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Found 7 results

  1. I was playing arcade, looking for ammo for some pvp later and suddenly it kicked me out of the game with the message "Your account has been banned from our services for either cheating or explotin. To appeal your ban please contact our support"(i haven´t had hacks even a minute of my playtime i can promise) I need help because I have spent a few hours I do not want to lose count due to a system failure. Thanks and sorry for my bad english. Ayuda en español también es bienvenida, gracias
  2. hi, Im looking for some german or english players to play Battle Royal cause im most Time playing solo also looking for some open world players
  3. I'm a veteran player with a big GI and quite good skills. Me and my friend are returning to the game and are looking for a clan so we can compete against the 5-10 player groups that run many pvp areas in caliwood or campos/boulder city. I'm fine with PVPing anywhere though. Please ask any questions in the replies and I will be happy to answer.
  4. DMNR/ Demon Slayer is now recruiting - We just created this clan today -We are playing in NA and HK region -We are Active in pvp and official REQUIREMENTS - at least -7k or +3k rep -Loyal -Respectful -No multi clan - Can speak english -Matured player - No trashtalking allowed - Your kill your loot -Active always especially in PVP -No spamming If you want to join just pm me thanks
  5. Evening guys, I have dabbled with the idea of trying to get some people to play the game with for a while. Because I dont know anyone, i play the game very little, although my hours are very bad (not sure if steam hours is correct tbh) I am quite knowledgeable about some things. I want to progress, have fun, not play every day just whenever we feel like it. Please if you are going to play, have a good microphone and discord and also please have good english as you will not understand me otherwise as my accent is quite broad. Most importantly, I want to PvP and have a laugh! Im Ben from the UK, 20, at university. -Cheers
  6. Dear all, You can call me borat, abouda or the drunk russian ! I got a heavy Accent even tho I am not Russian I speak fluent English and I am fun. Period. I have been playing Warz and it's emulators since 2012, so yes I have experience and the skills ! Will be waiting for the pm, or steam add me on : Borat Abouda
  7. ? NaTo Clan ? ~ What We Offer In Our Clan ~ - Friendly Community - Anything And Everything We Officer Is Totally Free - Help Members Get Better At PvP / Survival And etc. - Discord Server - Private Game Server, Coming Soon (July) ~Our Requirements~ - Must Speak English Fluently - Act Mature and show respect - Must be 16 or older - Must use Discord as this is our main source of communication - Preferred if you have a decent Mic - Must Be active more that 3 days a week - Must be able to follow directions - Must have somewhat good PvP/Survival Skills ~ Rules ~ - Must Be Nice To Other Group Members - No verbal abuse meant to harm another person - No Mic spam/hot-mic - Must Follow Discord Rule Posted On Our Discord - Have Fun ~ Links & Stuff ~ - Clan Application: Click Here! - Discord: *Finish Application To Obtain Join Link* - Steam Group: Click Here! Wish You Best Of Luck For Acceptance! ? Sincerely, Jake - Clan Founder
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