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Found 5 results

  1. my shield last for less than 10 seconds because it takes a little bit longer to load, okay no problem, there is still sometime to run away, but right when i am about to run into cover at the start of the game there is snipers behind me, in front of me, everywhere, it doesnt matter where it is, calliwood, colorado, pvp maps, its all the same thing, people camping the spawn. This is why i quit this game years ago, i couldnt get into the game without getting camped by entire platoons or even loney snipers, as soon as i start to run someone kills me, not time to get cover. What a shame this is still a problem 2 years after i returned to this game. Why its so hard to create a spawn system that you will be safe to get into position?? its not even worth taking weapons or shield to the field since u will be camped to death by snipers just for your can of soda. I feel like quitting again because this is a problem that shouldnt be around for so long. I would be happy spawning in a different location everytime, as long as it cannot be camped by snipers i will be happy. Its too hard to get into a new spawn location and find a place to run as fast as u can without getting killed before getting in there. This problem needs to be adressed.
  2. This is a post to show how some people, especially advanced users play and how it breaks the whole tactics and strategy in the game. As we all know there are everyone has 5 slots available, to make 5 player profiles from within your account. There are players that actually take full advantage of this, and I do mean this in a way that breaks any true experience of strategy, especially team strategy, which could mimic real life combat. Let us say that a team of 3 is infiltrating the airport (from now on lets call it Team Attack), a common place for PVP and combat. Also, there is another team consisting of multiple players already on the airport, which to this moment had control over the airport (Team Defend). Imagine the infiltrating team, being able to take command of the airport by sneaking in and killing 2 out of the 3 players. They have cleared all the airport, and they are sure that nobody is there, so they secure key positions and have eyes on most of the spots, where enemy can enter the base. At this point they have essentially taken control of the airport. The following point below show how the mechanics behind NewZ and survival mode break any continuity and true planning when it comes to team combat: 1) One of the enemy players had logged out; as his 2 comrades (Team Defend) where killed by Team Attack. Noone from Team Attack had seen his location, so at any given time, he can log back in, and he will apear in the same exact spot as previously, even tough Team Attack had checked every corner on the airport and they are certain they are alone. As you can imagine these mechanics are annoying, and even tough there is no spawn shield around when the Defend player logs in once again, this breaks a lot of strategy and secuting locations only does so little; it cannot be depended on. 2) Once Team Defend was killed, they will gear up again from the main menu, and respawn back to again fight over the airport. This can go endlessly. Granted there are spawn points that can be observed so this issue does not break combat that much, however being able to arm from main menu without being in safe zone - it might actually help the action in game but breaks combat continuity - winner is armed and has advantage. I actually thought that lockers are there in order to arm oneself after logging in without weapons, which would actually make more sense in terms of combat. How or why can one arm from main menu after dying does not make sense to me in terms of combat. 3) Players have a few characters in crucial spots; let us take the airport once again for example. Team Attack is trying to take control of the airport. They see an enemy player inside the control tower - Team Defend -, and he sees them. Their location is near the tents and they are slowly moving in while taking cover. Team Defend is hiding in the control tower, but he decides to log out and switch characters/profiles, as he has a different character the is near the tents from the other side, or inside a tent. Unknowingly to Team Attack, he appears in the tents near to them, the ones which they looted and cleared, he then exits from the tent, flanks their rear and kills them at almost point blank range. Again, this breaks any combat that could mimic real life, in terms of strategy and teamwork. 4) Players that pay have a reduced time spawn of x2. Normal players spawn within 10 minutes with their profile, premium paying players spawn in about 5 minutes (from what I remember). Not only that helps to collect gear that disapears within 10 minutes (approx) but they actually can spawn faster once again fully geared to continue the fight. While this is not pay2win, it actually helps tremendously in fights. Not hating, just saying since I get it that the game has to make some money from somewhere in order to continue to grow etc. Of course, the answer to this for non paying customers is to simply use other profiles, but again it would be necessary to have other player profiles in the same spot where the battle had commenced; ie. airport in this instance. However playing on one profile lets one get more experience points, and gain more skills that playing on all 5 or more than one. To sum up and TL;DR: The fact that one can log off and respawn in the same place on the same server actually breaks any similiarities this game could have to real life combat and teamwork; Using more than 1 profile in the same location does not help either. Combat logging should be punished IMO, especially when logging in order to either wait for your buddies to reenter with full gear after they died, or to reented once the Attacking Team thinks that the area had been cleared. Of course it is not as simple as that, because also skill is involved etc, but as I said this can break tactic and team strategy. The bottom line is, in survival mode the battle is won once the team had been killed once, their loot had been taken, and either the winning party had left for safe zone to leave loot, or they have logged off. What else is there to gain, since the players can respawn over and over with new gear from main menu? This is about gear in the end, or so it should be IMO. It might be me actually trying to play a more realistic game than the game itself actually is; and it is pretty arcarde, especially also when taking into consideration the time it takes to heal oneself, just like in 2d platform games; fast without wait time (not counting the cooldown after); your hands are not occupied during healing time, you can shoot once again; and this brings us also to the subject of macros. I think the cooldown should actually be before/during healing, not after. Does anyone else see what I had mentioned as jarring in survival mode? The way I look at it now, it does not feel like survival but a team deathmach with increments of 10 minutes breaks between playtime for similar profiles.
  3. Me and some friends have tried the group spawn thing, but it stopped working recently. The group leader would join but we wouldn't get a prompt to accept the server. There's only three of us. It was working fine before, I was wondering what is the problem.
  4. Eae guys!! Como vão vocês? Venho apresentar nesse tópico um vídeo explicativo sobre o superzombie Alien. O conteúdo do vídeo é basicamente um conjunto de informações sobre como encontrar o superzombie Alien, quais os spots, horário que ele renasce e a maneira mais fácil de resetar um private server. Então é isso, até mais!
  5. So I decided to write this suggestion ,because it will be good for all off players The idea is: After you die you will spawn in different place around the city you died in. It means that people who killed won't know where you spawned and won't be able to spawn kill you. After you die on red dot you woan't spawn on green but you will spawn somewhere around the Builder.
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