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Found 7 results

  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen it has been a while! Requirements Ages 16+ Must have a mic Must speak English Able to communicate in game. Decent knowledge about your surroundings. If you are a trader/ Farmer then you are welcome but you must help others and interact instead of being a loner. You may keep to your little group of friends but to not exclude yourself from the rest of the clan. Must have discord. Rules 1. Do no spam of any kind... Even for the memes. This will result in a warning then being kicked if continued. 2. No causing trouble in the community, if there is an issue you can always report it to a staff member or just get over the issue. 3. You can play with other clans but let us know who you are playing with and how long for. 4. If you are fresh to NewZ there will be a trial period so be patient and wait to be trusted. otherwise you will be removed if you continue to complain about ranking/ being a member. 5. Everyone is welcome to the discord. Members, or not. 6. Do not donate GC to the clan because you feel like you have to, only do so if you wish to help us grow. (This list may expand over time) If you are wanting to join or get in touch with me (The Owner of the clan) be sure to message me on one of the platforms provided. Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/GetWigged/ Discord - https://discord.gg/FzqwjG ( Mostly will be in an invisible channel if on discord ) just message in the general text chat. Finally you can private message me on the Forums of course. Thank you for taking your time to read this, we hope to see you either on our side or in PvP
  2. I did miss this game when servers was down. I was very glad to find servers again, but I am not a PVP kinda girl! I hope one day there will be an official PVE server, or a local/LAN server option so i can run around with my bf. I will say a prayer and hope for the best.
  3. When will server rental be available again?
  4. Recruting Minimum reputation -> -15k or +15k You need to send me screen of your inventory & characters You need to have 15yo+ You need to have decent english & quiet mic (no background noise) Multi Clan is not tolerated ! No trashtalking Your kill = your loot If you want to join our clan you can send message to recruitment channel on Discord -> https://discord.gg/g7RX7Cx
  5. Hey everyone i've been playing the game for a while now 800 hours on records and i am tired of dieing solo vs other clans .. would be lovely to have some people i can play with ...i mostly paly snipers pvp only
  6. <info about me and my acc> Im 17yo Speak English -3k rep STEAM -> http://steamcommunity.com/id/guntyZ/
  7. Hi I am looking for a acitve clan. i am active player. my raputation is +47k and i want to join clan and i am looking for a Eng speacking clan. PM mE. I Use Discrod and Teamspeak
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