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Found 25 results

  1. I was playing arcade, looking for ammo for some pvp later and suddenly it kicked me out of the game with the message "Your account has been banned from our services for either cheating or explotin. To appeal your ban please contact our support"(i haven´t had hacks even a minute of my playtime i can promise) I need help because I have spent a few hours I do not want to lose count due to a system failure. Thanks and sorry for my bad english. Ayuda en español también es bienvenida, gracias
  2. Hi! I'm getting when ı want to connect any server ''timeout joining game''. How can ı solve this problem. Pls help me! Thx
  3. 0000.136 >_ [ Initializing... ] 0000.145 >_ [ Fetching game information... ] 0000.554 >_ [ Checking game files... ] 0000.659 >_ [ Checking for updates... ] 0001.324 >_ [ Starting Service... ] 0002.345 >_ [ Starting game... ] 0002.464 >_ Error while starting game... 0002.464 >_ error: Failed to start game 0x36b1 (No se pudo iniciar la aplicación; la configuración en paralelo no es correcta. Consulte el registro de eventos de la aplicación o use la herramienta sxstrace.exe de la línea de comandos para obtener más detalles. ). If the problem persists please contact support.
  4. Pro100


    Hello here you can ask questions I will answer
  5. Flex Gang Community has recently decided to begin growing the community. We are opening up to a wider verity of players including, PvPers, Looters, Streamers, and more. We do currently have a team getting ready to compete in the up and coming cups who as well stream if you are interested in talking to one of them about the team. You can find their channels below. -----https://www.twitch.tv/downlikelazlo --------https://www.twitch.tv/oglokii -----------https://www.twitch.tv/korred635 Flex Gang Requirements : • Must have experience in game. • Age : Doesn't Matter. Have to be mature. • Able to communicate and Working Mic. • Language : English • Must have a GI • Follow Rules • Be Active and Help with events • Premium is not required • No multi clanning We can offer : • Event Server and Private Server • Discord and active members • Graphics for streams and Promotion Application : First name: Age: Location: In-game name(s): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What we should call you in-game and on Discord: How many guns do you have? How many hours a day do you play NewZ? How many hours have you played on NewZ? Across all of your characters, how many kills do you have? Do you know anyone in FlexGang? Do you record and edit videos of your gameplay? Do you stream if so what is your twitch/youtube?
  6. where is all special place haloween in the game plz thx let no where
  7. Hello All Wondering where would be a good place to look for snipers in Survival Colorado V1 map? The AWP is my main sought after one, but at this point I'd take any because I have yet to find any of them...only the silencer's for them and some 8x scopes. I know they are rare as they should be, just wondering if you have to look in a certain spot or if it's just random.
  8. Boa Tarde, Meu Nome é TedderaTV e eu Ajudo Iniciantes eu fiz um Video Explicando Melhor como Funciona. Abraços. TedderaTV. Qualquer duvida entra em contato via este post.
  9. gydron

    Need help

    A very long time ago I created an account from an old computer with a mail [email protected] Login: kabzonishe5 . And because of this I had problems. Recently, I asked the administration to bind the mail from my main account (login : kabzonishe) to the mail that was already attached to my old empty account. And now when I want to request a letter from the main account, it does not come to me. Please delete my old account login : kabzonishe5
  10. VLDK

    surv loot scammer

    i give survival loot to guy / he didnt translate gd and blocked me / i have screenshots / help pls :3
  11. As per my server rules, I lock the server to allow the Alien to spawn. However even with a password, people still log on. Does the password not always go in to effect? Also, after the password has been removed, I still have to type it in no matter what I do. Not major issues, but it does mess with the flow of things when anyone can log in while I have the server locked for varying reasons.
  12. Today there was a problem when entering the game!!Loading and the game crashes! ERROR!FAILED TO PARSE SERVER XML,START-END TAGS MISMATCH!!!
  13. Here is a tutorial on using the Game Launcher window to a support ticket and more
  14. eu puis gc na minha steam e entrei com a conta do meu primo no jogo e quando clica no gc pra comprar dentro no jogo abre uma aba no google presiso de ajuda alguem poderia ajudar ???caso alguem le e n souber como resolver avisa pro dono entrar em contato discord kipzplays#3412
  15. I doesnt recive gc. Game login S A S H A. I pay for 50e and didnt get gc.
  16. Após a nova atualização, o jogo só aparece no momento da conexão com a hora mestre do servidor já tem dois dias, e estou perdendo os dias dos prêmios que comprei, aguardo uma resposta
  17. Hi, i have one problem. When i tried join to the game shows me a game loading, but the loading takes a very long time and game doesn't run... What Can i do? I tried change my DNS servers on DNS google, etc.. Please help, I played normally some time ago
  18. kidoxxl2


    i dont recive the activation link on email ?
  19. Hello guys, how can I report that I died twice by going down the map and I lost all my stuff. The first time I get off the car and get stucked in the floor and when I was next to my stuff trying to rescue items with another character I died again by getting stucked. I died and then my game just kick me out @Silenterror @kazmightONFIRE This is not the first time that this happen to me, but TWICE in a rox in the same spot¡? Route 70, south of Survivalist outpost Is there any way to get my stuff back? I was farming for 3 hours
  20. Just wondering if any one had a private server i can loot on for a little bit. I lost my main account a while back and Im getting back into so i have to start a new account. i would really appreciate it if someone coiuld let me play on their server to get harden and get my GI looking good so i can get into PVP. Thank you!
  21. Hey, have been inactive for a minute. Was known as Dorkyguy the leader of CPUD. Information of the accounts and forum posts?
  22. How to create Ticket in http://playnewz.com/support.php?
  23. Help Buck's Zone Lost ID: nikhuahin34 Time +07 ฺฺBangkok 16.40 sovezone HK 1 Death of all. https://www.img.in.th/image/N7gw
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