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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! I'm getting when ı want to connect any server ''timeout joining game''. How can ı solve this problem. Pls help me! Thx
  2. Getting multiple issues while trying to log in on both mine and my girlfriend’s account. While loading the game, We keep getting the message, “Wrong login answer, please contact support” Now on the game updater login screen, also getting the message, “An error occurred while logging in, please contact the staff team” I submitted a ticket about 40 minutes ago, and am trying to get a response out of someone to figure out what’s going on with our games. Thanks in advance for help.
  3. So right now I can get all server lists EXCEPT my own! It gives me all the servers and I can connect easily to them no problem but it keeps failing to get my server list and I just renewed my server! WTF?!
  4. So I have an insanely fast connection, been playing all my other games with no issues or errors all day long. Now I try playing this one, usually my fave. But for the past 3 freaking hours I keep gettign timed out and no I don't have any other stuff running in the background that could slow my connection. Is there a server issue currently?
  5. Malaguitaz


    I cant log in game if first open my global inventary, Crash and crash, I reinstalled game and continue my crashing? Cause? In main menu on Character Selection if push in my inventari button I go off game, if dont push this button i can log in game but my character bambi !!! What happen?
  6. As you probably know, the health bar has been changed. The problem is that the 90% of the players don't actually like it. I gonna tell you why admins and moderators, with the old health bar (in a pvp ofc), we had a better idea about what is going on with your health... It was very simple to see and determine if we need to use meds or not. The problem with this new bar, is that it is separated by segments and that DOES NOT MAKE A GOOD IDEA ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING. (The problem isn't that we are so used to the old bar, that we are not getting used to the new). At least you got to make it like a REAL BAR, not SEGMENTED BAR. It's not the same to see this bar (Photo 1), That see the other bar. (Photo 2). I made an example. Thanks for reading, and sorry for my english.
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