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Found 5 results

  1. Here is a compilation of my opinions and suggestions about some topic discussed on the Discord. For a bit of background (and to give myself some legitimacy) I’ve been playing Nether since Steam release and I’ve played every iteration of the game (about 1000 hours played) I ) Tribe System Currently I find tribe system unrewarding. The only point to grind Tribe Rep is to have an easier time grinding Account Level. I advocate for a big rework of the system to make Tribe Rep more meaningful and engaging towards objectives. Here a three suggestion of changes that are complementary: a) Tribe Rewards: I suggest that a tribe vendor is added, offering deals depending on your tribe rep OR that every Tribe Rep Rank gives you a 5% discount on the general store. Once Max Rank (Cherished God) you get a random reward (guns, meds, utilities or cosmetic) every 10 000 points earned b) Tweaking Rep earning: Capturing a territory should be far more rewarding in term of rep (I would suggest around 200 pts). Killing your own tribe should be -200 pts. Changing tribe should make you lose 20% of current tribe rep with every tribe you have a positive rep with. c) Adding city territories: Adding 3 tribe territories: a. Salary center: Earn 150$ every 10 mins when controlling the territory. b. Crusader (Big building next to highway with big flags): Earn +50% tribe rep. c. Bank (somewhere between cook tower and LSZ, south of city): When you control this territory, you can open the golden crates. II ) Events Currently, events are not balanced. Some are High risk low reward; others are low risk very high reward. Nether surges are basically useless. a) Nether Reaper: Reapers are too easy and provide everyone in its killing zone a Cru which is arguably the best weapon in game for PVP. I think we should go back to the PureFPS era when reapers would drop on death loot on the ground : Some money, 0-2 high end gun (TFC, Rab, Mag dr, Heartburner or Mach 9), 1 reaper blade, 1 melee weapon ( machete, katana or skullcleaver), 1 backpack (Large or extra-large) and 3 meds or utilities. To balance that, reaper should have at least 30 000 HP instead of the 10 000 they have now. Finally, I would like to also bring back the current health percentage of the reaper shown on the map, so you know when a group is fighting it. All these changes would put an end to the Cru plague and complaints about this perfectly balanced gun. And it would be giving us some Top 10 Anime Betrayals. b) Escort: Escort is the most dangerous event in a populated server and kinda risk free in empty servers. I don’t know how to balance it but clearly it would be great to have it worth the run on populated servers. c) New Event – World Ender: Basically, a Reaper ++ with a ton of HP, ranged attack and a great nether escort that would require at least 5 well geared players to be dealt with. Would Spawn once a day and stay an hour, rewarding great chunk of XP, Tribe Rep and dropping some nice gear. d) Nether surges: Would be great as SaltyLeon suggested in his post (https://bit.ly/30Zbics) that Nether Surges were located on the path between 2 safezones to disturb package running. III ) Opinions on frequently discussed subjects a) Guns balance: I Like the way guns are balanced atm, but I would agree that nerfing the rate of fire of both Mach 9 and Cru might be a good change. Unlike SaltyLeon, I don’t think you should be able to use 2 primary weapons. b) New Guns : I would love to see new low/mid tier weapons like a silent pistol (9mm Barrel, Pistol Frame, silencer; 12 bullets; Slightly lower damages than S&R) and a Composite Bow ( 2 wooden blocks, 2 metal pipe 1 sewing kit; Arrows made of wood and metal; 400 damages on hit; “Bullet” drop) c) Removing Snipers: Nah, if you don’t want to die, either play with the terrain and weather or don’t play at all. d) Courier Pick-up Station: Why not, not a big deal. e) Moving while looting: YES PLEASE f) Splitting items: once again, YES PLEASE
  2. Most people enjoy the city much more than the wastelands because if the vertical gameplay, the dense of the city, which makes Nether's survival setting unique. But since the wastlands got introduced the game seems to push players to play in the wastelands - more or less against their will: package vendor system is better in the wastelands (one vendor for all delivery missions) escort mission are the only mission type that has 5 location in the wastelands and 5 in the city we have 6 territory landmarks in the wastelands but only 2 in the city we have 6?? reaper spawns in the wastelands but only 2 in the city we have 6 loot drop event locations in the wastelands but only 3 in the city we have 4 nether surge event locations in the city and none in the wastelands All this emphasis on the wasteland doesn't change the fact that the wastelands are used alsmost exclusively for leveling (account & character) by doing package runs. And even with the absense of natural cover, you don't see other players often. If players want PvP action, they go to the city - although there are significantly fewer events taking place there (which would incentivise PvP). So .. I am not advocating that any of the existing activities should be removed from the wastelands. But we definitely need more rewarding activities in the city. In former incarnations of this game we had: a Reaper spawning in the open field on 290 street (north west of Lakeside) a Reaper spawning in Basso Park a Reaper spawning north of Old Burnham (above or below the highway) Loot drops in Basso Park / Bennet Park / Manso Park occoured far more often It would be great to have all these activities back in the city. Let loot drops happen simultaniously in the city and in the wastelands. So players in both areas have something to do. Nether surges sadly never provided anything useful (more XP, item drops) to players. Their location on the map also doesn't really fit any clear purpose. It would be an interesting idea to have Nether surges actually blocking main travel routes between safe zones (RTO, WTO, LSZ, MTO). This could also be implemented for the wastelands. But please - make the risk of fighting Nethers in a surge a rewarding activity. That's my 2ct. Salty Leon
  3. Come All Ye Faithful Paaauuulloooh and Bravodog invite You to their Christmas Extravaganza Lots of Prizes to be had December 21 12:00 Pm CST 20. December Find the Present ( 2 Lockers Open World ) Team Power Drill Team Tec Nine Free For All Pickaxe (This Event will start at 12:00 PM Central Standard Time) If you need more information contact us at [email protected]
  4. We are extremely excited to announce week one of the ZK Racing Series. What is it: The ZK Racing Series is a weekly event that pits teams of 3 (racing crews) against eachother in an ironman racing tournament. The tournament will consist of (3) rounds. Round One: ZK Bus Cross Country Qualifiers It's simple. You race from one end of the map to the other end. Your teammates ride with you and are responsible for repairing, refueling and protecting your bus in case you come across a horde of zombies. The TOP 5 teams advance to Round 2. Round Two: Humvee Circuit Semi Finals The top 5 teams from Round 1 will race their humvee around a pre designated track for (3) laps. Your teamates will ride with you and are responsible for refueling/repairing your humvee, as well as navigating and keeping your team on the track. The Top 2 finishers advance to Round 3. Round Three: Buggy Drag Race Head to Head action. The 3rd and final round will consist of a drag race. Straight line, Straight skill. The winning team will be crowned week one champion and will recieve 2m GD each. The prize pool totaling 6m, for the winning team. Do you think you have what it takes to be a ZK Racing Series Champion? To Register your team, Please reply to this topic using the following format: The event will be held Saturday, October 28th at aproximately 9pm EDT. See you on the track, survivor.
  5. Dear Players, During the end of september we have organized the special "Skintember" days! This means a double XP+GD weekend, daily events & more! Here are the exact details: (Check the picture and http://playnewz.com/event/) DOUBLE XP+GD: Start: September 22, 12:00pm (UTC+2) End: September 25, 12:00pm (UTC+2) All skinboxes 30% discount: Start: September 26, 12:00pm (UTC+2) End: September 27, 12:00pm (UTC+2) Free "Red Limited Skinbox" (Daily Login Event): Start: September 27, 12:00pm (UTC+2) End: September 28, 12:00pm (UTC+2) All skinboxes available: Start: September 28, 12:00pm (UTC+2) End: September 29, 12:00pm (UTC+2) *Special Event* (To be announced): Start: September 29, 12:00pm (UTC+2) End: October 2, 12:00pm (UTC+2) Keep an eye out on our socials for exact event announcements! // Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team
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