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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everybody , Firstly, sorry for my bad English. I write this because imo survival is better than the others modes and you should focus on it. It have very high potential and you can attract many people with it. **** My list of suggestions : 1) Reputation system Emblems until 1k rep for Heroes and Vilains looks good but after they're really ugly... There are many beautiful symbols on the internet. You can simply add others emblems for instance at 2000, 3500, 5500.. only for Survival mode only cause its way harder to get them on this mode. To give interest to this idea you can add rewards like new clothes, new weapons, new helmet, new protect... for our characters or smth like that only accessible for Heroes or for Vilains.(rewards differents) For legitimate defense, i like VITALZ's idea and he explained it very well here : http: //forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/2160-legitimate-defense/ 2) Contents You should add more contents First of all you can just add the same loot (i mean just items, not the same rarety !!!) as in open world (AK12, FN fal, Scar H (this one is disguting ikr), g36 60, flashbang, Heavy Barrel, pineapple and more...) It would be interesting that you add more gears, attachements like a thing which increases firerate but deacrease the damage of the weapon (or the reverse), new scopes, why not a new silencer (for rifles , for shotguns ), attachements for increase decay, decrease more recoil or spread (why not an attachement specially for one weapon idk...) You should add rarely (or very rarely) weapons (silencer auto shotgun for exemple) , gears (new protections, new helmets, why not thermical vision very rarely...) MORE CONTENTS = MORE VARIETY IN THE LOOT TABLE 3) Airdrops Aidrop was a good idea but everytime i went for it it isnt worth at all (going all over the map for 1 DX and 2 sniper mags...) Maybe you could make it more attractive for players (for example you can get 5 DXs, 5 stanags, 5 wood barricades and a rare weapon) 4) Increase the interest of PvP -Sort of small BR- I think on the most populated servers you should add the same thing as an airdrop but in it you can get only ONE weapon, a sniper or very rarely new weapon ( idea 2 ) or new items , or money for survival (idea 9). This kind of aidrop falls in the least populated cities or places (Glenwood, Crystal Lake...) and it will give players the envy and the opportunity to explore and to fight in the new places the entire map. A message in chat will appear 15/20 min before this aidrop falls to give players time to get there. Players will have to fight for this new box (like item box in the old warz). For get this new box , we need to press E more time than other items (for more difficulty). U need to have the control of the city for get the box. -Killstreak- For player who's in killstreak you can put an icon on the map (his approximate position, just the city) and if an other player kill him, the player who killed him gets more rep, money for survival (idea 9) or something like that. 5) Craft Craft system was a cool idea but atm it's pretty useless, for example you need 1000 woods to craft only ONE wooden barricade, way better to find it... You should rework this system and add NEW AND INTERESTING (like custom guerilla, medikit, brotherhood ) items which arent findable and only craftable. 6) Barricades or stronghold Currently barricades break on their own i dont know why, you should just let them, we can destroy them with bullets or melee weaps rather easily and they're rarer than in Old Warz so its not a problem. It's more funny. Allows to diversify PVP. Or you should add stronghold system. 7) Skills You can maybe add more skills like run faster (a little bit), take less damage from zombies, food give more etc 8) Colorado map Add new cities/places on the current map but please do not add a new map, the survival community is quite small so if you'll add a new map it will scatter the community and it will kill survival mode too. 9) Market for survival , trading system, new money specially for survival Trading player with player, or with pnj. Market for survival and new money to buy in this market (good items are very expensive) **** Take your time, fix issues and focus on SURVIVAL MODE. It's the soul and spirit of the game WARZ I'm sure that you do your best but we need more things, more contents like that, its just a list of suggestions but please take your time to read it and make things change ! Thanks for reading and THANKS YOU VERY MUCH FOR GIVING A SECOND LIFE TO THE OLD WARZ ! Have a nice day, nice game and see you in the game KasparoV.
  2. Dear Players, This post is especially dedicated to all players that are / have been playing from internet cafe's in mostly Asia. We have recently been working closely together with players playing from certain internet cafe's. We have improved our systems fixing a lot of account problems for these players (mostly false bans). We would like to inform all those players that most of the problems have been resolved. Players who are still experiencing account issues we kindly ask to create a support ticket on our website so that we can help solving this issues as fast as possible. A support ticket can be made at the following link: http://playnewz.com/support.php For players that don't know how to create a support ticket: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/900-how-to-create-a-ticket/ Best Regards, // Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team
  3. Dear Players, You guys haven't heard from us in a while so we thought it would be a good time to give you guys an update. Summer vacations are currently going on and some members of our team have been out of the office for certain periods of time due to that. I'm not going to explain/argue why - yes, we are also normal people and everyone needs and should take a break from time to time. Anyways, let's take a look at our current and future plans. Right now we are still receiving a lot of feedback from players regarding the new Survival game mode and for the game in general. We are currently processing most feedback and along with some new content we are aiming to release a patch very soon. After this patch we hope to jump into further development of the matchmaking system for the Competitive game mode as well as finishing the crafting system for survival, reworking the old (Arena) Battle Royale Map, more new maps (pvp) and of course futher development of the game containing more general fixes and smaller changes. Our plan is to have a beta for the Competitive game mode ready as soon as possible and from there we start developing it further into its final form. This means that most likely you will be able to play the Competitive Beta sooner than expected. We will use our community for feedback and testing and based on that we hope to finish the development of this new game mode. More information about this will follow later. The crafting system (for Survival) is also something a lot of players have been wondering about. We are aiming to release a "smaller" version of the system for Survival very soon and a full version of the crafting system in around 2-3 patches. This will most likely follow in developer blogs and updates about this so stay tuned for that as well! We hope this news update clears some things up for you all. We are very excited to develop awesome new content and keep making this game better and better! Thanks once again for all your guys' support. We hope everyone is having a nice summer! Best Regards, // Infestation: The New Z P. S. We are wondering what players are participating in Gamescom 2017 in Germany. Let us know if you are going here so that we can meet up!
  4. Dear Players We are doing this announcement because of the new patch that is coming soon. In this case it's important to let players know what's going to happen and why we are making this choice. In this announcement we will let you guys know why beginner servers are going to be gone and where we hope this leads to. Please take your time and read this announcement fully before posting anything in reply. First of all we would we would like to point out that beginner servers currently contain a huge part of our player base playing. We're talking about 40 / 50% of our total players here. The interesting thing here is that players seem to know that and that's leading to veteran players creating "new" accounts to be able to play on those beginner servers because they are high-popped. We do NOT allow this, but it unfortunately still happens a lot. Imagine if all those players would play on our official servers & other game modes. Technically we would make the game and it's servers twice as popped. Because of this we were forced to come up with a solution. Something has to change here. Beginner servers were created to offer a beginner friendly environment to beginning players. Players (accounts) can only play in these servers in the first 24 hours of total play time. Players playing in these servers would play ONLY to against / with other beginning players. Unfortunately a lot of our veteran players decided to create "new" accounts just to play on these servers. In the end (as of how it is now) basically most of the players on the beginner servers aren't even "beginning players" anymore. This basically removes the entire point to have these servers. The only difference these servers would make compared to our open world official servers / survival servers is the amount of loot on accounts (in account's global inventories). Funny thing is that now with survival being released, there is an environment / servers where this is the same case. When it comes to loot the survival servers are exactly the same as the game-play on beginner servers. With this said there is no more reason to even have the beginner servers since most of the players playing on it aren't actually beginning players anyways and if a player wants to play in a "rare-loot" environment the player can just start playing survival. Based on this we have decided to remove beginner servers entirely for the next upcoming game update. We know that there's currently A LOT of players playing on them and it would be beneficial for everyone to have that population in our other game-modes / servers. Players that want to play in a "rare-loot" environment can just play survival. There will be some additions based on this change. More information about that will follow in the upcoming patch notes so stay tuned for that. We hope to have updated you as best as possible again. We will continue to do so. Best Regards, // Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team
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