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Found 12 results

  1. idea: new event and change to caliwood. adds clan war environment, increases clan involvement, promotes pvp, increases interest in purchasing more GC. Caliwood gold rush: the flag territories i assume you can teleport from one to another if you own them, (which is awesome) IF a clan can hold EVERY flag on caliwood, at midnight (game time) every member of clan receive 1 GC ! this should work well in OW and survivor. max 24 GC per member a day if clan can hold every hour. (note: GC does not cost game to provide, is only pixels, should increase profit by increasing activity and temp players to purchase even more GC and items.) caliwood is a great pvp map, would enjoy seeing more fights there. (replies / reactions to this idea?)
  2. So I was thinking since there was an event related to police and Swat that we could create an event similar to that in the sense of Classic Military stuff from World War 2 you make limited edition items that will be fun collectibles for this event things could be changed to this Water 1L -> Military Canteen - A standard military issue canteen that is guaranteed to quench the thirst of most individuals. Heavy Armor -> Steel Bib Armor - a World War 2 Standard Piece of Body Armor, While Heavy provides very good protection to bullets. Chocolate Bars -> Rationed Chocolate - These Chocolate Bars are handed out to ground soldiers as a quick snack, They are fortified with vitamins. Grenades -> Stielhandgranate - An Relic among World War 2 fanatics. are you sure this thing still WORKS? Helmets - > Brodie Helmet - a World War 1 Era helmet that provides decent protection against most bullet types New Items: M.G-42 - The M.G-42 is a German Built Light Machine Gun Designed to fire 7.92x57mm rounds from a belt-fed Magazine. It is adequately accurate at Medium Ranges Stats DMG - 35.5 Spread - 4.7 Recoil - 5.3 Fire Rate - 575 Decay - 70 Magazine Size is 100 Kar98k - The Kar98k is a German bolt action rifle from the second world war it designed to fire a 7.92x57mm Rounds from an internally fed Magazine out to medium and long ranges with very good Accuracy DMG - 60 Spread - 0 Recoil - 5.7 Fire Rate - 49 Decay - 220 Magazine Size is 5 M3 Greaser - The Greaser is an american built submachine gun designed to fire submachine guns rounds at a high rate of fire, it is devastating at close ranges DMG - 20 Spread -3 Recoil - 4 Fire Rate - 750 Decay - 30 Magazine Size is 20 or 40 (SMG)
  3. I'm not sure if there are any limitations on what the UDK engine's AI can handle but I think it would be cool if you had military caravans moving across the maps with soldiers guarding them against players and nether. as well as NPCs looting boxes and things just like we are (they shouldn't actually take loot) but roam around supermarkets and subways stations as if it is just as hard for them to survive as it is for the players it would add to the loot pool because they would drop things like crowbars and bandages and such.
  4. Hey! What would happen, when we are getting 3 Offical Stronghold Sever for Survival? More People would join Stronghold Sever to pvp on it. We can use the Harvisting Tool or what it was called to build wooden walls /water Generator /and fruits farms People would build a Base and Clan fight could be fought out there and this would be funny! And if you do it, pleas copy it from the Old Version of Infestation but with the SafeZone in it. So we can get back that "old" Infestation Feeling back and People and Safezone Camp again with their shotguns or maybe with a sniper, but would u rish that? Ofc we need privat Sever for Stronghold aswell, so "PVE" Player can farm their stuff on it. Making an offical PVE Stronghold would take the Survival Feeling away.. I would love to get Stronghold on Survival back, and I think that most of the Survival Players would not mind that you guys will add Stronghold sever to the offical Survival Sever Map Pool. Also many People would Play Stronghold, And some Player from Open World would prob come to Survival aswell, so they have a "Lower pvp Sever! for theirself. I don't think that this is a bad Idea. Because it will increase the Player Numbers for survival and we can make Special Events on those Stronghold Sever for Survival!
  5. ENGLISH POST GO HERE -->> HERE <<-- (With the patch issue alot people are having trouble to play we will do next weekend!) O COMEÇO. Bom Dia Primeiramente queria explicar o porque desta ideia, Eu Como Criador de Conteúdo na Twitch Acho que Falta Engajamento da parte da Comunidade só Vemos as Pessoas a jogar "PVP, FARM, BR" ou Pessoas em Live querendo Sorteios e não tem conteúdo do "Criador com a Comunidade" em Geral. NOSSA META. Criar estes Eventos de Fim De Semana. "Weekend Event" Pelo Menos a cada 30 Dias Vamos pegar 1 Final de Semana e Dedicar a Criar Diversos Eventos Juntamente com a Comunidade do Newz. SEXTA FEIRA 14-09 Evento Mochilão as 19:30 GMT -3 4 Rounds - Snipers , Caixas de Skins. Parceiros Confirmados: TedderaTV, Ratrix, MAPAS: Event Server / Colorado V1 Clearview. Live do Evento : TedderaTV SEXTA FEIRA 14-09 Evento Mix 5X5 (2-4 Times) Horario 21:00 GMT -3 4 Assaults 1 Sniper - Regras da SuperCUP. Premiação 10M GD + 1 Semana de Acesso Server Privado V1 e V2. Parceiros Confirmados: TedderaTV, MAPA: Event Server Live do Evento : TedderaTV TedderaTV
  6. Hey everyone I’m going to start my own little cup! Here are the updates: Here is all the information you need: There will be 8 teams fighting in K.O. matches. Match times will be made with me and the teamleaders who are going to fight To apply, the leader need to pm me with the following information: 1. Team name 2. Team tag 3. Team leaders name ( for planning ) 4. List of char names that will play (1 player as substitution allowed; no other chars will be allowed) 5. Country Rewards for the teams will be: 1. Team: 4x Chrome box + 24M GD 2. Team: 4x Fun edition box + 16M GD 3. Team: 4x Blacknight box + 8M GD Rules - One match lasts max. 5min o If 5min are over and no team has won, the team with more players alive wins the round o If the same amount of players are still alive, the team with the last kill loses - Each team consists of 4 players: o 1 Shotgun o 3 AR - The match is played on event server map: TDM #1 - There will be best of 3 - Finals and match for 3rd place will be best of 5 - Only players active in the match will be allowed in the same teamspeak channel - There is only 1 Team allowed / each clan - The players who died need to wait to rejoin until the current round is over Weapon and gear allowed: - Shotgun: Saiga, Mossberg, KT Decider, Double Barrel - AR: M4 (no M4A1), M4 Semi, M16, Scar CQC - Attachements: Rifle laser, any scope, any grip, silencer, bullet compensator - Armor: o For AR: Custom, KStyle helmet o For Shotgun: Heavy, KSytle helmet / M Style helmet heavy - Ammo: Stanag 30/45/60, Shotgun ammo - Unlimited ammo, shields, meds EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT LISTED IS NOT ALLOWED Teams that don’t follow the rules will be disqualified
  7. What is up everyone? People who are playing the NewZ loves Events even more if they can get an reward for it, What if we would do an live Event whit 1000 People who are fighting against everybody 10x a 100 Slot sever. It's like an Battle Royal but we are all spawning in a Safezone and got 30 Minutes PVE time before the Event starts. People could loot all together until the timer is up and they can finaly fight than. Ofc there will be one fightzone where the last People Need to come across each other and fight till the bitter end. Teaming is not allowed! If every Sever (From all 10) just got 1 survivor left they will be in the final the offical best of the best. They are fighting againgst each other on a Normal Battle Royal Map and the Winner of them is getting an Free Item (Like a weapon Skin whit his Face on it or anything). We can create a yearly Event whit that or even monthly where the Winner of the Event can get there own Special Item (LifeTime Premium could be an Reward aswell)! Or we can do it like 4 times a year so it is not that often. Just an Idea I know it would take some Time but why should I not try it out? Best Wish Keymbo!
  8. I just want to thank everyone for coming out to the 3 day scavenger hunt It was allot of fun. Congrats to all the hunters that found the lockers. There was allot of gear won as well as allot of GD on top of every locker. A Big thank you goes out to my Community Manager Matriarchy and Super Game Moderator Murkymurks and Shippo for all your help and being the dreaded assassins in the hunt. I have put on several of these hunts and to date they have been a blast to host. This was the last one for this map I plan on doing another one when the new map is dropped so stay tuned. Of course I have to give a "REALLY BIG THANK YOU " to all the viewers, Fredaikis, and the crew that came by and dropped those follows and support for this event. Your continued support means allot to me.
  9. ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! New Map Info, Night 2 of the Scavenger Hunt and More!!!! https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb @infestationnewz Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSesTkMOW7S13Uoqi6yTK0sO4P5s_st0ZjTiszzsrbr8amlssA/viewform?usp=pp_url&entry.2092238618&entry.1556369182
  10. To enter you will need to go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSesTkMOW7S13Uoqi6yTK0sO4P5s_st0ZjTiszzsrbr8amlssA/viewform?usp=pp_url&entry.2092238618&entry.1556369182. There are only limited spaces left so you need to be quick! Stream time and date: Starts Wednesday 7th March and will continue through Thursday and Friday. 12am CST Make sure to give Bravo a follow on Twitch also https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb
  11. Hey Survivor, today i will bring back my old auction house and i hope, you guys will like it. I mainly do this kind of stuff, for player which don't have that many GD to survive on the trade server. You can also sponser this auction while giving me skins/skinsets and i will post them (10% of the GD goes to me then). The auction house has nothing to do with the staff of the Infestation: The New Z game, it's made from player for player. Rules: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: Start price: 200
  12. Dear Players, This announcement is especially aimed to all our players that are active on either YouTube or Twitch.tv. There is NO requirements meaning that anyone will be able to participate! We don't care how many followers or subscribers you have. Everyone should have an equal chance, if you're 'big' or 'small' everyone can help us to advertise the game. We are doing this together. The idea is to during a certain period (mentioned later in the announcement) reward players for advertising the game. We are also doing this mainly to promote our new game-mode: survival. Streamers, YouTubers, or anyone that helps us make the game grow is extremely important to us and we think it's time to do something back! Twitch.tv RULES: Take this seriously. We will look into every application and if not taken seriously we WILL NOT reward you. PAST BROADCAST needs to be TURNED ON! If this is not on, we are not able to check if you actually for filled the requirements. We do NOT accept any content that contains harassment, discrimination on any other disrespectful behavior. Twitch.tv - Stream the new survival game-mode for at least 4 hours. REWARD: 250 GC + 1 Mystery Skinbox! Twitch.tv - Stream the new survival game-mode for at least 4 hours, at least 3 times in 1 week. REWARD: 600 GC + 1 Epic Skinbox! Twitch.tv - Do at least 1 giveaway when you are live on twitch through https://gleam.io/ where to win the giveaway you added the Infestation: New Z Facebook Page & Twitter. REWARD: 1 Epic Skinbox! Twitch.tv - Stream Infestation: The New Z for at least 6 days out of 7 days total + all of the above. REWARD: Streamer tag permanently in-game + 1000 GC! Youtube RULES: Take this seriously. We will look into every application and if not taken seriously we WILL NOT reward you. Content applied NEEDS to have some kind of voice commentary on exception of montages. We do NOT accept any content that contains harassment, discrimination on any other disrespectful behavior. YouTube - Upload a video about the new survival game-mode. (Video has to be at least 5 minutes.) (Can be about anything.) REWARD: 250 GC + 1 Mystery Skinbox! YouTube - Upload a advertisement video about the new survival game-mode. (Video has to be an informative video for example where you explain what the new survival game mode is, a tutorial, a trailer or anything that would benefit the advertisement of the new game-mode survival.) REWARD: 1 Airdrop Caller! Get at least 5.000 views or 100 likes. + EXTRA REWARD: 500 GC! Get at least 10.000 views or 250 likes. + EXTRA REWARD: 1000 GC! Get at least 25.000+ views or 500+ likes. + EXTRA REWARD: 2500 GC! YouTube - Stream the new survival game-mode on YouTube for at least 4 hours. REWARD: 250 GC + 1 Mystery Skinbox! YouTube - Stream the new survival game-mode on YouTube for at least 4 hours, at least 3 times in 1 week. REWARD: 600 GC + 1 Epic Skinbox! Period The event will be active starting now until: Sunday, July 16, 2017. After this applications will close and the event will be over. How to get your reward? Rewards will be done manually, meaning that when you done / reached one of the goals you can apply to us and get your reward. We suggest to apply PER GOAL so if you reached multiple goals, do that in separate applications. (So one application per goal) Applications will go through our own application form. You will receive your reward afterwards. If you have any questions about your application or about anything else, please message ElChupaCabra. Applications can be done through the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/oESWZGHcUAwgDBLu1 Best Regards, // Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team
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