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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys I was just wondering, what is your favorite pvp place and how would you rank the pvp locations with the most players (where are the most players pvping each other)? For me: The best PVP are is Airport (the left bottom part of the map) The most players: I suppose on NATO, then Boulder and Airport
  2. Hi! I had this idea come to mind a while ago but never got around to suggesting it so here i am. Sniper: My suggestion is to make the Bi-pod equipped Sniper rifles's Bi-Pods function when in the prone position where they are deployed so that the sniper can lean on them reducing breathing sway Riot Shields: When deploying a riot shield it should first be setup with a 3 motion animation when the shield is unfolded before being deployed also increasing the durability of the riot shields These are the ideas i came up with that i feel would give this game a slightly more realistic and unique aspect. Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion!
  3. First time shop snipers trade: Server trade 002. AW Magnum. QTY:3, PRICE: 60K EACH M107. QTY:1, PRICE: 30K EACH VSS COMPACT. QTY:5, PRICE: 5K EACH BLASER R93. QTY:1, PRICE: 40K EACH MAUSER SP66, QTY:2 PRICE: 40K EACH SVD, QTY:3 PRICE: 20K EACH M200, QTY:2 PRICE: 35K EACH OTS, QTY:1 PRICE: 80K AMR2, QTY:2 PRICE: 30K EACH MAUSERSRG: QTY:1 PRICE 25K EACH
  4. Hello. I am buying all snipers available, you can either PM me or Add me on disc CJisDead#8923 and we can talk about prices there.
  5. I've returned from what seems like a year break and was wondering what the best place in Colorado V2 is to farm snipers or experience without using a car + nades. Would appreciate any and all recommendations.
  6. Welcome to my shop! Enjoy! Buy Riots Shield 1k Each! SELL : And i have skins for sell: If you interesting some item just send to me PRIVATE MASSAGE!
  7. WELCOME TO MARCAL'S SHOP! PRICE B> DX 1,3k B> Antibiotic 0,3k B> Riot 1,2k PRICE - AMOUNT S> MEDKIT 2,5K - 832 S> M107 55K - 30 S> M200 55K - 15 S> AMR2 60K - 52 S> MAUSER SRG 40K - 33 S> BLASER 45K - 8 S> SIG SAUER 3K - 150 S> HONEY B. 2,5K - 80 S> HEAVY ARMOR 9K - 150 S> CUSTOM 4K - 25 S> NVG K.STYLE 3,5K - 100 S> HUNTER BP 150K - 2 S> ADVENTURE 550K - 1 S> MILITARY 10K - 100 for skins and misc, visit:
  8. Hey everyone, haven't played in a while. Is it worth it to farm super zombies anymore? Where is the best place to find snipers? Thanks!
  9. Hello dear ; Welcome to Blaze's Shop! Goodluck & Have fun. PRICE - AMOUNT Editing.
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