dollars”, I don’t care. These survival dollars should be more difficult to farm than in open world, and prices in market should be way more expensive, as getting loot through market shouldn't be easier than farming. But it will however add a "new way" to farm. Back in “WarZ”, they had something called stem cells, add those as well, and items in the store could be like, *1 Custom cost 30.000 survival dollars, and 5 stem cells*. And those stem cells, you can only get from super zombies and such. This would bring more trading economy to the game, which I think will make less people trade survival items for GD, which I know is something you guys don’t support. As long as skins are able to cross game modes, I believe that survival dollars (lets call it “SD”), can become a quite attractive currency to the game in whole. This will also make more sense as rewards in Survival contract boxes. My loot suggestions: Tactical Custom Guerilla With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors, I bring you the "Tactical Custom Guerilla", this has same armor protection as normal custom g's (myabe 1% more), more rare than normal customs g's, but has the same Ammo pocket & Quick-use slots as SWAT armor. Tactical Light Gear With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors, I bring you the "Tactical Light Gear", this has same armor protection as normal light gears (myabe 1% more), same rarity as ghillie suits, but has the same Ammo pocket & Quick-use capacity/slots as SWAT armor. --- Hazmat Suit: Civilian With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors & Save The Power plant event, I bring you "Hazmat Suit: Civilian", - As normal gas masks during power plant failure doesn't offer enough protection, full body hazmat suits are needed instead. This variant offers no protection, and you cannot wear helmets with this on. Hazmat Suit: Government With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors & Save The Power plant event, I bring you "Hazmat Suit: Civilian", - As normal gas masks during power plant failure doesn't offer enough protection, full body hazmat suits are needed instead. This variant offers same stats as a Light Gear, and you cannot wear helmets with this on. Hazmat Suit: Military With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors & Save The Power plant event, I bring you "Hazmat Suit: Civilian", - As normal gas masks during power plant failure doesn't offer enough protection, full body hazmat suits are needed instead. This variant offers same stats as a MTV, and you cannot wear helmets with this on. Hazmat Suit: Heavy Duty With my idea of clip/ammo pockets on armors & Save The Power plant event, I bring you "Hazmat Suit: Civilian", - As normal gas masks during power plant failure doesn't offer enough protection, full body hazmat suits are needed instead. This variant offers same stats as a Custom Guerilla, and you cannot wear helmets with this on. --- Bipod for LMG's This is something I wanted in Infestation for since forever, - I have always found LMG's in Infestation to me way too weak and inefficient than their reputation in the real life. This should be one of the most rare attachment in the game, just as rare as SVD's, and can only be attached while proned, and should change the spread to something like 2,9. And while we're add it, add barrels and stocks for LMG's too. I love these new attachemnts! Stationary Bipod This Bipod works like a barricade, after it's delpoyed, you can hold "E" on it like with vehicles, and your LMG or AR- together with the player-character- will be mounted to it. This should be the most rare attachment in the entire game, same rarity as a blaser. The spread on mounted guns should be something like: LMG's: 2,7 AR's: 2,3 I believe this item will add some more fair balance when fighting against snipers, and would be an amazing funny addition when playing with friends, and especially with the new base building system getting introduced to the game. Open World Loot I like the idea of OW loot having a "chance" to appear in Survival, - There should be special survival weekend events, where super zombies will have a chance to drop OW loot, but not at a higher chance/rate than already existing survival loot, but just that the chance is there. - And special OW ammo should be able to be found, at special locations such as "Locked Areas". I love the idea of being able to have SUPER rare items in the game, that only so few people have, that you can count it all on 1 hand. Thank you for your time reading all this, and any feedback, thoughts and ideas to all this is very welcome! - I'm looking forward to hear what ya'll think about this. Best regards, Kjer IF YOU LIKED THESE IDEAS, - PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM HERE: Then please go here, and vote for my ideas: https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/71-kjer--spawnkilling-when-spawning-together-with-some1 https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/72-kjer--survival-new-zombies https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/73-kjer--survival-newmore-dynamic-eventsoccurrences https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/74-kjer--survival-gameplay-changes-to-items https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/75-kjer--survival-marketeconomy-suggestions-survival-dollars https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/76-kjer--survival-loot-suggestions
  3. So, i had a few suggestions for the QandA stream and i now wanna share them for the rest of the community who might missed the stream. -Gravestones and Woodshield Barricades should stay longer -Crossbows should get an attachment like different strings which have different decays and different bullet/arrow drops -Explosive arrows should be craftable out of sticks aluminium foil and gun powder -Woodshield barricades should use nails instead of metal (for crafting) -After drinking 1L of Water you should get an empty bottle which can be used for crafting a cleaner -Make the M9 NVG Craftable (M9 Helmet Black + NVG Civilian+ Duct Tape) -All the night vision's (not only the helmets) should be different (there are blurred sections, especially when you start running the blurred area becomes way bigger) My idea was to keep the optics of the Night Vision Civilian and the NVG M9 and just remove the blur from the Night Vision Military and the K-Style NVG (i know the K-NVG hast the same exact Googles like the M9 Helmet but the M9 one looks kinda self crafted) If you might not know what i mean, here's an example for it.
  4. I Z Z Y


    I come on behalf of the community with a new suggestion for the game 1st: New servers with Colorado and Caliwood with a limit of five and ten players per clan or party 2nd: The creation of one new map, with new buildings, new forests. We, the players are sick and tired of colorado, we need something new. We ran a poll to see how many of us would approve these suggestions and more than one hundred voted "yes" Thank You
  5. I think you developers do not know very well how much time we as players lose by sorting our inventory, by aesthetics or that we can search for items faster to go to PVP (Not counting the Presets / loadouts), next to that I made a list of things To add to global inventory / menu: The function of collecting ammunition in the global inventory Loading / unloading weapon Trash / delete function Function of supplying and / or arranging the car Skins removal function of all equipment Improve loading Give gifts to your friends (Skins <3) If you players can give suggestions of what could have in the inventory or menu would be of great help and curiosity mine. Thank you for reading. - L U C K Add me: - STONED LUCK
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