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Found 7 results

  1. Can you guys add more Items and Mission also craft items? Add a Bow (craft) Add a Leather Mask (craft) Add Ingame Money ofc (I know u are planning on doing it) Add spawnable cars (But make them as rare as snipers, so People wont complain about getting stucked in them cuz they will only drive on the road(streets) for not getting their car broke) But make this car pleas unbreakable but u have to add gasoline. Add a Mountain Bike Add a Tyran Zombie (Takes ~600 PKM Bullets to get down) Add Zombies which are harder to kill (4 headshots with katana on head and 2 bullets 9mm but only 1 bullet for stanag weapons) Add Clans so we can finaly Play together without being in a Group or party Just some ideas sure u can add ur wishes on here aswell! Add 1 Caliwood Sever Ps: The Loot on V1 is still too good the normal Colorado is decent!
  2. So there are a few tabs that have nothing in them at all in the crafting window. Is this because more craftable items are to be added later? Or is this a leftover bit of coding from the previous incarnation of the game when the harvester tool was important?
  3. So, I have an idea for how we could overhaul warm-up servers and fix them to be a better way to actually "warm-up" and introduce players to the game and it's systems, as well as allow players to just have fun and practice. WARM-UP SERVER - MAP OVERHAUL WITH NEW NAME: MUSEUM (WIP/subject to change) Players spawn in a room with two pathways - to the left, a "warmup loadout zone" with various 'spawn machines'. This would open up a UI similar to the one seen on the in-game store (or maybe vault), where players can pick from all the items in the game - guns, meds, armor, attachments, etc. When players are finished with setting up their loadouts and what they want to use, they walk to a bus stop at the end of the hallway and can pick a zone to go to (Which could have various areas - 1v1 zones, 2v2 zones, etc). To prevent players from being flooded with loot, this could go in tangent with something like the BR System that gives players unlimited ammo (or something that could wipe the character's inventory on death or something), and use systems similar to the Public Test Environment servers that were featured in Old WarZ (y'know, the ones that didn't save character stats and deleted your gear when you left.) To the Right is a "NewZ Encyclopedia" room, which would contain information on how new players could try the game, and also contain pedestals showing enemies in the game that are individual before eventually going at the end to show a few practice ranges with their own spawners that players could use to learn weapons/practice on zombies/etc. For any other questions or explanations, just reply to the thread and I'll do my best to explain things or go into more depth on some stuff. Hope to see what y'all think!
  4. Something which I'm sure a lot of others (I know for a fact that several people I've played with have wanted this feature) also would like, is the feature to unload and stack all weapons in the vault. My vault has turned into a major clusterfuck since I've got so many weapons with half-emptied mags and such, but it would take hours to sort them all out by hand.
  5. Is there anywhere that lists all the weapons/clothing/etc ? It'd be nice to have a complete list of gear so it's easy to see what the best/worst items are. For example, what the best body armour is in regards to damage reduction % ...
  6. Last year i purchase GC, CG, i use it to get VIP for faster LOading into the game and with that i manage to get so much stuff, like 100 armors, helmets, 200 guns and magazines, i log in today and everything is Gone, i dont have anything, My username in the game is SpartanOG.. WTH man, i still have 1500 GC left but i dont appreciate this, please give me my stuff back. i had so much stuff.
  7. i am stacking my items to make it look clean then suddenly when i stock my blasers R93 it says operation failed, i did everything unload and reload the ammos, get all my blaser in my inventory and now i can't put all my blasers back in my inventory. Is this a bug?
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