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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen it has been a while! Requirements Ages 16+ Must have a mic Must speak English Able to communicate in game. Decent knowledge about your surroundings. If you are a trader/ Farmer then you are welcome but you must help others and interact instead of being a loner. You may keep to your little group of friends but to not exclude yourself from the rest of the clan. Must have discord. Rules 1. Do no spam of any kind... Even for the memes. This will result in a warning then being kicked if continued. 2. No causing trouble in the community, if there is an issue you can always report it to a staff member or just get over the issue. 3. You can play with other clans but let us know who you are playing with and how long for. 4. If you are fresh to NewZ there will be a trial period so be patient and wait to be trusted. otherwise you will be removed if you continue to complain about ranking/ being a member. 5. Everyone is welcome to the discord. Members, or not. 6. Do not donate GC to the clan because you feel like you have to, only do so if you wish to help us grow. (This list may expand over time) If you are wanting to join or get in touch with me (The Owner of the clan) be sure to message me on one of the platforms provided. Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/GetWigged/ Discord - https://discord.gg/FzqwjG ( Mostly will be in an invisible channel if on discord ) just message in the general text chat. Finally you can private message me on the Forums of course. Thank you for taking your time to read this, we hope to see you either on our side or in PvP
  2. Witam Potrzebujemy 3-4 osoby do klanu na survival. Wymagania: 1.hardened 2.Wiek 20+ (najlepiej) I ogarnianie gierki, jakies eq na pvp itp.
  3. this is an open world clan were searching for members. please write your character name and we will invite you to the clan
  4. CLAN EN SURVIVAL - EN ESPAÑOL ¿Necesitas ayuda y hablas español? Guardianes del Bosque reclutando sobrevivientes para exterminar invasores y ladrones. Únete a los Guardianes del Bosque y trabaja para la reina y su sueño de construir un gran reino libre de oscuridad. Somos el mejor clan del universo en español lleno de latinos sexies y poderosos. Tenemos entrenamientos, nuestro propio sistema económico y mucha sabiduría. Servimos fervorosamente a la Reina del Bosque, la única diosa que lucha en contra de las fuerzas del mal y que nos protege de los más feroces y malvados enemigos. Para unirte a los Guardianes del Bosque, el mejor clan de survival en español, necesitas tener Discord para comunicarte. Búscanos en Facebook como Guardianes del Bosque - Infestation Survival y envíanos un mensaje para recibir el link de invitación al Discord oficial! https://www.facebook.com/Guardianes-del-Bosque-Infestation-Survival-1954226204908233/
  5. Those are the requirements for Survival! ~ Don't apply unless you fit all of the requirements ~ ~> Requirements <~ - 2 500 OR + 750 Teamwork! Filled GI! Full Skilltree English knowledge! Be active! No loot whoring! No Multiclanning! Be at least 16 years old! You can apply by clicking the Button below! Application If you have any Questions ---> PM me!!
  6. To voltando a jogar e comecei um clan, M T C, Most True Clan, quem quiser entrar nessa comigo vem discord discord.gg/SNGPFPy . To online todo dia, clan com prioridade o pvp, amizade e diversão. Regras: Respeitar o próximo, o loot é de quem matou, não matar o amigo do clã, tenha bom-senso para zoação, chingamentos e falar alto demais.
  7. Flex Gang Community has recently decided to begin growing the community. We are opening up to a wider verity of players including, PvPers, Looters, Streamers, and more. We do currently have a team getting ready to compete in the up and coming cups who as well stream if you are interested in talking to one of them about the team. You can find their channels below. -----https://www.twitch.tv/downlikelazlo --------https://www.twitch.tv/oglokii -----------https://www.twitch.tv/korred635 Flex Gang Requirements : • Must have experience in game. • Age : Doesn't Matter. Have to be mature. • Able to communicate and Working Mic. • Language : English • Must have a GI • Follow Rules • Be Active and Help with events • Premium is not required • No multi clanning We can offer : • Event Server and Private Server • Discord and active members • Graphics for streams and Promotion Application : First name: Age: Location: In-game name(s): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What we should call you in-game and on Discord: How many guns do you have? How many hours a day do you play NewZ? How many hours have you played on NewZ? Across all of your characters, how many kills do you have? Do you know anyone in FlexGang? Do you record and edit videos of your gameplay? Do you stream if so what is your twitch/youtube?
  8. I know that you've all heard this a lot of times. "Bring back clan skins" and then you'll get a response saying "we don't do that anymore". Well, that's changed. It's kind of fun that the DEVs have told me (and my friends) numerous times that there won't be any other clan skins except for people who win the supercup. I've been trying to help this game out for so long giving continued feedback, getting people in clans, helping new players with questions they have in-game. Even though I've tried my best with what I've got to make this game better, we still get lied to as players. There's this kinda new clan called [YOKU] which has some former [TILT] members, and somehow, magically, they have clan skins. They have skins for the Heavy Armor, Custom Guerilla, K. Style Helmet and K. Style NVG. To clarify it for you, in case you missed it, this https://www.twitch.tv/videos/251267083?sr=a&t=8932s is what I'm talking about. I don't know if these are just rumors or if it's true, but from what I've heard, someone in their clan is good friends with someone of the game administrators. This message will probably either get deleted as soon as I post it, or it'll just get a response with some BS story about someone promising them clan skins before they stopped doing them or whatever. I'm sick of seeing these small clans with just a couple friends get clan skins because they know someone higher up the foodchain. TLKC aswell as UFO is putting way more effort and money in to the game. Making sure newer players have somewhere they can "belong", helping them out with any questions they might have. Spending money on GC for premium subscriptions or private servers. This honestly has to change. There's a saying, "don't bite the hand that feeds you". Well, what the DEVs are doing right now is cutting off all the hands that are feeding them (money, that is).
  9. EFES Klanı her geçen gün dahada büyüyor, Sende aileye katılmak istiyorsan durma , hemen gel. https://discord.gg/Q7C9qX
  11. Those are the requirements for Open World! ~ Don't apply unless you fit all of the requirements ~ ~> Requirements <~ - 350 000 OR + 150 000 Minimum KDR 2.00 Minimum Rank Gold 1 Teamwork! Filled GI! English knowledge! Be active! No loot whoring! No Multiclanning! Be at least 16 years old! You can apply by clicking the Button below! Application If you have any Questions ---> PM me!!
  12. Z.E.R.T clan now recruiting Welcome to Z.E.R.T, a group of full time players that use team tactics to take on other highly skilled top players in Survival mode. ZERT stands for Zombie Elite Rescue Team and we use military style game play and communications to engage our targets. We are currently looking for new players to join the team, you do not have to be highly skilled but you do have to be dedicated and fit in with the team. We will take players in and test them out and if they mess with the team then after a few weeks will receive ZERT Badge. What we ask of you. -Be at least 17 years old and speak English well enough to make call outs. -Have a Mic and able to use Discord -Active 2-3 times a week at the least. -No experience or reputation requirements (we will help you) -Respect, Mature behavior as we stream as a team. When you are ZERT you are always representing us, so no SHIT talking other players. -No Multi-clan if you join us then you play with us Questions to answer: Why you want to join us? How will you help us? Tell us about yourself. You can contact either Hacivic or Myself Ice-9. Thank you and happy Hunting.
  13. Hello Survivors! SLEC is Recruiting. Shadow lurkers is an Anti-Bandit clan that specialize in STEALTH movement and protection of civilians. Requirements Players must be: Timezone GMT+0 - GMT+4 Willing to use suppressed weapons Stealth at all times fluent/moderate in English Willing to take orders A Team Player Friendly At least 18+ Willing to learn and adapt Must Have: Discord Working microphone RESPECT! Rules: Do not break any New Z Rules: https://playnewz.com/rules.php Treat all members with Respect Respect Higher Ranks No Hackers/Cheaters/Tweakers Always wear SLEC Gear Don't Shoot Unless player is a Confirmed Threat Must always Move with the Clan MUST NOT BE A BANDIT! Member will have unit numbers assigned to them ( .eg Tony Unit 798A/B (A-Alpha, B-Bravo)) Servers: NewZ 004 Colorado Apply here: Thank you for taking your time to read, Good luck and Watch your back out there!
  14. ~ Don't apply unless you fit all of the requirements ~ ~> Requirements <~ - 150 000 OR + 100 000 Teamwork Filled GI English knowledge Be active! No loot whoring No Multiclanning! Be atleast 16 years old! Don't join for Skins, If you leave after you should have the Skins I am going to ask a DEV to wipe them from you. 1. Screenshot of all your chars with the KDR of your Main Char! - 2. Rate your skill from 1-10. - 3. Please make some screenshots of your Global Inventory and post them here - - - 4. Have you been in any clans previously? - Yes... (name) - No. 5. How old are you? - 6. Where are you from? - 7. Can you speak good English? Tell us a little story about you! - 8. Why should we accept you? - 9. How did you hear about High & Hungry? - 10. Do you Agree to follow all of the clan rules? - Yes, I do. - No, fuck you all. ANSWER ALL THESE QUESTIONS BELOW!
  15. Hey guys looking for a clan to join havent played in a while but im nuts. Most people will remember me
  16. I Z Z Y


    [ SYSTEM CLAN ] PORTUGUÊS: VENHO POR MEIO DESTE POST SOLICITAR O SISTEMA DE CLANS NO SURVIVAL, NO SURVIVAL JÁ EXISTE VARIOS CLANS E TODOS ELES APOIAM A IMPLEMENTAÇÃO DO SISTEMA DE CLANS , VÁRIOS CLANS JÁ JOGAM EM GRUPOS MAIORES QUE 5, NÃO TER O SISTEMA DE CLANS SÓ ACABA DESANIMANDO ALGUNS JOGADORES , SENDO ASSIM, FAZENDO COM QUE JOGUEM EM MENORES NÚMEROS E NÃO CHAMEM NOVOS JOGADORES PARA SEU CLAN, POR CONSEGUINTE SOLICITAMOS O SISTEMA DE CLAN. #Sistemadeclanjá INGLÊS: We came by this post to ask you for the implementation of the "CLAN" system on survival, there's a lot of clans that play without group (because the small limit of members on group)and all of them agree with the implementation of the clan's system, a lot of clans already play with more then 10 member and its becoming boring have to aim for the nick before shot, by this we are asking you DEVs for implement of the clan's system. #CLANSYSTEMNOW ( Está print foi retirada com 6 clans diferentes 30/06/2018 ) (This printscreen was taken with 6 different clans 30/06/2018 )
  17. Hey, ich suche noch eine gruppe zum Ab- und An spielen. Der Kontakt zu meiner alten Gruppe hat aufgrund Inaktivität im Spiel aufgehört. Ich suche nicht direkt nach einem Clan/Community, da ich meine eigene Community leite und mich nirgens, außer dort fest binden werde. Ich habe einen TS3 Server, einen Privatserver ingame und Lifetime Premium. Desweiteren teile ich gern mein GI:) steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/yunogasaiotaku/ lg
  18. Team GB is now open for recruitment! Rules before applying: #1) Must be British with the odd exception. #2) Members must be over the age of 17. #3) Team GB must be your only clan. #4) Have a good microphone and access to discord. Application: (Please PM your application to me.) #1) Are you 17 years old or over? #2) What is your in-game reputation? #3) Where do you usually PvP? #4) Are you British? #5) How long have you been playing NewZ? #6) Please post screenshots of your main character and GI. (we do not want loot hoarders!) #7) Why would you like to join? #8) Why should we accept your application? #9) What is your in-game name? About us: We are a new British clan with some old friends, we are looking to expand our roster so we can have a solid team on at all times within the GMT time zone. We are looking into getting our own private server with the support of the clan. We are a total of about 10 active members. If you would like to join us please let me know! Thanks, Simpson
  19. The Elite CatZ [TEC] Sucht neue Member! Wir wollen wieder ein großen Deutschen Clan aufbauen! Wenn du dazu gehöhren möchtest dann melde dich bei uns Wir spielen gerade viel PVP Server aber wir wollen auch wieder aktiver Colo/Cali Spielen! Was wir von euch erwarten: Ein funktionierendes Headset und Teamspeak 3 Ein alter von 18(mit ausnahmen) Spielerfahrung Teamspeak IP: ts3.EliteCatZ.de
  20. -HELLO SOLDIER! - WE ARE IN NEED FOR SURVIVORS FOR SURVIVAL MODE! HERE YOU DON’T ONLY GET A GOOD TEAM, YOU GET A FAMILY! YES. WE’RE LIKE A FAMILY! – We look out for each other! WE HAVE A FEW REQUIREMENTS. BUT THEY’RE SIMPLE. REQUIREMENTS: - You prefer SURVIVAL MODE.(This specific recruitment post is mainly for survival players) - We prefer that you have at least one character with full skill tree (except walker stalker and the last 3 skills in the red skill tree) It’s not a requirement, but we would like to see you working towards it, and you will have access to lots of experienced players to help/guide you through it! - You have Discord. - You have a good microphone. - You have a GI to support yourself (no beggars). - You are not completely unexperienced at PvP. - You are 18+ of age. When you join, you will start out as a trial member, and then advance through our permission ranks, which are listed in order: Trial-Member, Member, Advanced-Member, VIP-Member, Master-Member VIP-Member, CO-Moderator, Moderator, Boss Patron, Captain. Please read before applying: We’re currently trying to make our clan into an “international clan”, right now we only have a very few select people who speaks English (We’re mostly from Turkey), but please don’t let that scare you, you will be an important part of improving our clan! – And you will be met with open arms and friendly people! - UPLOADBOOM INTERNATIONAL RULES- * Disrespect is definitely the reason for me. •Using any illegal program on the team is out of the question. Personally, I'm ready to ban both the DC and the game. Load member. •Definitely not talking about authority. We are a family, do not participate in the conversation authority unless it is necessary. •In order to grow hand in hand we will proceed. •Infestation Newz,escape from Tarkov outside the detailed rule is not given. •We are on our way to form our team in all ESL games. •HK-EU-US-SA-TR cooperate with our foreign brothers to advance international. •Beggars can not be out of the question if you want something you must deserve. •The role of co-leader should be given to the heads of the members representing each country. •Our publishers,Youtuberlarımızı the biggest support should come from the load family. •If you have authority and someone older than you has made a mistake, you should be removed without any insult or verbal abuse. •In each game we have to hand in to draw players. •We must strive to do what we do best •The games should not be insulted in any way. •Why do you join UPLOADBOOM? Because it's not just a good team, it's a family! •We take care of each other! When we say keep an eye on the person we're facing with respect. •We are currently trying to make our clan an “international clan”. •(mostly from Turkey), but please don't scare you, you will be an important part of improving our clan! •Prepare to meet life-filled and friendly people ! Because there's a new team coming ! Sincerely yours UPLOADBOOM team owner Bahadir 'TOXICfps' Ilhan DISCORD IP : https://discord.gg/Fa3SPFQ
  21. Jo und zwar bin ich wie man dem Titel entnehmen kann auf der Suche nach einem Klan. Mal ein paar Infos zu mir : Mein Name ist Jonathan (Jona) und bin 20 Jahre alt. Infestation spiele ich nun seit WarZ mit gelegentlichen Pausen (Hervorgerufen durch Hacker/Server Shutdowns / Andere Spiele) Sehe hier auch des öfteren das Skill Level Einschätzungen gewünscht sind von daher... Ähm so um die 7 würd ich sagen. War mal besser aber habe jetzt n Zeitlang nicht gespielt. Global ist auch gut gefüllt (wenn Screens gewünscht sind kann ich diese noch schicken). Mein Main heißt Gttingbetter und hat -38000 und eine K/D von 1.92 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey like u can guess from the Title im looking for a Clan Here are some Infos about me: My Name is Jonathan (Jona) and i am 20 Years old. I am playing Infestation since WarZ with some Breaks inbetween ( Caused by Hackers/Server Shutdowns / Playing other Games) Since i´ve been seeing some Threads in the Clan Recruitment section, which Require u to Guess ur own Skill level, here is mine.. So i would say it´s about a 7. Was better but haven´t been playing for a while. Global is filled with a decent amount (if asked i can send u some screens) My Main is Gttingbetter and has -38000 with a K/D of 1.92
  22. Looking for English speaking group I'll be streaming soon at twitch.tv/HRET
  23. https://muhammedland.wixsite.com/uploadboom
  24. Hi, im looking a clan especially for pvp, good people, family and fun. (preference language ENG - ESP - BR) (i dont have problems for play on EU-US-SA servers) My info as a player: South American (chile) -Veteran Acc. -Actually Rank Beast. -Good GI and KDR as well. -Normal Premium
  25. DMNR/ Demon Slayer is now recruiting - We just created this clan today -We are playing in NA and HK region -We are Active in pvp and official REQUIREMENTS - at least -7k or +3k rep -Loyal -Respectful -No multi clan - Can speak english -Matured player - No trashtalking allowed - Your kill your loot -Active always especially in PVP -No spamming If you want to join just pm me thanks
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