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Found 8 results

  1. I really need some help to know if anyone else has this it seems to happen when loading in stuff and its random but ive checked everything on my pc and this is the only game that has any issue on my pc i can play black ops cold war fine with 100+ fps please help btw it happens around 28 - 34 seconds
  2. Good afternoon, I have endured it for a long time, but today I’m tired of enduring it as much as possible, in short, after the patch was released with 64bit output, the game began to lag even more, I go to the 20-40fps trade (with 40-50 people on the server) Although this has not happened before The game is at very low settings. With a screen resolution of 1280x720. You even have to run the game through the program of boost games, and everything doesn’t help much All drivers are updated to the latest version. By the way, and the components of my laptop (I know the weak well, at least something) CPU-AMD A6-3400M APU with Radeon (tm) HD Graphics 1.4GHz GPU-AMD Radeon HD 6520G, .5 GB AMD Radeon 6600M and 6700M Series, 1 GB RAM-3GB Tell me how to maximize FPS on this. And then I play only in new z But FPS makes me very nervous and toxic. Thank you in advance.
  3. Selam! 3-4 Gündür oyunda 20-25 hatta kiminde 30-35 fps drop oluyor farkındamısınız? ve yine 3-4 gündür İnfestation-Warz-Newz hayatında görülmemiş tuhaf tuhaf hatalar çıkıyor oyundan atıyor. Not: Bu sadece benim başıma gelmiyor 5-6 kişiden daha bu sorunları duydum.
  4. Hola a todos !! ¡Aquí hay algunos puntos de la mejora de este parche PATCH 2.19! ? -eDeLMx- " Hola a todos !! Aqui algunos puntos de la mejora de este parche PATCH 2.19 para que esos detalles no los dejen pasar y los disfrutemos !! " VIDEO - LO MEJOR DEL PATCH 2.19 EN ESPAÑOL ¡Disfruta!
  5. I spend my last 3 hours to fix start up/joining problems i try so many things now i fix that but this time i have fps issue. My Harddisk got broken so i buy new one and downloaded the game today, after 3 hours pc freeze problem now i got fps problems i was playing always higher than 30+fps (30-40 fps in inside citys) now i got 20-30fps in forest that was always higher than 40fps in forest. it's unplayable now and there is no crosshair.. I Did ------------- - update my nvidia driver to lastest - i change game runing graphic card to nvidia in nvidia control panel - i download Diretx 11, Visual C++, Net Framework 4.5(or higher don't know) - i did lowest settings with Fullscreen ON i was playing with lowest settings(shadows off,Textures HIGH) fullscreen ON with 30-50 fps with only little lag issues but i can live with that now game is unplayable PC SPECS. ------------------- - GT 740M - I7-4500U CPU 2.4GHZ - 8GB RAM - WIN 8.1 help please.
  6. Hey Guys The following post is aimed at players that are experiencing fps drops and are running there game with windows 10 this may be a possible fix for you so lets get to it I will give you some descriptions on a few methods on how to do this, 1. search xbox/open app/on bottom left click settings/then click GameDVR and turn off 2. Open your xbox app and turn off gameDVR in the app itself. 3. open regedit as an admin and do the following HKEY_CURRENT_USER/System/GameConfigStore/GameDVR_Enabled/Right click Modify/Value = 0 There you have it hope this helps some of you guys that are experiencing random fps drops.
  7. Hey Guys, this is a little suggestion. I don't know why but you removed the Local.ini ? From my part, it doesn't make any sense cause you can get more FPS with it! And at the moment the FPS are the biggest issue in my opinion. If you don't want to bring it back then pls give me a reason why you removed it. Best Regards SkillerFreak
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