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Found 6 results

  1. carif


    Dzemen is glitch ontop of the airplain in the Airport on the Origin map hes on eu9 right now.
  2. https://clips.twitch.tv/CrypticPricklySmoothiePRChase Video describes it all.
  3. As per my server rules, I lock the server to allow the Alien to spawn. However even with a password, people still log on. Does the password not always go in to effect? Also, after the password has been removed, I still have to type it in no matter what I do. Not major issues, but it does mess with the flow of things when anyone can log in while I have the server locked for varying reasons.
  4. Happened today on Survival Mode, Colorado Map, Whitestone Mountain, 03/03/2018 Buttons pressed during the exit of the vehicle: S (maybe with A) and E (to exit) and Spacebar once when i died. Extra info: I could only move when jumping and moving to some direction. BIG OLD THANKS TO THE DEVS OF THIS AMAZING GAME THAT IM CURRENTLY IN LOVE WITH
  5. Hello dear support. I AGAIN find bug. SRY FOR MY BAD ENG #googletranslateonelove . I found a bug with which to walk through the wall. AND U DONT NEED TO DC (DISCONNECT). From there you can kill and give info, save loot (cause u dont need dc you just go through the wall, it does not take more than 2 seconds) jump out of the wall and kill in back. i dont abuse it . Dont ban me! Last time you sent me f*cking, I hope this time we will agree. You can say me your reward offer for this SECOND bug. And if i can i want reward: Alien Heavy, Moto and Nvg.
  6. Hello guys, how can I report that I died twice by going down the map and I lost all my stuff. The first time I get off the car and get stucked in the floor and when I was next to my stuff trying to rescue items with another character I died again by getting stucked. I died and then my game just kick me out @Silenterror @kazmightONFIRE This is not the first time that this happen to me, but TWICE in a rox in the same spot¡? Route 70, south of Survivalist outpost Is there any way to get my stuff back? I was farming for 3 hours
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