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Found 7 results

  1. I really need some help to know if anyone else has this it seems to happen when loading in stuff and its random but ive checked everything on my pc and this is the only game that has any issue on my pc i can play black ops cold war fine with 100+ fps please help btw it happens around 28 - 34 seconds
  2. Hello I've been playing Infestation for a long while now before the anti-lag got introduced and I've Tolerated The delay we have Just because we don't have super computers and our ping not as pleasing as the others. Yesterday I was in a PvP zone at the airport and was shooting at a player from behind and he didn't see me , but when i shot at him point blank it had an incredibly annoying delay to it and he killed me so i just wanted to say this anti lag is not dope at all and its killing us for real,u cant even shoot at a player that doesn't see you because for some reason they get the time to turn around and kill us and there's no way u can survive a MG36 point blank or a M4A1. These people that says we who lag are advantaged clearly have not ever played with a laggy system like many have on Infestation, why complain if you have a nice Super computer and smooth frames and your ping is awesome ?why make those who don't have what you have suffer? we always have to run from action because we know that we do not have a chance if we go in to battle(lol)even noobs if I may say so kill us"laggers" so easy. we are not advantaged because We Lag ...You know how hard is it to shoot at someone when you are lagging hoping he'd run straight so you can hit him? YOU KNOW HOW MANY ARE SUFFERING BECAUSE OF ANTI LAG? WE ARE NOT ADVANTAGED BUT DISADVANTAGED AND NOW IT IS JUST WORSE AND ITS HORRIBLE. Hope to get feedback Thank You.
  3. Saul Goodman: As above, Its ruining the experience people running around with 300+ ping they have the advantage every time,something has to be done. Not my connection I have 12ms ping. They just kill you before the fire sound has even finished ,half the time you dont even see them peak the shield using AR its a joke tbh,i know its not just me complaining about this issue too,People will start to just give up,server numbers/players are already dropping as it is. Now I know a lot of countries don't have the best internet like Thailand for example, but they know this and blatantly exploit their lag to their advantage. LinvuS: Im LinvuS, leader of Felovšip clan and ex member of clan named 'Balkan Devil Fanclub [BDFC], leader: Balkan Devil' Before everything: 4 friends and i joined BDFC which was one of the biggest EU clans year ago because everyone from that clan spoke our native language. BDFC Clan counted over 15 active members and probably 15-20 more players that weren't that active but still played and enjoyed the game. With NewZ coming to steam everything went downhill and BDFC members slowly started to leave the game and switched to PUBG, Fortnite and Owerwatch because they were much more optimised, werent thai2win and developers actually listened to community (We asked dozens of times for our personal clan skins and we had 3 times more requirements and our own ideas/projects which you only should have implemented, nobody from dev team cared and you never reached out to us. 1 year later EVERY former member of BDFC gave up on game and we, the remaining players started mainly to play under our own clan tag and kept adding new members to our clan. Today, Felovšip clan counts 7 active players and 10 more players that are not so active but are keeping up with everything that is happening to NewZ. In last 2 months i reached out to forums and wrote everything that is wrong with newz and tried to help as much as i can (Watched and discussed every Svens Q&A, watched every progress on making of new map and still kept giving out ideas) Sorry to say, i think everything i've done and tried led to nothing, NewZ is in horrific state, its literally no more than 10 days away from officially dead game! With Ice-X, typeforced and Solatens Complete giving up on game we've decided to stop playing too. We are not uninstalling yet but we are not playing the game until you start reading what people have to say: **Community asked thousands of times for all of EU servers to be ping limited and its like you are not even reading. **We do not want nor need new GC skins and we are not spending money on it. **We totally arent hyped for the new map, it sucks, its not optimized and it will take months to optimize it, and on top of it there are no enough players to cover such a huge map. Why is it so hard for you to understand that you are running out of players. There is not enough players to cover everything on Coloradov2 and you're making new map 3 times bigger. REMEMBER that upon steam release newz did have enough players so every spot on coloradov2 on every server had players. **We want 50% off from current prices when it comes to everything (For open world), move current currency to survival because it started to feel like its survival on official servers. (Year ago killing 4 SZ-ombies on official server was guarantee 3-4 snipers and today you are lucky if you get 1 sniper ON PRIVATE SERVER). NOTE that this is not for us but for new players, people are leaving because what the fuck will they actually do, they are helpless. Its like if you started playing League of Legends and get automatically thrown into challenger division, thats what it feels like playing like New player? **More communication with players, what happened with Q&As and featured streams all of a sudden. Trust me, nobody is watching your clan tournaments, all the numbers (10-20 people watching) are actually bambies farming twitch boxes. **Twitch/Youtubers are not getting enough attention. How on earth you think i can get 1000 subs on YT channel while im uploading videos of a game that has community of 50 people that speak english and understand me? And trust me nobody wants to watch my funny compilations because only thing thats FUNNY (not) is people killing me through walls/riots etc. Yes, it became so funny its sad actually. **Bring back beginner servers and completely remove re-spawn system!!!! **If you want more opinions feel free to open General discussion in your sweet forum and read what are players writing to you. Im not writing this again but it would be smart to move larger cities like Boulder/Campos/Nato/Clearview to PVP servers. Because finding people (NOT THAIS) on open world is really rare thing these days. If nothing is done in 7 days we are willing to give our stuff to new players so if there is ANY on this forum feel free to reach me out. Now for the last part, this is something really sensitive and that keeps bumping into my head every now and then. How is game, that is 7+ years old making my CPU so overheated and makes the fans of my pc go on 100% every time i run the game? Do you guys think that MAYBE they are using our PC CPUs for mining bitcoins? [FVSP] LinvuS, hours played: 1212 - Peace out NAJENDA: You should do something about those little laggers and please don't tell me that they're on disadvantage because they are flying/teleporting and also insta killing all the players. It's so annoniying to see this shit all the time and also DEVS can't put the ping limit because Thailands are keeping this game alive so... DEVS you should hear the community if u dont want to see ur game dying like this and stop making maps and put the competitive thinggy and bring back the old newz, this is so disgusting. @Sven @Fredaikis You should check this... If we are posting the same s*** is for something... When the game was pretty good (the vid.)
  4. Hi I'm having this problem a long time ago and it seems that will never end with this problem, I can't understand why i play with 40/50 fps in potato or much lower in medium/high/ultra. Here is my computer specs(i'm creating this post at my work): ryzen 5 1600 3.6 ghz, 8gb ddr4 2666mhz, 240gb ssd Kingston, 1 TB hard drive, GTX 1070. I really don't understand what is the problem with this game, Chupacabra said to me to wait for this christmas patch but this patch just slowed my fps more and mostly of my friends has intel computers with graphics cards that performs worst than mine,like 1050ti, rx480, r7 280x and they play with much higher fps, like 100 or even more and I'm the only one that plays this game like shit.
  5. papajump

    ping limit

    hello i have a suggestion to change the ping limit on ping limit servers to 150 or lower from 200, i see many people teleporting around and sliding instead of running. thnaks papajump
  6. i dont know if someone else have the same problem, but when i talk in discord my ping goes to 999 and that just happen when i got open new z
  7. Just simple question, why people with high ping are able to play. Like taivans on EU servers. Its just so annoying how they are teleporting or even killing everyone thru riot shield. They are using those lags as an advantage which is not fair at all. Annoyed player
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