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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Survivors! I know how hard it can be when you playing alone in survival. Same with if you are new to Survival. You start with nothing, farming is the frist Thing you should do, but how? Other Player could kill you, and if that happens you will lose all ur Stuff.. I allow new Players and People who cannot really defent theirselves to Play on my PVE Server! If you are interessted just PM me or wirte a comment here. I will send you the Password and you can farm all day Long! The Server is empty atm, so it would be the best Idea to give other Players the Chance of using it. It is Free, so use it!
  2. Hello ladies and gentlemen it has been a while! Requirements Ages 16+ Must have a mic Must speak English Able to communicate in game. Decent knowledge about your surroundings. If you are a trader/ Farmer then you are welcome but you must help others and interact instead of being a loner. You may keep to your little group of friends but to not exclude yourself from the rest of the clan. Must have discord. Rules 1. Do no spam of any kind... Even for the memes. This will result in a warning then being kicked if continued. 2. No causing trouble in the community, if there is an issue you can always report it to a staff member or just get over the issue. 3. You can play with other clans but let us know who you are playing with and how long for. 4. If you are fresh to NewZ there will be a trial period so be patient and wait to be trusted. otherwise you will be removed if you continue to complain about ranking/ being a member. 5. Everyone is welcome to the discord. Members, or not. 6. Do not donate GC to the clan because you feel like you have to, only do so if you wish to help us grow. (This list may expand over time) If you are wanting to join or get in touch with me (The Owner of the clan) be sure to message me on one of the platforms provided. Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/GetWigged/ Discord - https://discord.gg/FzqwjG ( Mostly will be in an invisible channel if on discord ) just message in the general text chat. Finally you can private message me on the Forums of course. Thank you for taking your time to read this, we hope to see you either on our side or in PvP
  3. Hello Everyone! I recently came up with a idea for new skins for armor and weapons, being a Agent i thought to myself it would be cool if there were police skins for those who like being good guys (prefer a challenge) just a simple navy blue ☺ or dark lightly saturated blue ☺ with the word police on it, i'm not sure if it has been suggested before but i think a lot of people would like skins like that too. i can create a rendering of some objects with this skin if you would like to show what i mean by police skins. Thank you for taking the time to read this and i do hope it gets considered
  4. So watching ICE9 the other day he claimed that when the new map comes out, Colorado is being removed? Is this true? What happens to those of us with servers that were rented with the Colorado map? Do we lose any rented time? Will we get any of the GC paid or donated to the server back? I mean the map looks amazing and I will end up renting that map for my server when it is released, but I'm a bit concerned about the lose of time on currently rented servers.
  5. Hey Guys, I've decided to start a shoutout-series on my YouTube Channel, how does it work? Let me explain you! - People from everywhere around the world will be able to send me their videos ( Montage / Tutorial / etc etc...). - I'll inspect the videos and If I do like them / think they're good made, I'll upload them to my channel so maybe I can help some people to grow a bit atleast. - They can also be funny streaming-highlights, literally anything! :D - Aswell I am thinking about a "Top 5 Plays of the Week series", what do you think? :) - Aswell I am working on a funny moments video for NewZ atm, so send me any funny clips you have! Got anything? don't be shy and send it to me! ;) I hope some people will participate on it. Regards, GENETICZZ.
  6. I would like to see a better trading mech. something like the runescape auction house that you would got to in-game or on another server. i have trouble selling anything because the trade servers are always loaded with people and no one ever gets back to me. this would be a great addition to an already great game
  7. ? NaTo Clan ? ~ What We Offer In Our Clan ~ - Friendly Community - Anything And Everything We Officer Is Totally Free - Help Members Get Better At PvP / Survival And etc. - Discord Server - Private Game Server, Coming Soon (July) ~Our Requirements~ - Must Speak English Fluently - Act Mature and show respect - Must be 16 or older - Must use Discord as this is our main source of communication - Preferred if you have a decent Mic - Must Be active more that 3 days a week - Must be able to follow directions - Must have somewhat good PvP/Survival Skills ~ Rules ~ - Must Be Nice To Other Group Members - No verbal abuse meant to harm another person - No Mic spam/hot-mic - Must Follow Discord Rule Posted On Our Discord - Have Fun ~ Links & Stuff ~ - Clan Application: Click Here! - Discord: *Finish Application To Obtain Join Link* - Steam Group: Click Here! Wish You Best Of Luck For Acceptance! ? Sincerely, Jake - Clan Founder
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