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Found 7 results

  1. Basic talk with everyone of all experience.
  2. Hey nice People! Make the AWP as rare as the Snipers are in Survival and add 200 damage (110 whit heavy armor so we got a 1 shot kill on leg/arm/Body/head) so we got a rare/expensive/and Favorit weapon for all These Pro Pvper also ist an pain in the a** to lose this bad boi Of course we Need an wipe, because some People got hunderts or maybe even 1000 of them Just Transfer/trade the awp to GD (1 AWP 100.000$) You used to do that whit the dx anyways.. If u got 100 awps u will get 10M Dollar and also 1 AWP (Same whit 1000 but than u get 100M and 10 AWP) You can ofc Change the Prices or do something else whit the "rewards" what we are getting for this. I think this might be a good idea, because all the People will farm like crazy to get this and the one who's playing the AWP got a really good Chance of winning nearly every fight! The Ammo should be normal as it is right now. I am basicly an Survival Player but I found my fun back in Open World and this would be an Item which is an Must-have in ur Global Inventory! OR We just add a new sniper (Like those in Infestation World/ Iss Thai) and make them as rare as the snipers are in survival !
  3. Selling the **Rare** Imitar Elite skin http://prntscr.com/ip8nzb
  4. I could really use a price check, im willing to sell it all. https://prnt.sc/hjwcjc
  5. Hey guys, I have these skinns for sale: Valentine: Hunter Backpack Heavy Armor Blaser AK 47 Wand (for Katana) Custom Guerilla Famas Desert Eagle K. Style NVG M9 Bayonet Moto Helmet L85 AWM AN94 Camo: Machete Custom Guerilla K. Style IBA FN Scar Infinity: Custom Guerilla K. Style Hatchet Alien: Mosin Fairy Tale Heavy Armor K. Style NVG Custom Guerilla Neon Dragon / Red Dragon: Red Blaser Neon Machete Light Swords: Purple Christmas: M4A1 FN Scar Chainsaw AK 47 Winter: K. Style Custom Guerilla Hatchet Masada AA 12 K. Style NVG SVD AUG Saiga World: M4 USA L85 UK G36 Canada AKM Turkey Blaser Brazil FN Scar Australia Masada Italy M4 Semi Germany Others: IMI TAR Fusion P90 Indy Katana Blood Gulch AWM Robot Rage K. Style Abstract IBA Light Dust K. Style MLG Pinky Bear Backpack FN Scar Wave Honey Badger Dust AKM Revenge M249 Blood Gulch Mauser Hipster M9 Bayonet Tiger Tooth Custom Guerilla Abstract P90 Red Roses Custom Guerilla Turtle Jokoto Katana NewZ M4 Semi Lime AWM Gold M107 Gold Mauser 1917 IMI TAR Bamboo FN Scar Iron VSS Indy Red IMI TAR Lava AWM Arctic VSS Pinky Wood Mauser Abstract Custom Guerilla NewZ M9 Bayonet Fade IMI TAR Beehive Mauser SRG Blue Thats it. I am searching for: Any Invisible Backpack Skin! Heavy Armor Camo Military Camo Karambit Camo M4A1 Camo SVD Camo M4 Semi Camo AWP Camo OTS Camo Moto Helmet Camo Karambit Jedi Light Sword cross red Karambit Spectrum Snipers GD ( Private Server Access )
  6. Im Selling Mosin Gladiator Pm me if intrested
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