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  1. Hi! I'm a veteran player of not just NewZ but also the original Infestation back in the day when it was called The WarZ. I started playing in late december of 2012 until around 2015. I played NewZ since it started until 2017 and then took a break. Since the Survival mode has been remade to be more like the old days of alpha WarZ I returned and already have some suggestions. Before we start, I would like to thank the devs for making this new survival mode like the nostalgic days of the old Infestation. I believe you guys had made a petty good job so far, but since there is nothing such a perfect work it's time for some criticism. In this post I will talk about the things I believe should be added/removed/changed and the things I believe are OK right now. I will also make comparisons with the old Infestation and some other games of the same genre, but I understand that they are completely different products. I don't want to make NewZ into DayZ or something like that. Also keep in mind that I will discuss some aspects that were already a problem since day one and don't have a easy and quick solution. And for the players who are reading please understand that nostalgia is seeing the world with golden tainted glasses. It's not because something make you nostalgic that it is necessarily good. Let's begin. -THE MAP: This is one thing that I don't see people talk too much about, but I believe that the map is flawed in some design aspects. This is one of the issues that exist back from day one. Let me explain. We have, at the moment, three safe zones. One at the north, one at the south and one at the east. As we all know this is the places where we stash all of the loot we found in our expedictions. My point is: the safe zones are too much scattered across the map. With one safe at each "corner" of the map, except in the west, players can found pretty much whatever they want without needing to travel long distances. This may sound good to some of you, but we are talking about a gamemode named "Survival" and I believe that exploring should be rewardful. Why should I go all the way to the end of the world to loot the Airfield when I can simply stay at Goblin Peak going back and forth to Campos City? Campos is one of the largest cities in the game and is ABSURDLY close to a safe zone. Although military bases have more advanced equipment (or at least should) I can simply loot the city, log out, log in another server, loot the city, repeat, until I have a full bag. And as I said before there isn't a simply solution to this. The east part of the map is a safe and rewarding area and the west part is a far and not so much more rewarding part of the map. Maybe places closer to safe zones should have more basic loot (melee weapons, food, meds) and the loot increases as the player gets far away. -THE LOOT: I remember how the item drops were in the alpha WarZ days and you guys managed to mostly mimic the loot from that time. But here are my problems: the game simply throws items at the player. And I'm not saying weapons and meds. I'm saying almost EVERY type of item. In almost every single place you can find 2-3 weapons. In almost every single place you can find food and meds. Let's be honest, do you guys know anyone who actually died of starvation? Who died of infection? I will dive more deep in this subjects later, but for now I will repeat myself: we are talking about a survival gamemode and the survival should be hard. Also, one aspect of a game of this genre is the crafting. Have you guys noticed that you can barely find crafting items in the world? I really want to experiment with the system, but most of the time I can't find the items or simply don't have the time for it. At least in my experience, it is easier to find a M9 NVG than actually crafting one. -ABOUT GUNS: Guns are simply too much common. There may be a lot of angry players in this section after this, but it is the truth. For comparison, finding a gun in DayZ is a really long task. You usually find some bullets in one city, then find the magazine in the next and (luckly) find the weapon itself in the next city, not mandatorily in this order. You RARELY finds the complete "pack" in just one house. Here, I often go to a city NEXT TO a safe zone and get out with some pistols, sometimes a shotgun and maybe even a low tier AR. Making only low calliber/low tier weapons spawn does not make you game survival, even by Infestation standards. Also, making ammo rare does not help because I will most of the time have more than one weapon with me. I believe ammo should be more commom but weapons should be more rare. If weapons are so common ammo is also common because I can remove the clips from the weapons. But if they are rare I can't fire bullets without the weapon. -THE FLEA MARKET: I really like the idea, but I'm concerned about it in the long term. People will be more familiar with the drops, there will be more private servers (I will talk about them soon) and there is already some weapons being sold by low prices. I'm feeling like not all categories of items should be sellable or at least Game Dollars shouldn't be a universal coin. -PREMIUM/PRIVATE SERVERS: I will be very clear and simple: I believe they are already a bad thing in the arcade mode and are worst in survival. I understand that this is a free game and you guys deserve to have some profit. I don't have a simple solution, but selling anything that give players even the smallest advantage should be discarded. Maybe this issue could be eased by removing all the password from private servers or making loot from private servers only usable on them. -SKILLS: I like most of them and I think the game should indeed have a progression system, but I would change the ones that affect PVP. For now the survival mode has been wiped, but soon players will farm all the skill tree again. Soon there will be people with the "Increase health" and "Take less damage" skills and I don't want to see people tanking half of AR clips and even sniper shots. Instead there could be skills that increase money drops from zombies, skills that make zombies drop crafting items, less chance of being infected or to bleed from wounds, faster crafting time, etc. Also, some skills are too expensive. 150.000 XP is and absurd quantity. If zombies only give 5XP each, it would take 30.000 zombies to unlock the skill. Keep in mind that there is rarely more than 100 zombies in one city at one given time. -THE PVP: NewZ, such as the original Infestation, were made on top of a shooter: War Inc Battlezone. So, the PVP is obviously going to be a main feature. But, as I have seen in some other posts, we can all agree that sometimest the game is a nightmare of a PVP Festival. There is some cities close to safe zones that are DOOMED to be PVP points, but I was thinking if there is one particular reason for this game ending up being a Deathmatch in every server with more thant 10 players and I think I found it: this game in the overall has very low risks. In DayZ players always spawn and respawn in the coast and have to make their way to the inner parts of the map. But PVP in DayZ is extremely risky because dying means going ALL THE WAY back to the coast and having to restart from scratch. Of course I don't think that NewZ should be this extremist, but the penalities for dying are barely punishing now. If I die in a shootout I can respawn even BEFORE my itens despawn from the ground and I always respawn next to where I died the option to bring items from the safe zone. No wonder why the PVP is sometimes a NIGHTMARE in this game. -SUPER ZOMBIES: For now, super zombies are more a nuisance than anything else. They take a lot of time and resources to kill and the player gets exposed while doing this. Some regions, like West Boulder and the Airfield are almost IMPOSSIBLE to loot without killing them (another reason why people prefer to stay on the same locations). I believe that they are pretty out of place in Survival mode. I don't see any benefit in killing them to get an AR or ammo and some XP, but I also don't think that increasing their drops is a good idea especialy with private servers still being a thing. -FOOD/STARVATION/INFECTION/HEALING: Again, do you guys know anyone who died of starvation in this game? Food is way abundant in this game and even if the player is starving he can simply use BANDAGES to heal himself. A survival game where you can find the basic so easily is, in my view, a poorly balanced survival game. And by making the survival aspect so easy you are making the PVP the main focus once again. Also, starvation and infection should have more effects besides health damage. Maybe slower stamina regeneration, slower movement speed, instable aim, loud noises of pain, etc. Or at the very least the player shouldn't be able to repair the damage of DEHYDRATION by using BANDAGES. -CARS: I see a lot of people angry about them because it is "easy to roadkill people", but for me it is the least concerning aspect of them. Besides bugs and crashes, my problem with cars is that they are to easy to use. I'm not talking about the mechanics. They always spawn ready to use. In other games you need to find the pieces (battery, radiator, wheels, etc) to make them work. Being able to travel across the map so easily and mostly safe is a huge deal and therefore should be more challenging to do. I believe that's all for now. I didn't made this list in any particular order, so don't think that there is any priority order in the subjects. In short the game should be more challenging in the survival more punishing in PVP. Weapons should be more rare and ammo should be more commom and you shouldn't be able to heal your starvation with a pain killer. A survival game should be a survival game. The more easy the survival is the more the game tends to be a PVP Fest. Thank you for your attention and I will try to look up for replies. Sorry for eventual typos, poor grammar and mistakes regarding the game.
  2. Dear NewZ Community / Staff Team, I'd really love to see a function that allows you to enable / disable Raw-Input for your mouse. It would be a nice feature to have. Cheers
  3. Saul Goodman: As above, Its ruining the experience people running around with 300+ ping they have the advantage every time,something has to be done. Not my connection I have 12ms ping. They just kill you before the fire sound has even finished ,half the time you dont even see them peak the shield using AR its a joke tbh,i know its not just me complaining about this issue too,People will start to just give up,server numbers/players are already dropping as it is. Now I know a lot of countries don't have the best internet like Thailand for example, but they know this and blatantly exploit their lag to their advantage. LinvuS: Im LinvuS, leader of Felovšip clan and ex member of clan named 'Balkan Devil Fanclub [BDFC], leader: Balkan Devil' Before everything: 4 friends and i joined BDFC which was one of the biggest EU clans year ago because everyone from that clan spoke our native language. BDFC Clan counted over 15 active members and probably 15-20 more players that weren't that active but still played and enjoyed the game. With NewZ coming to steam everything went downhill and BDFC members slowly started to leave the game and switched to PUBG, Fortnite and Owerwatch because they were much more optimised, werent thai2win and developers actually listened to community (We asked dozens of times for our personal clan skins and we had 3 times more requirements and our own ideas/projects which you only should have implemented, nobody from dev team cared and you never reached out to us. 1 year later EVERY former member of BDFC gave up on game and we, the remaining players started mainly to play under our own clan tag and kept adding new members to our clan. Today, Felovšip clan counts 7 active players and 10 more players that are not so active but are keeping up with everything that is happening to NewZ. In last 2 months i reached out to forums and wrote everything that is wrong with newz and tried to help as much as i can (Watched and discussed every Svens Q&A, watched every progress on making of new map and still kept giving out ideas) Sorry to say, i think everything i've done and tried led to nothing, NewZ is in horrific state, its literally no more than 10 days away from officially dead game! With Ice-X, typeforced and Solatens Complete giving up on game we've decided to stop playing too. We are not uninstalling yet but we are not playing the game until you start reading what people have to say: **Community asked thousands of times for all of EU servers to be ping limited and its like you are not even reading. **We do not want nor need new GC skins and we are not spending money on it. **We totally arent hyped for the new map, it sucks, its not optimized and it will take months to optimize it, and on top of it there are no enough players to cover such a huge map. Why is it so hard for you to understand that you are running out of players. There is not enough players to cover everything on Coloradov2 and you're making new map 3 times bigger. REMEMBER that upon steam release newz did have enough players so every spot on coloradov2 on every server had players. **We want 50% off from current prices when it comes to everything (For open world), move current currency to survival because it started to feel like its survival on official servers. (Year ago killing 4 SZ-ombies on official server was guarantee 3-4 snipers and today you are lucky if you get 1 sniper ON PRIVATE SERVER). NOTE that this is not for us but for new players, people are leaving because what the fuck will they actually do, they are helpless. Its like if you started playing League of Legends and get automatically thrown into challenger division, thats what it feels like playing like New player? **More communication with players, what happened with Q&As and featured streams all of a sudden. Trust me, nobody is watching your clan tournaments, all the numbers (10-20 people watching) are actually bambies farming twitch boxes. **Twitch/Youtubers are not getting enough attention. How on earth you think i can get 1000 subs on YT channel while im uploading videos of a game that has community of 50 people that speak english and understand me? And trust me nobody wants to watch my funny compilations because only thing thats FUNNY (not) is people killing me through walls/riots etc. Yes, it became so funny its sad actually. **Bring back beginner servers and completely remove re-spawn system!!!! **If you want more opinions feel free to open General discussion in your sweet forum and read what are players writing to you. Im not writing this again but it would be smart to move larger cities like Boulder/Campos/Nato/Clearview to PVP servers. Because finding people (NOT THAIS) on open world is really rare thing these days. If nothing is done in 7 days we are willing to give our stuff to new players so if there is ANY on this forum feel free to reach me out. Now for the last part, this is something really sensitive and that keeps bumping into my head every now and then. How is game, that is 7+ years old making my CPU so overheated and makes the fans of my pc go on 100% every time i run the game? Do you guys think that MAYBE they are using our PC CPUs for mining bitcoins? [FVSP] LinvuS, hours played: 1212 - Peace out NAJENDA: You should do something about those little laggers and please don't tell me that they're on disadvantage because they are flying/teleporting and also insta killing all the players. It's so annoniying to see this shit all the time and also DEVS can't put the ping limit because Thailands are keeping this game alive so... DEVS you should hear the community if u dont want to see ur game dying like this and stop making maps and put the competitive thinggy and bring back the old newz, this is so disgusting. @Sven @Fredaikis You should check this... If we are posting the same s*** is for something... When the game was pretty good (the vid.)
  4. Alright, here is a list of the many suggestions and fixes both major and minor that I have gathered, along with some of my own. Maps And Servers: 1. Rotate the pvp maps more often with the older classic ones to give people more variety. It gets boring on the same two or three every week. 2. Move the shopping center bus stop to the front of the big store. In it's current location it provides a quick protected spawn to kill anyone who is trying to take on the super zombie. Trust me I know, I've used this twice in two days to kill other players who were trying to log from their high perch, and it doesn't seem fair 3. Fix the random spawn points. Nearly every time your spawn changes due to map change, server change, or inventory access it ALWAYS puts you right next to zombies. And this gets players killed. I was recently spawned directly next to a super zombie. 4. Increase the player dropped loot despawn timer to 3 minutes instead of the current 2 minutes on pve servers. It is not really that fair a timer for pve server deaths when the "spawn nearby" option spawns you hella far away alot of the time. 5. In trading lounge, make it impossible to drop items on the ground or at least decrease the despawn timer in Lounge to a minute or less. There are many trolls who lag and even crash the lounge on purpose by dropping HUNDREDS of items all over the place. I observed one player drop over 200 small backs packs in one pile and crashed EVERYONE from the server. 6. Add Tropico and Arizona's pre BR match lobbies as weekly pvp map rotations for variety 7. Re add the traffic jam up north in Colorado map past Crystal Lake 8. Referring to the above suggestion, there are still item spawns up there in the grass. I have driven across and found water, guns, and food in bare spots where tents obviously used to be 9. With the new map, add a small island in the middle of the big body of water and have a crashed ship on it. Make it so you have to swim out there, add one super spawn somewhere on it 10. Make the new map have v1 lighting and fog, this would make it more tense and fun 11. Give us the music from survival mode in Open world. It makes things more fun to have the music and when open world is slow and boring it will make it better 12. WARM-UP SERVER - MAP OVERHAUL WITH NEW NAME: MUSEUM (WIP/subject to change) Players spawn in a room with two pathways - to the left, a "warmup loadout zone" with various 'spawn machines'. This would open up a UI similar to the one seen on the in-game store (or maybe vault), where players can pick from all the items in the game - guns, meds, armor, attachments, etc. When players are finished with setting up their loadouts and what they want to use, they walk to a bus stop at the end of the hallway and can pick a zone to go to (Which could have various areas - 1v1 zones, 2v2 zones, etc). To prevent players from being flooded with loot, this could go in tangent with something like the BR System that gives players unlimited ammo (or something that could wipe the character's inventory on death or something), and use systems similar to the Public Test Environment servers that were featured in Old WarZ (y'know, the ones that didn't save character stats and deleted your gear when you left.) To the Right is a "NewZ Encyclopedia" room, which would contain information on how new players could try the game, and also contain pedestals showing enemies in the game that are individual before eventually going at the end to show a few practice ranges with their own spawners that players could use to learn weapons/practice on zombies/etc. (Suggestion: HIPAX) 13. Reputation Seperation- Make it so the reputation for PVP Maps is totally separate from Open World. It kinda sucks if we worked really hard for a title and then in two pvp map kills it is reversed. I was a Deputy and in three kills on pvp maps yesterday, I became a Bandit at -209 Bad Rep (Suggestion: Sinistersmilez) Items: 1. Make the Killer Skinbox a GD box instead of GC. The items in it are basically trash, I've seen NOBODY wearing the masks, so making it a GD item makes sense. Or add new skins to the killer box to make the fact it is GC worthwhile 2. Remove the custom vest altogether. Nobody wears this garbage item at all. If they see it in server, they will go without armor until something else pops up 3. Add removed items into a box and give it some special name. Maybe call it the "Classic Box" or the "Legend Box" and include old items that no longer spawn as loot. Make it an event only or extremely rare drop from the Alien. Include items like The PGO scope, Balaclava, Trucker Cap, Iron Sight attachment, etc. 4. Remove the TV Bandage and Purple Ballistic Shield from the Community box. It is a big middle finger to people who actually watch Streamers to sit for an hour and get a useless trash item like a bandage that heals less than a regular bandage. 5. Give us the ability to do the "Empty Ammo" and "Stack" action for ammo in our GI. Only doing it in world is really annoying and takes forever 6. Allow us to drag and drop and actually organize our GI. We work so hard to make it look neat and the game always rearranges it after we log back in 7. Rotate the loot for random aridrops again. Re add skin boxes back into the possible loot table for normal airdrops Enemies: 1. Remove one Super Zombie from NORAD, four is too many 2. Increase the range at which screamers attract other zombies, the radius is too small, and supers tend to ignore a screamer currently 3. Re add the Tyrant Boss. It was alot of fun to try taking this guy on 4. Re add the Tyrant's unique zombies that spawned with him 5. Wandering hordes. Create zombie spawns in the middle of nowhere that wander around in places where there is nothing to add a more tense feeling and give people a reason to actually think whether they want to brave the road or the scary woods 6. Add NPC bandits with randomized loadouts similar to how they work in the pre BR match lobbies New Item Suggestions: 1. Law Enforcer Skin Box- Add skins (POLICE, SWAT, FBI) for Heavy armor, Medium Armor, both K-Styles, Mp5, M16, M9 Bayonet, B92. Mossberg Add new items FBI and POLICE cap (similar to Trucker and Streamer cap style) 2. Slasher Skin Box- Add skins (Blood splattered, "stitched", burnt, rusty) for Machete, Fireaxe, M9 Bayonet, Chainsaw, custom guerilla, small, medium, large pack. Add new items "The Nightmare" Glove (clawed Freddy glove, use attack animation and range for machete, standing and non attack animation of Brass Knuckles), "The Drowned Boy" Mask (Jason's mask actually LOOKING like Jason's hockey mask instead of the bright red monstrosity we have now) "The Cannibal Face" (Leather Face's Mask), and an armor that gives an overalls looking outfit with the same protection as custom vest or light gear. (Hey movie slashers are hard to kill and they wear normal clothes! lol) 3. Add in some of the items the Thai version of the game has. They have a TON of content we don't yet. More outfits, armors, they even have a dang rocket launcher ffs lol 4. Weird idea, but to increase revenue why not offer custom skin work on a limited and strict basis for a price once in awhile? Charge X amount of money to create a unique skin that noone else has and add it directly to the commissioner's account so they cant just use it for in game trade. That's all for now, more to come.
  5. So I have a few minor suggestions for the G.I. that I feel would be very simple to implement. Not to mention make things far easier on players. 1. currently in order to stack and condense partial clips/mags/drums, we have to load em all up and go into a server. Maybe give us the ability to empty weapons of their ammo and stack our clips from the G.I. ? 2. when you unskin something in Global it stays separate from other items even though they are the same weapon/ item with no skin on them. Make it so they can auto stack when unskinned? 3. Allow us to organize our global by drag and drop. Some of us are very OCD with our globals and it sucks that all the work we do swapping stuff around is undone, as when you exit the game or a server the GI randomly throws the items in random order again 4. Allow us to change the skin on something in the Global rather than us having to be in game, self explanatory 5. Stackable items can be shift+right clicked to move any number back and forth. Maybe allow us to do this with unstackable items providing we have the back pack space or trade window slots available to make trading and easier 6. Allow players to "destroy" items in their globals to make getting rid of unwanted items easier than having to repeatedly drag and drop it out of backpacks one at a time That's all for this round of my suggestions, more to come!
  6. Kuroko


    I just want to suggest. the dx should be cheaper in PVP u waste so much dx and it's fast. specially for the revive thing. everybody is spawning so even if u bring 2-3 dx. its wasting so fast. i would like to suggest the dx should be cheaper. put it in the market cheap. and the ar thing nobody sell that much. So the players reading this up my post so there's a high chance admins wouldd see this.
  7. I Z Z Y


    I come on behalf of the community with a new suggestion for the game 1st: Servers 1,2,3 and 4 be turned into limited latency servers, 5,6,7 and 8 for everyone 2nd: Bring back 2016 Springvalley 3rd: More diversified spawns, for example: You die and respawn at the other side of the city, in order to prevent spawn kill We ran a poll to see how many of us would approve these suggestions and more than one hundred voted "yes" Thank You
  8. isnt

    Trading History

    Hey there, my following suggestion is about the trading system. This game does not only have players who go out for farming or killing this game also has it's dealers. I also asked this in the Q and A Stream yesteday, but i want to talk about the features, that would be helpful for me and other traders out there. I cant buy any subscriptions for this game at the moment so i have to struggle around the trading lounges and to keep an overview, i wrote down as much trades as possible to keep an eye on my money. But this aint as easy as it sounds because if ppl wanna buy bulks they don't wanna waste time, so i can't really write down the transaction so mostly they quit or leave the group and ignore you. (i dont know if there are other ppl around who do this) So my question is if you could add something like a trade history where you can check what items switched the owner, how much items or money (Gamedollar Log or something)were traded and what player was the tradepartner. Maybe add trade reputation too. haha It would be very nice if this would be possible. Best regards, isnt.
  9. Hi there, after arkadys thread about Siliencers (sorry that i occupy your thread ^^) i must make a suggestion about the suggestions. It would be nice to have a subforum for suggestions that concerns all gamemodi. His posting (and many other) are interesting for survival, battle royal and open world, but everyone post it in his/her favourit content (dont wanna write gamemode again ^^). To make a long story short: I woud suggest a subforum under "Support & Feedback" for all postings that concerns all gamemodes. Thank you for your attention, have a nice day and good loot. Ecky PS: I realise now, that counts even for this posting.
  10. Why can't we group more than 3 players ? Game should allow us to make greater teams. I think it's important to play with many friends or encounter more and more players (Sorry for my english, hope you agree with me)
  11. 1: - Main priority is the Health bar, me and my friends liked the old one way more with the character cuz it was kind of big and easier to find while u are in a intense fight. 2: - Bring back the " Black&White " Screen when u were low HP. so you actually know "oh I am lit, I should be more careful now" without looking all the way down the screen. 3: - The Heavy armor is still flying in midair even when you activated Item Physics which is kind of annoying in PvP. I might add more things soon! stay tuned!
  12. I said this on the other forum site but I'm putting it here just in case. 1. M16 gun model. When the gun is on the ground the M16 has a carry handle iron sight but when it picked up the carry handle wasn't there and had flip up sights. I suggested maybe remaking the model to have a carry handle sight so it adds variety to the gun models. 2. I would also like to suggest leaning feature! That would be an awesome feature to have in game. You could use the keys Q and E to lean left and right which would be awesome!
  13. Please fix fall damage , increase damage when fall from more than 2 meters over ground Add ability to die when fall from building ( from more than 30 meters ) please!!!
  14. camy


    I only play the map to PvP, the loot areas aren't really that great- something big, like another compound where Area69 used to be, would be pretty cool. Obviously not Area69 because of copyright reasons again, but something in that location would be really cool
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