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Found 5 results

  1. I separated some changes I would like for the game, for all of you to discuss: >Stack, and skin (not just remove) everything on GI. -Some stuff like cars, can't get stacked, and this is awful for the ones who have a lot of cars, and with the new market we can't sell cars in a bundle unless we fill all the gas and repair it. So, or either stack even with different hp and gas, or give an option to do it while access GI. -This is not just for cars, snipers get all separated for skins or whatever. If the game can't stack with different amount of ammo, just add an option to easily skin manually, stack all, and refill everything without leaving GI (this will be great accessing GI locker as well). -Remove "brand new" thing. That it's just annoying, When you get something from airdrop you have to put it in you hand, just to stack with the other snipers. >Raise the size of the trade chat. -Some people abuse the chat with flood (which is already an issue). So if you guys stretch a little, it would be nice. >No more x-men zombies. -I often, not matter which server, hit a zombie with a car, and the zombie just stop my car. It should run over him 100% of the times, they need to be week, not SZ. I understand this could be just a connection problem, but still... it's annoying (and happens on low ms as well btw). >Move the items on GI freely. -Enough with all the work of removing items from the top to make the snipers goes up. Make it free to organize please. >More secret bases to find. -I remember some years ago, the game randomly had some "secret bases" with a lot of loot hide somewhere in the map for people to find. I remember one near Camp Splinter and Castle Pine once. The idea of exploring the game is, for me, a thing yet. Farming at the same place always gets boring. >A way to contact the server owner, and more mod options to it. -An easy way to rent a server, or let the mod server know of someone trolling. -More options to rent the server WITH someone. Shared GC to rent, and 2 mods, or permissions to change password and kick people. >Remove the 10 secs to logout from PVE servers. -That's all, just remove it, it's pointless and it's not any "cheat" or something to get any advantage. This way will save our char when we crashed too. >Premium to PVE. -If I paid for premium I would like to have a decent server to farm. No one uses premium to PVP (unless you have no brain). It's about time to change that. There's no good at all of having premium servers, almost no one is using full time. Another thing: they should be rebooted as well if empty for 5 min too. >Radiation area more fun. -Usually I ignore rad areas at the night, cause it's simple terrible to see. Clean the mask sight 100% or maybe gas masks with flashlight attached?? If you use it on a weapon you can't run and light the way, since you have to turn your gun. >GAMMA, PLEASE! GAMMA! -brightness option sux, please add a decent gamma tweak to see without the NVG without having to use gapagama or some other software. >Free look. -Just the old good free look we have in other games. I don't think this will unbalance the game in any way. >Fix the "hitbox" of picking ip the car. -When you try to get loot around the car you often get into the car instead of the loot. If I'm not facing the car, I don't want to enter. Now, just some other stupid ideas I have and tweaks, but still, some fun stuff to think about it: >First person view for cars >Easy way to climb in your car (a great way to avoid some stuck situations). >Make the car spawn on the right direction when you drop him, so this way you know where the car will be facing when you put it on the ground. >Name preview. When you change your name, it would be great to see a preview on how it will look.
  2. Hi everyone! We have been reading all the content from the forums and the official discord, and we thought that we should make a thread showing all the addressed feedback. The objective of this post is to keep a detailed record of all the suggestions and changes applied to the Survival Mode. The goal is to ensure that the entire community follow the changes and can consult the advances. We choose to organize all the information in the same post making easier to check future changes and keep the forum unsaturated, helping the developer team to make efficient and precise decisions that benefit the evolution of the game. Now players will have the leading voice and an efficient mechanism to be heard by our developers. The changes are going to be divided into the next categories: Done, In progress, On hold and Discarded. Achieved ideas based on your feedback and suggestions: Airdrops: Airdrops are now spawning on different locations on the map. Done Week/Weekend events: There are always new exciting weekend events. Done Official price list for the Survival mode: A list based in community feedback exclusive for the survival mode. Done Weapon automatically switches between compatible magazines: Now weapons will automatically switch between compatible magazines prioritizing ammo and size. Done Airdrops drop faster: Reduced the necessary time for an airdrop to touch the ground. Done New zombie and super zombie models: A few zombie models got reworked and brought back into the game. Done Several stability, performance and server improvements. Done New car models: New cool looking vehicles. Done New weapons: Adding new weapons and variants to survival mode. Done Thompson MKII: Thompson's younger brother. His aluminum body and counter recoil mechanism makes it lighter, smaller and faster. Don't let his appearance fool you, just like his elder brother this Thompson has proven to be lethal on skilled hands sometimes more than high caliber weapons. This weapon got adopted by the Boulder Police Department a few months before the infection and became their favorite a few days after. M40A1 Remington 700: A sharpshooter dream. Light, accurate and reliable. The Remington M40A1 is the first from a family of military variants based on the reliable Remington 700. This rifle was modified to fit army standards replacing the heavy wooden stock with a much lighter McMillan HTG fiberglass stock together with improved Unertl sights and a threaded barrel to allow flash hiders or supressors. It was introduced in 1966 as the standard USMC marksman rifle. This bolt action might look small and fragile compared to their "Anti-material" cousins but if it can take down a deer, it shoudn't have a problem going thru your skull. New attachments and exclusive gear: Done Barrels: AR and Sniper barrels. Silencers: Rifle, SMG, Sniper and Shotgun silencers. Stocks: AR and Sniper stocks. Suits and Armors: Swat Armor, Heavy Armor and a Ghillie Suit. Helmet: Heavy helmet. Backpacks: Hunter and Leather Backpack. Exclusive content: Wooden Locker: A new destructable locker added as an early release for the building system. This locked is smaller than Small code locker and can be placed on official servers to help players store valuable loot during pvp. ( More information related to crafting in patch 2.36 ). Juggernaut armor: A Brand new craftable armor specialized to protect from zombie damage, realeased with a special skin ( More information related to crafting and availability in patch 2.37 ). Crafting system: A nice and simple crafting window for those who like farming materials. Done Mission system: A new mission system with new Jobs and rewards each season. Done Model correction: Several models and attachments were improved and corrected. Done Fully reworked Colorado V1 Map exclusive for the survival mode: A small and optimized map adapted to survival experience and player feedback. Done Rebalancing the crafting system: Improving the crafting system according to looters feedback. Done Rework the exchange missions: Reworked the weapon Exchange contracts, these missions are available on the mission tab and their rewards can be claimed on the Blue Ridge Safezone Done Optimizing Grass: The Grass model has been reworked and replaced to optimize the game. Done Hunter backpack for survival mode: A bigger backpack for all your trading needs. Done Increase the chance to get infected by the zombies. Done Killing another player yields experience: Added a 20 XP reward for killing players Done Crafting gives you XP Done Bringing the cars back to the official servers: Cars got reworked and spawn again inside of the official servers ( 6 Cars distributed around the map ). Done Loadouts in survival mode: Players can use the load-out feature now just like as in Open World. Done Rework clan territories system. Done Added a 1-minute cooldown to the locker usage: This is only on Official servers and done to prevent "locker camping". Done Increased the server hop cooldown time from 2 to 6 hours to prevent players from ghosting. Done Constantly improving maps in favor to enhance players experience and making their gameplay much more fun. Done Invisible Zombie showing on the radiation areas BUG: Solved a bug on the radiation areas where a zombie turn invisible but it can still damage the player, Special thanks to Took his time for notifying about this bug. Done Base Building and resource gathering system. Done and under constant improvement! New interesting missions: Adding new interesting and mysterious missions for those who like to complete tasks and follow a history line. Done Daily rewards for premium accounts ( Survival ) : Now all premium accounts will be getting a daily reward in the survival mode. Done Base building BETA : A big step heading to a new gameplay experience including new craftables and resources. Done Overall weapon rework : Weapons have been balanced in order to improve gameplay. Done Secret rooms and keys: Secret rooms that hide precious loot inside. Done Survival Marketplace : A nice market place for survival mode ( Patch 3.3 ). Done Survival Dollars : A currency for suvival mode. Done Survial mode wallet and ATM system : A wallet and ATM system to stash your Survival Dollars ( Patch 3.3 ). Done Picked by a DEV for next patch: Work in progress: On hold: Radiation on Campos Colorado V1. On hold Discarded: More Maps and servers for survival mode: There use to be a lot of different maps and servers for every region, but since many of them were not used and thanks to community feedback we choose to keep a smaller amount of maps and servers, prioritizing quality over quantity. Discarded A suit that makes you invisible to the zombies. Discarded PVP Flag: A server with a hotspot on the map that can be captured like a regular clan territory. Adding another Safezone close to Frosty or the airport ( Colorado V1 ). Discarded Discussion thread: External links: Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ Official discord: Discord.gg/thenewz Download the game: https://www.playnewz.com/ Survival Price list: https://goo.gl/wQiukT
  3. As per my server rules, I lock the server to allow the Alien to spawn. However even with a password, people still log on. Does the password not always go in to effect? Also, after the password has been removed, I still have to type it in no matter what I do. Not major issues, but it does mess with the flow of things when anyone can log in while I have the server locked for varying reasons.
  4. This is my thread, my feedback & my personal opinion about the game and it's current state. (i know there's a survival mode, i've tried it and it was really dull and i'm not much for the crafting part in this game) I'm not by any means trying to shitpost or bash this game, i'm trying to be as constructive as i can be. I really like this game, but there's big flaws with it that can be really frustrating, and that's what keeping it from growing. I'll have to apologize in advance for any grammar / typo, i'm really tired as i'm writing this. Where do i begin? Let's start with the biggest issue in newz, the snipers. These kinds of weapons are EVERYWHERE, you can farm 100-200s of them every single day if you do it properly, and that's clearly a problem in a game like this. When i join a populated server, i take 2 steps out of my spawning area and i get instantly killed my a ots, m200 or something, and 90% of the cases it's headshots (and yes, i'm jumping around and try my absolute best to be evasive), how fun is that? And it's always 5-6 people holding a town or spawning area, each of the guys fielding a sniper. No wonder the population of this game is decaying, that is not fun gameplay at all. It's almost as if you guys took the looting problem in warz to literal and just threw all types of loot at us. I understand it's going to be hard balancing loot in a game like this, player A is always going to play more than player B, ect. Now let's talk about riot shields / woodshield barricades, People are rushing you, and as soon as you open fire, they place down a riot shield, rushing and spamming out those riot shields. That's a very poor and boring game mechanic that really shouldn't be there. These shields were initially meant to build strongholds for your group to hold in the old warz, or that's what you used to do in the early days of warz. The best way to fix these shields is to give them like 1 second cast time and a cooldown each use. And about healing, the only negative thing i can say about healing is that people can heal without even having to switch to the healing item, which creates possibilities of scripting/macros (?) putting a questionmark here cus it's rumors, and nothing i'm 100% sure on. Also it should have a short cast time, instead of a cooldown. Give the zombies some love, it's a zombie game afterall, right? Their animations are so dull, and boring. The pve in this game is generally really boring, i've spent more than 100hours killing zombies and looting items, and all zombies kinda moves in the same boring robotic way, they swipe at you the same way, you buttonsmash them to death ect. Give them some new animations, give them more abilities than just a gently swipe. I would love to see a zombie jump at me, trying to eat my face and stun me for like 1 second, or a zombie that's crawling faster than my sprinting speed and grabbing my feets. Give us more variety of the zombies in terms of models Let's talk animations, inventory management. Items and guns shouldn't instantly appear in your hands when you switch around, there should be an animation when you switch between the stuff on your "action bar". Don't you guys find it really dull when you have an m4 in your hands, and click 4 to bring up your bandages and the bandages just instantly appears in your hand? Small stuff like this adds to the gameplay & how the game handles too. One more thing i've noticed while pvping, Literally spraying some people, feeding them with a full stanag mag with multiple headshots doesn't kill people sometimes. I don't know how, if they are scripthealing or what is up with that, but that also ruins the gameplay so much, you feel so demoralized spraying an entire mag and seeing those red hitmarks and hearing headshot sounds, but they just don't die, turns out they kill you with 40% hp left (lol). I don't know if there's a bug people exploit, or the server doesn't register all the bullets. Also, could you perhaps do something about the narrow FoV & headbobbing when sprinting? It's really painful to play in firstperson. There's not only negative things i have to say about this game, I love that the devs releases new stuff & content like the ghillie suit & maps, trying to actually fix the performance issues this game have/had, this games runs alot smoother than warz ever did for me, so i give you props for that. Hackers.. i haven't stumble across a single (obvious) one yet, which probably were the biggest problem back in warz, so that's really awesome.
  5. First off let me say GOOD JOB making it feel like old ISS. I miss the way it use to be when i played several years ago. PROS... -Loot (guns) is definitely more rare. (pulled 1 m4, 1 p90, and 1 rpk out of a whole norad run) this is good. -Car spawns! Thanks! -I love the new UI -I don't have to worry about someone jumping me all decked out in full heavy + nvg + sig elite c-mags. Cons... -Super zombie doesn't drop any loot at all... this makes me sad. -Why are there so many attachments spawning and not much of anything else? -As its been stated the zombies melee seems a bit much, they seem to hit you no matter what you do (maybe this was intended) -Found a item box and it was a desert eagle lol..... When i see an item box i think its gonna be something good (good AR - skin box - sniper) -I wish the market place worked in safe zones for at least ammo. This is just a preference and i would understand if it wasn't in the actual game after beta. Overall I really enjoyed playing I just wish I had more time to play. I understand its still in its final beta stages and its gonna be reworked still. I think you guys did a hell of a good job thus far! The pros to me definitely out way the cons! KEEP IT UP!
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