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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, at first i have to sorry about my grammar problems. It's a lot to say about it. Let's start with sounds. You updated graphics (thanks it's a lot better now) but sound is the thing that dissapoint me. Add new sounds when hitting a rock, wood, street while hitting with metal things etc. Hitting zombies, taking weapons to the hand is just weird. Hit does not land where it should be. When you choose a weapon it just appear in your hand there is no model of taking a weapon from the side or something. There is only one hit for each weapon but it's not a problem so you sould focus on these other things. Also make hitting with weapon slowing you for a bit. Running, is a thing that disturb me so much. There should be less stamina but running would be faster. It is even pain to the eyes where you run but see that you move like 1.5-2x faster than walking. Zombie spawns, they usually make no sense. I was looking and counting zombies. There is a car crash (6 cars 1 truck total) and there was 25 zombies! This make no sense. Also make zombie spawns in the buildings also more frequency so people actually take more care so they don't get jumpscare. (this game does sometimes this to me and i think it's cool) Zombie models, please make more models of zombies. don't improve them they are okay but make them more. It's sad when from 7 zombies there are 4 geminies. Zombie as an enemy, they are not challenging at all. Make them a little bit faster (the ones that are sprinting would be faster than you while you are running). You can even remove stun if hit in the body. Leave stun while hitting a head. Make more 'zombie skills' they are running okay but add zombies (megas too)(depend on zombie model) that deal more dmg and has more health but is slower and reverse it (faster, lower hp, less dmg). Depend on place there will be more or less of them. (In Unturned there are crawlers, sprinters and normal zombies (let's leave elements) i'm not saying that you need this the same as there but you can inspire) it would be a very cool thing making survival harder and easier depend on your knowledge and tactic that you will take. Loot spawns, oh my god. It is so stupid. it makes 0 sense. Gun powder, sand etc is okay but i mean items like weapons, vaccines etc. Why am i finding canoe paddle in the fire station bed? Does everyone have gun like m4 semi or mosin in their home? i understand p911 etc but other than this isn't realistic. It is not a lot of work (i don't know how your map editor works but for the amount of buildings etc i think it's like 20-30 hours of work (Caliwood)) Just give loot spawns some sense. Make more buildings (like let's say gardener) where you can find shears etc. Buildings, make them more. There are only few and they have all the items ^. Make more types of shop, gas station, and also add some new types of buildings like gardener^, hairdressers salon, some restaurants, cafe, bank etc. Base, im not sure about this thing especially in this stage where bombs are useless because you can destroy it with weapon like brotherhood. The way how they look is cool but seems like rust from 2014. You can upgrade it but there are other games that have this 'thing' and in NewZ you can't make it better. Leave this. BUT VVV Materials, Crafting, you can save base building by adding furniture like tables, chairs so you can make your base look pretty and enjoyable to be there. I will this one for your imagination. A lot of materials have no use in our gameplay especially for new players. Make more crafts that will improve our gameplay experience. Let normal people edit your game (some kind of workshop on steam) MAKE THE GAME ATTRACT NEW PLAYERS NOT THE OLD ONES I hope You will like at least one of my suggestion and it will appear in the game. Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i would like to know how your map editor looks like. I wrote a lot of critic but games is good and need only improvements! I still enjoy playing this even if i see some shortcomings.
  2. Hi there, here is a map where i find skinboxes, mostly autumn, but some Halloween as well. You can find them EVERYWHERE: In houses, in front, behind or on the balkony. On cars, trucks, on or in helis, pools, camper, dumpster, roofs, whatever you can imagine. Hope this help a lil bit. Update 1.1: Added some places where you can find more Skinboxes, around Downtown and at the Airport. If you watch closely you can see that the new circles are thicker. ^^ Update 1.2: Added 44 (i guess) new spots (color is this time a lil bit pale). Have a nice day and good loot. Ecky
  3. I dont know if im the only one that misses the smallville pvp map i feel like we need more pvp maps its so boring to play Rocky or Hospital every single day!
  4. Hi there, 'updated to: v1.3 / #2.22/ 9,67MB / 2850x1923 // 7 Aliens + 2 not confirmed / 28 SuperZ / 34 Vehicles New: - Oregon State Penitentiary / Alien is confirmed - Astoria / Vehicle - Tacoma International Airport / Vehicle - Roseburg / South-west from ... Vehicle And again: If you have more information, with Screenshot would be purrrfect, please feel free to share. ^^ Thanks in advance. Ecky
  5. Alright, here is a list of the many suggestions and fixes both major and minor that I have gathered, along with some of my own. Maps And Servers: 1. Rotate the pvp maps more often with the older classic ones to give people more variety. It gets boring on the same two or three every week. 2. Move the shopping center bus stop to the front of the big store. In it's current location it provides a quick protected spawn to kill anyone who is trying to take on the super zombie. Trust me I know, I've used this twice in two days to kill other players who were trying to log from their high perch, and it doesn't seem fair 3. Fix the random spawn points. Nearly every time your spawn changes due to map change, server change, or inventory access it ALWAYS puts you right next to zombies. And this gets players killed. I was recently spawned directly next to a super zombie. 4. Increase the player dropped loot despawn timer to 3 minutes instead of the current 2 minutes on pve servers. It is not really that fair a timer for pve server deaths when the "spawn nearby" option spawns you hella far away alot of the time. 5. In trading lounge, make it impossible to drop items on the ground or at least decrease the despawn timer in Lounge to a minute or less. There are many trolls who lag and even crash the lounge on purpose by dropping HUNDREDS of items all over the place. I observed one player drop over 200 small backs packs in one pile and crashed EVERYONE from the server. 6. Add Tropico and Arizona's pre BR match lobbies as weekly pvp map rotations for variety 7. Re add the traffic jam up north in Colorado map past Crystal Lake 8. Referring to the above suggestion, there are still item spawns up there in the grass. I have driven across and found water, guns, and food in bare spots where tents obviously used to be 9. With the new map, add a small island in the middle of the big body of water and have a crashed ship on it. Make it so you have to swim out there, add one super spawn somewhere on it 10. Make the new map have v1 lighting and fog, this would make it more tense and fun 11. Give us the music from survival mode in Open world. It makes things more fun to have the music and when open world is slow and boring it will make it better 12. WARM-UP SERVER - MAP OVERHAUL WITH NEW NAME: MUSEUM (WIP/subject to change) Players spawn in a room with two pathways - to the left, a "warmup loadout zone" with various 'spawn machines'. This would open up a UI similar to the one seen on the in-game store (or maybe vault), where players can pick from all the items in the game - guns, meds, armor, attachments, etc. When players are finished with setting up their loadouts and what they want to use, they walk to a bus stop at the end of the hallway and can pick a zone to go to (Which could have various areas - 1v1 zones, 2v2 zones, etc). To prevent players from being flooded with loot, this could go in tangent with something like the BR System that gives players unlimited ammo (or something that could wipe the character's inventory on death or something), and use systems similar to the Public Test Environment servers that were featured in Old WarZ (y'know, the ones that didn't save character stats and deleted your gear when you left.) To the Right is a "NewZ Encyclopedia" room, which would contain information on how new players could try the game, and also contain pedestals showing enemies in the game that are individual before eventually going at the end to show a few practice ranges with their own spawners that players could use to learn weapons/practice on zombies/etc. (Suggestion: HIPAX) 13. Reputation Seperation- Make it so the reputation for PVP Maps is totally separate from Open World. It kinda sucks if we worked really hard for a title and then in two pvp map kills it is reversed. I was a Deputy and in three kills on pvp maps yesterday, I became a Bandit at -209 Bad Rep (Suggestion: Sinistersmilez) Items: 1. Make the Killer Skinbox a GD box instead of GC. The items in it are basically trash, I've seen NOBODY wearing the masks, so making it a GD item makes sense. Or add new skins to the killer box to make the fact it is GC worthwhile 2. Remove the custom vest altogether. Nobody wears this garbage item at all. If they see it in server, they will go without armor until something else pops up 3. Add removed items into a box and give it some special name. Maybe call it the "Classic Box" or the "Legend Box" and include old items that no longer spawn as loot. Make it an event only or extremely rare drop from the Alien. Include items like The PGO scope, Balaclava, Trucker Cap, Iron Sight attachment, etc. 4. Remove the TV Bandage and Purple Ballistic Shield from the Community box. It is a big middle finger to people who actually watch Streamers to sit for an hour and get a useless trash item like a bandage that heals less than a regular bandage. 5. Give us the ability to do the "Empty Ammo" and "Stack" action for ammo in our GI. Only doing it in world is really annoying and takes forever 6. Allow us to drag and drop and actually organize our GI. We work so hard to make it look neat and the game always rearranges it after we log back in 7. Rotate the loot for random aridrops again. Re add skin boxes back into the possible loot table for normal airdrops Enemies: 1. Remove one Super Zombie from NORAD, four is too many 2. Increase the range at which screamers attract other zombies, the radius is too small, and supers tend to ignore a screamer currently 3. Re add the Tyrant Boss. It was alot of fun to try taking this guy on 4. Re add the Tyrant's unique zombies that spawned with him 5. Wandering hordes. Create zombie spawns in the middle of nowhere that wander around in places where there is nothing to add a more tense feeling and give people a reason to actually think whether they want to brave the road or the scary woods 6. Add NPC bandits with randomized loadouts similar to how they work in the pre BR match lobbies New Item Suggestions: 1. Law Enforcer Skin Box- Add skins (POLICE, SWAT, FBI) for Heavy armor, Medium Armor, both K-Styles, Mp5, M16, M9 Bayonet, B92. Mossberg Add new items FBI and POLICE cap (similar to Trucker and Streamer cap style) 2. Slasher Skin Box- Add skins (Blood splattered, "stitched", burnt, rusty) for Machete, Fireaxe, M9 Bayonet, Chainsaw, custom guerilla, small, medium, large pack. Add new items "The Nightmare" Glove (clawed Freddy glove, use attack animation and range for machete, standing and non attack animation of Brass Knuckles), "The Drowned Boy" Mask (Jason's mask actually LOOKING like Jason's hockey mask instead of the bright red monstrosity we have now) "The Cannibal Face" (Leather Face's Mask), and an armor that gives an overalls looking outfit with the same protection as custom vest or light gear. (Hey movie slashers are hard to kill and they wear normal clothes! lol) 3. Add in some of the items the Thai version of the game has. They have a TON of content we don't yet. More outfits, armors, they even have a dang rocket launcher ffs lol 4. Weird idea, but to increase revenue why not offer custom skin work on a limited and strict basis for a price once in awhile? Charge X amount of money to create a unique skin that noone else has and add it directly to the commissioner's account so they cant just use it for in game trade. That's all for now, more to come.
  6. So watching ICE9 the other day he claimed that when the new map comes out, Colorado is being removed? Is this true? What happens to those of us with servers that were rented with the Colorado map? Do we lose any rented time? Will we get any of the GC paid or donated to the server back? I mean the map looks amazing and I will end up renting that map for my server when it is released, but I'm a bit concerned about the lose of time on currently rented servers.
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Krys and I am a fellow NewZ survivor. First of all I would like to thank the developers/creators and moderators for this awesome game! It has been through some rough times and I am happy that it continues to live on! I would like to make my own suggestion for a Roleplay server, perhaps with a custom map and a backstory to it? I was hoping it would attract new/old players and maybe even players that are "burned out" from pvp servers and I hoped this would be a nice change for some of the players ingame. I know most of you will probably say something in the likes of : "well, rent one" or "make a group and play in roleplay" but I really want something like this to last (and I don't have the money to do that xD), and I hope a backstory and some rules/regulations and a custom map for it would create a lasting community for this "gamemode", I think a lot of players would try something like this for a change and maybe this game isn't made for this kind of stuff but I am certainly willing to try! For this I would of course need time to create a backstory and I would like suggestions for it, I was also hoping for permission to use the map-creator program Svena69 is using in his stream while making the upcoming and amazing map! I of course want to discuss this with the developers/helpers/creators/moderators of this game if they want to try this idea of mine. As I said before it would take time to write the whole story but I am sure that with the help of this community of ours and help and regulations and approval checks from the developers we could really make this come true! Thank you all for reading and please think about it, have a great time in game and please post suggestions/ideas and positive/negative sides of this idea. Good luck farming zombies,gathering loot and battling eachother in the world of NewZ! P.S.: Apologies for the broken english

    V1 premium

  9. Hi there, because of the patch i decided to actualize (only) the Caliwood map up to 2.12, Hotfix #1. I dont know when (or if) i actualize the Colorado map. As usual you can see the patch information in the down right corner of the map. Caliwood 1593*1770 / 1.45MB - Patch 2.12, Hotfix #1 (New Bus stop at ~F11) Colorado 1585*1762 / 1,60MB - Patch 2.11, Hotfix #2 (old one) Have a nice day and good loot Ecky This time no hidden name. ^^
  10. My suggestion is to make colorado v2 bigger, this same map but crate new citys, new place just map will be more bigger more exciting for expirience :] Regards
  11. I was just coming home from a trip yesterday and i pondered at google maps and the location pins they use. Then i started thinking it would be cool to have the same thing in-game also, Adding pins in-game to the map could help with groups, clans, or just friends trying to meeting up. How i would imagine the pins to work is, on the map you would have said pins to choose from.. Meet, Regroup, Push, Flank, or pins to mark or indicate a possible danger zone. For example, i see a super and i am in a group and need help.. I would place a help pin, which i would see as a red pin that may strobe or flash. And for the new gamemode Survival coming out, i would like a possible pin system to mark interesting place i stumble upon or specific routes i would like to mark. So, i just though i would share this and see what feedback i got on it.
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