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Found 6 results

  1. So yesterday (18-01-2018 at around 20:00) we had this "nice" conversation with a player named getrektkid, we asked for pvp on a private server and he started harassing us with verbal attacks on family and other stuff, eventually we had enough of him and left the server. Today at 17:28 (18-01-2018) we were playing talking to eachother on another open private server and just having fun, then the player joins with a friend of his from his own clan Rek3, he instantly starts harassing us with arguments,bad words and attacking us with "your mom" stuff. We didn't even say a word in the world chat before he joined and started it. Name: Getrektkid time: 17:28 date: 18-01-2018 verbal harassment screenshot: http://tinypic.com/r/w0i1r5/9 (couldn't add via "insert other media")
  2. I mainly want to farm xp and game dollars, I can offer dx, skins, guns, snipers, sniper ammo, elite cmags, ect I can pay daily, weekly, however you want, if interested post here or message me, thank you
  3. Hi I'm looking for a private server mainly would like caliwood will pay in any gear u would like just think of me as a personal farmer cant pvp cause of hand injury so looking for PVE (all snipers ammo....dx...and any items u want ill save and give to u each time I see u or hw ever u like)
  4. just notice it went up from 2310 to 2940 ( 7 / 10 ) and now 3527 who make this stupid idea without giving any warning are u charging us for for alien ? cuz i rented a server when it was supose to drop skins but nothing and now lastest patch says it drops as it should be...
  5. Selling 20x AWPS Selling 25x VSS Wanting to rent a private server for looting. Preferably not a super active community server since I actually want to be able to loot. Direct message me for further inquires.
  6. Demonic Outlaws are now recruiting. If you would like to join please feel free to join the teamspeak (demonicoutlaws.teamspeak3.com). When you join the server message one of the Recruiters and they will get with you as soon as possible. Pm if you have any questions. Benefits Of Joining - A friendly community (That is always welcoming new members) - Active members - Teamspeak & Clan Website - Play on all different types servers - Private Server What We Are Looking For - People that have at least some experience in the game - People that are active within the game & teamspeak - People that have decent call outs/willing to learn callouts - People that work well within groups & playing with one another - People that are able to keep calm under pressure Requirements - Must be mature - Must have decent GI - Must have good english communication skills - Must have a decent microphone - Must have atleast -25k or +10k rep
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