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Found 8 results

  1. yesterday i log into SA premium servers on airport, my game with 26 ping, given roulback and i crash into zombies, lose adventury backpack and my fucking car... today i loging on pve servers europe, i put my car on the ground and io crash, other player stole my car, what fuck is wrong with this game ? i put premium and game give crashs, and crashes...
  2. I spend my last 3 hours to fix start up/joining problems i try so many things now i fix that but this time i have fps issue. My Harddisk got broken so i buy new one and downloaded the game today, after 3 hours pc freeze problem now i got fps problems i was playing always higher than 30+fps (30-40 fps in inside citys) now i got 20-30fps in forest that was always higher than 40fps in forest. it's unplayable now and there is no crosshair.. I Did ------------- - update my nvidia driver to lastest - i change game runing graphic card to nvidia in nvidia control panel - i download Diretx 11, Visual C++, Net Framework 4.5(or higher don't know) - i did lowest settings with Fullscreen ON i was playing with lowest settings(shadows off,Textures HIGH) fullscreen ON with 30-50 fps with only little lag issues but i can live with that now game is unplayable PC SPECS. ------------------- - GT 740M - I7-4500U CPU 2.4GHZ - 8GB RAM - WIN 8.1 help please.
  3. Hello, Let's engage problem right now without loosing time - My game doen't want to launch. After checking Report, it appear to be my Razer Chroma 7.1 witch cause this problem. <SystemTimeUTC>2018-01-05T11:57:18Z</SystemTimeUTC> <ExceptionAddress>0xfe356ec</ExceptionAddress> <ExceptionModule>C:\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\0Kraken71ChromaDevProps.dll</ExceptionModule> <ExceptionModuleBase>0xfe30000</ExceptionModuleBase> <ExceptionModuleVersion></ExceptionModuleVersion> <ExceptionType>0</ExceptionType> <ExceptionCode>0</ExceptionCode> So, when i close Razer synapse, and everything related to razer, game run perfectly I don't know what or why game won't run with Razer Synapse, i ll let prodevs solve this. Thanks for your attention!
  4. So I've been getting this crash at random moments all night. Pretty annoying. And to answer the question, yes I'm sure I have enough RAM lol. If I don't, then this game has big issues. Any ideas how to fix? I mean it's more than just annoying at times, because it happens randomly. It just happened while I was fighting a super zombie, so I don't know if my character is still alive or not.
  5. quickfingers

    bus crash

    everytime i use the bus stop and arrive at the other bus stop my game crash everytime
  6. i still experiencing crashes and now also getting a low fps, and can i ask why HK server ang lag i think only here in the philippines coz in our FB page people posting that HK servers ang lag nowadays, nowadays we get 150ms plus in HK server before it was 50ms less and players are glyding.
  7. quickfingers

    game crash

    games crashes 5 times in the last 2hrs.
  8. When I tried to join any Servers ( Official, Private and PvP ) today, the Screen loaded twice and then I came back to the Characters Menu with the message "Timeout joining server", I tried everything but I can't solve the Problem, HELP ME PLEASE!!! PS: I don't know if there is something to do with it, but this started to happen when the guides for beginners started to appear everytime I login NewZ.
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