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Found 12 results

  1. Hello Survivors! I know how hard it can be when you playing alone in survival. Same with if you are new to Survival. You start with nothing, farming is the frist Thing you should do, but how? Other Player could kill you, and if that happens you will lose all ur Stuff.. I allow new Players and People who cannot really defent theirselves to Play on my PVE Server! If you are interessted just PM me or wirte a comment here. I will send you the Password and you can farm all day Long! The Server is empty atm, so it would be the best Idea to give other Players the Chance of using it. It is Free, so use it!
  2. Let's face it... it's a little dumb pvp on a farm server. People even in group try to kill you with nades. And sice we're farming, the nade damage on the car and, of course, on me, it's pointless. So I think, changing to pve would be better.
  3. (repost)I'm not sure if there are any limitations on what the UDK engine's AI can handle but I think it would be cool if you had military caravans moving across the maps with soldiers guarding them against players and nether. as well as NPCs looting boxes and things just like we are (they shouldn't actually take loot) but roam around supermarkets and subways stations as if it is just as hard for them to survive as it is for the players it would add to the loot pool because they would drop things like crowbars and bandages and such.
  4. Basic talk with everyone of all experience.
  5. Hipax


    This is something I've been wanting to throw out there for a long time. Can we get the return of story-based stuff to the survival mode? Permanent time capsules with clues that could lead to hidden loot spots, stories that are told by the enviornment, or even a return of the original MISSION SYSTEM from Infestation back when they were more experimental? This is something that could HEAVILY differentiate Open World and Survival, and it's something that I'm sure a lot of the players would welcome - especially those looking for more role-play and PVE focus, as the game needs to see some changes to differentiate it from just being "open world with rare loot", and I think this is something that would definitely be one of the easier steps in the right direction Hell, I'm sure a lot of players would be more then happy to throw concepts and ideas out there. I myself would love the opportunity to get to put some sort of backstory into this and make things work, as I have suggested multiple times in threads on the forums along with in emails and direct messages to you guys via Discord. So...what does everyone else think? Would y'all like to see some story added to our Zombie Apocalypse and put the "stories" back in "Survivor Stories", or do you think it would be resources better spent elsewhere?
  6. So right now I can get all server lists EXCEPT my own! It gives me all the servers and I can connect easily to them no problem but it keeps failing to get my server list and I just renewed my server! WTF?!
  7. Everyone! I have now opened my server Mickey's Playhouse for everyone. This is a PVE server unless announced to be changed here. Rules are as follows: 1. No cheating obviously. If you are obviously cheating, you will be recorded, kicked, and reported with video and screenshots 2. Do not steal super kills, you will be kicked 3. Do not steal super loot, you will be kicked 4. Do not "Attack Troll" This involves attacking someone even though you cannot hurt them or the vehicle the are in, you will be kicked 5. Do not be rude or racist. You will be warned, then you will be kicked and/or warned again for next time. 6. DO NOT ever ever EVER use noise and repellents to purposely kill another player with zombie trains. This is really f***ing annoying and will get you permanently blacklisted from my server, and if any GC was donated to it, it will NOT be refunded. 7. Do not take someone else's gear if they die unless you know they aren't coming back. You will be kicked and blacklisted 8. The server will be emptied and pass-worded from 20:00 to 23:00 to allow the Alien Super to spawn in for anyone nearby. If you log in to the server during this time, you will be kicked as this messes up the spawn. Repeat offenses will get you blacklisted (Yes, I keep an actual list) and you will not get back any GC donated to the server. I am on alot every day so I will find out. If you observe anyone breaking these rules get screenshot or video proof, same as with making a cheat report to the Mods and I will deal with the offenders as listed above. For all intent and purpose, think of me as a MOD but only for this server. If you enjoy the server, please consider donating, I can't always afford to keep it going alone. if enough people donate to the server, I will increase the amount of slots so more can enjoy it. If you want to use it privately, message me and we can discuss a GC donation to the server in exchange for exclusive use for a period of time. Note: If you are randomly kicked without reason, I apologize but it is still my server, and if it is full, I will kick someone if I want to use it.
  8. Evening guys, I have dabbled with the idea of trying to get some people to play the game with for a while. Because I dont know anyone, i play the game very little, although my hours are very bad (not sure if steam hours is correct tbh) I am quite knowledgeable about some things. I want to progress, have fun, not play every day just whenever we feel like it. Please if you are going to play, have a good microphone and discord and also please have good english as you will not understand me otherwise as my accent is quite broad. Most importantly, I want to PvP and have a laugh! Im Ben from the UK, 20, at university. -Cheers
  9. Hi everybody , Firstly, sorry for my bad English. I write this because imo survival is better than the others modes and you should focus on it. It have very high potential and you can attract many people with it. **** My list of suggestions : 1) Reputation system Emblems until 1k rep for Heroes and Vilains looks good but after they're really ugly... There are many beautiful symbols on the internet. You can simply add others emblems for instance at 2000, 3500, 5500.. only for Survival mode only cause its way harder to get them on this mode. To give interest to this idea you can add rewards like new clothes, new weapons, new helmet, new protect... for our characters or smth like that only accessible for Heroes or for Vilains.(rewards differents) For legitimate defense, i like VITALZ's idea and he explained it very well here : http: //forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/2160-legitimate-defense/ 2) Contents You should add more contents First of all you can just add the same loot (i mean just items, not the same rarety !!!) as in open world (AK12, FN fal, Scar H (this one is disguting ikr), g36 60, flashbang, Heavy Barrel, pineapple and more...) It would be interesting that you add more gears, attachements like a thing which increases firerate but deacrease the damage of the weapon (or the reverse), new scopes, why not a new silencer (for rifles , for shotguns ), attachements for increase decay, decrease more recoil or spread (why not an attachement specially for one weapon idk...) You should add rarely (or very rarely) weapons (silencer auto shotgun for exemple) , gears (new protections, new helmets, why not thermical vision very rarely...) MORE CONTENTS = MORE VARIETY IN THE LOOT TABLE 3) Airdrops Aidrop was a good idea but everytime i went for it it isnt worth at all (going all over the map for 1 DX and 2 sniper mags...) Maybe you could make it more attractive for players (for example you can get 5 DXs, 5 stanags, 5 wood barricades and a rare weapon) 4) Increase the interest of PvP -Sort of small BR- I think on the most populated servers you should add the same thing as an airdrop but in it you can get only ONE weapon, a sniper or very rarely new weapon ( idea 2 ) or new items , or money for survival (idea 9). This kind of aidrop falls in the least populated cities or places (Glenwood, Crystal Lake...) and it will give players the envy and the opportunity to explore and to fight in the new places the entire map. A message in chat will appear 15/20 min before this aidrop falls to give players time to get there. Players will have to fight for this new box (like item box in the old warz). For get this new box , we need to press E more time than other items (for more difficulty). U need to have the control of the city for get the box. -Killstreak- For player who's in killstreak you can put an icon on the map (his approximate position, just the city) and if an other player kill him, the player who killed him gets more rep, money for survival (idea 9) or something like that. 5) Craft Craft system was a cool idea but atm it's pretty useless, for example you need 1000 woods to craft only ONE wooden barricade, way better to find it... You should rework this system and add NEW AND INTERESTING (like custom guerilla, medikit, brotherhood ) items which arent findable and only craftable. 6) Barricades or stronghold Currently barricades break on their own i dont know why, you should just let them, we can destroy them with bullets or melee weaps rather easily and they're rarer than in Old Warz so its not a problem. It's more funny. Allows to diversify PVP. Or you should add stronghold system. 7) Skills You can maybe add more skills like run faster (a little bit), take less damage from zombies, food give more etc 8) Colorado map Add new cities/places on the current map but please do not add a new map, the survival community is quite small so if you'll add a new map it will scatter the community and it will kill survival mode too. 9) Market for survival , trading system, new money specially for survival Trading player with player, or with pnj. Market for survival and new money to buy in this market (good items are very expensive) **** Take your time, fix issues and focus on SURVIVAL MODE. It's the soul and spirit of the game WARZ I'm sure that you do your best but we need more things, more contents like that, its just a list of suggestions but please take your time to read it and make things change ! Thanks for reading and THANKS YOU VERY MUCH FOR GIVING A SECOND LIFE TO THE OLD WARZ ! Have a nice day, nice game and see you in the game KasparoV.
  10. Just follow these steps. 1. 2. 3. Done. Don't forget to tip your discord moderators on your way out. -Wolf Digital <edit> I almost forgot! ZOMBIEEEE CATSSSS!!!!!
  11. Just wondering if any one had a private server i can loot on for a little bit. I lost my main account a while back and Im getting back into so i have to start a new account. i would really appreciate it if someone coiuld let me play on their server to get harden and get my GI looking good so i can get into PVP. Thank you!
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