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Found 4 results

  1. So I'm looking for a price check on: Skins: VSS Tokyo Ghul Dark MP5 Soul Burn Christmas Skins (All) Valentine's Skins (All) BR Scar BR Imi Tar BR MP5 Blaser Halloween Items: Autumn Mask Santa Sack AK-12 PgO Scope Real price check please, no low prices just because you want any of this please lol
  2. OUTDATED Greetings Survivors! Today I'd like to present you the price check for most of the items you can scavange in-game! I wouldn't be able to make this list without the help of @rdk. and @N O V A 4 . If you have any suggestions about the prices you can post them In this thread. We will only consider answers with exaplenations as why we should change the price for given item. If you're looking for specific items just search for the type by pressing C+F and then for example " Assault Rifles ". MEDICAL ASSAULT RIFLES ARMORS Misc/Attachments/Backpacks/Shields AMMO Crafting materials Snipers Melees Shotguns SMG's LMG's Other
  3. I could really use a price check, im willing to sell it all. https://prnt.sc/hjwcjc
  4. Versi36

    Price Check

    Hey. I would like to know how much these skins would cost: Chainsaw Hallowen / Mauser SRG Pink / Imi-Tar Fusion / Large Backpack Fun Edition / Military Backpack Desert / G11 Autumn / M9 Bayonet Autumn / Crossbow Autumn / SVD Autumn / K.Style NVG Autumn / Heavy Armor Autumn / P90 Indy I'm new here so i don't know the prices. Thanks for all reply. Cheers
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