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Found 13 results

  1. Ye i know i f*cked a little cuz third person, and didnt changed to first but.. How the f*ck ive done this?
  2. Dear fellow community I would like to suggest a Group Zone Map where players that form a group / clan, can explore and make missions given by NPC. Apart from simple exploration, missions with a timer could be set for a group of players, like arrive to X point and kill a Superzombie, kill X ammount zombies, enter into a place and get X object back to a certain place....etc.... Groups of players that enter in that Group Zone marked in the Map, cannot exit from group until you exit the Group Zone area or exit game. Group Zone must be PVE for obvious reasons. A single player cannot enter If it's not into a group. I said Group Zone area into a Map. But I would dare to make a entire server with a hall zone for allow single players create their own groups and go across the map together, making new friends and having fun. Thanks & Best Regards
  3. Looking for English speaking group I'll be streaming soon at twitch.tv/HRET
  4. Hello Everyone So since we don't have our own facebook group I decided to create one to make trading even easier for those who have no acces to Discord or forums. https://www.facebook.com/groups/168246040620919/ Im still looking for moderators and i believe that the best ones are already there and by these i mean current discord mods etc.If someone is intrested feel free to pm me.
  5. looking for groups to play with i have discord and ts3, hit me up Discord Crackshot #5571
  6. Me and some friends have tried the group spawn thing, but it stopped working recently. The group leader would join but we wouldn't get a prompt to accept the server. There's only three of us. It was working fine before, I was wondering what is the problem.
  7. Zuzz


    Hey, Me and two friends played since War Z period. But we just got back to New Z. We have gear for days but hard to play solo or with one or two. So im looking for a nice person or two to join us for some action. Speak english, know basic callouts and have a deacent GI. Regards, zuzZ
  8. Looking for teamm8s. I speak english german and russian and latvian. Have a bit of an GI I am 18. Add me on skype- oskars644 ingame thecookiemonster
  9. Witam Poszukuje ludzi do wspólnej gry PVP/PVE. Looking for people to PVP/PVE. Requirements: +18, Microphone
  10. Dear all, You can call me borat, abouda or the drunk russian ! I got a heavy Accent even tho I am not Russian I speak fluent English and I am fun. Period. I have been playing Warz and it's emulators since 2012, so yes I have experience and the skills ! Will be waiting for the pm, or steam add me on : Borat Abouda
  11. Witam. Razem z kolegą postanowiliśmy poszukać teamu bądź grupy do wspólnej gry PVP. W newz gramy od niedawna, lecz posiadamy już doświadczenie z iss, ale największe doświadczenie posiadamy z infectz, bo tam graliśmy najwięcej czasu. Aktualnie gramy już troche czasu w newz, więc gramy też troche PVP. Jeśli chodzi o sprzęt (inventory) to nie ma co się martwić - posiadamy go dość żeby grać. Wymagań dla klanów/grup nie posiadamy konkrentych. Myślę, że najważniejsze to jakaś tam znajomość gry i dobra atmosfera podczas gry jak i po za grą. Jesteśmy również w stanie udostępnić nasz team speak, jeśli ktoś zdecyduję się do nas zglosić. Jeśli jest ktoś zainteresowany lub chce dowiedzieć się więcej to proszę o dodanie mnie na steam lub napisanie pod tym postem. Link do profilu steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/berciol
  12. We already see players in coop. But when you play with a friend, you can't invite him to a team and he spawns at the very opposite side of the map, it's quite annoying. So i think it would be great: - To allow us making 2/3 players teams in BR - Maybe spawn in the same zone than your mates (it could be something like "not more than 300m") -And of course, to see your mate's name/health (and position on the map) like in survival teams. Sorry for my English and let me know what you think about it.
  13. Why can't we group more than 3 players ? Game should allow us to make greater teams. I think it's important to play with many friends or encounter more and more players (Sorry for my english, hope you agree with me)
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