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Found 5 results

  1. I separated some changes I would like for the game, for all of you to discuss: >Stack, and skin (not just remove) everything on GI. -Some stuff like cars, can't get stacked, and this is awful for the ones who have a lot of cars, and with the new market we can't sell cars in a bundle unless we fill all the gas and repair it. So, or either stack even with different hp and gas, or give an option to do it while access GI. -This is not just for cars, snipers get all separated for skins or whatever. If the game can't stack with different amount of ammo, just add an option to easily skin manually, stack all, and refill everything without leaving GI (this will be great accessing GI locker as well). -Remove "brand new" thing. That it's just annoying, When you get something from airdrop you have to put it in you hand, just to stack with the other snipers. >Raise the size of the trade chat. -Some people abuse the chat with flood (which is already an issue). So if you guys stretch a little, it would be nice. >No more x-men zombies. -I often, not matter which server, hit a zombie with a car, and the zombie just stop my car. It should run over him 100% of the times, they need to be week, not SZ. I understand this could be just a connection problem, but still... it's annoying (and happens on low ms as well btw). >Move the items on GI freely. -Enough with all the work of removing items from the top to make the snipers goes up. Make it free to organize please. >More secret bases to find. -I remember some years ago, the game randomly had some "secret bases" with a lot of loot hide somewhere in the map for people to find. I remember one near Camp Splinter and Castle Pine once. The idea of exploring the game is, for me, a thing yet. Farming at the same place always gets boring. >A way to contact the server owner, and more mod options to it. -An easy way to rent a server, or let the mod server know of someone trolling. -More options to rent the server WITH someone. Shared GC to rent, and 2 mods, or permissions to change password and kick people. >Remove the 10 secs to logout from PVE servers. -That's all, just remove it, it's pointless and it's not any "cheat" or something to get any advantage. This way will save our char when we crashed too. >Premium to PVE. -If I paid for premium I would like to have a decent server to farm. No one uses premium to PVP (unless you have no brain). It's about time to change that. There's no good at all of having premium servers, almost no one is using full time. Another thing: they should be rebooted as well if empty for 5 min too. >Radiation area more fun. -Usually I ignore rad areas at the night, cause it's simple terrible to see. Clean the mask sight 100% or maybe gas masks with flashlight attached?? If you use it on a weapon you can't run and light the way, since you have to turn your gun. >GAMMA, PLEASE! GAMMA! -brightness option sux, please add a decent gamma tweak to see without the NVG without having to use gapagama or some other software. >Free look. -Just the old good free look we have in other games. I don't think this will unbalance the game in any way. >Fix the "hitbox" of picking ip the car. -When you try to get loot around the car you often get into the car instead of the loot. If I'm not facing the car, I don't want to enter. Now, just some other stupid ideas I have and tweaks, but still, some fun stuff to think about it: >First person view for cars >Easy way to climb in your car (a great way to avoid some stuck situations). >Make the car spawn on the right direction when you drop him, so this way you know where the car will be facing when you put it on the ground. >Name preview. When you change your name, it would be great to see a preview on how it will look.
  2. Yo today I was playing BR earlier and this happened. 2 People in a CAR...
  3. Well... thanks for beautiful game. What should I do in situations like that?
  4. By other players, mandatory, by my car, also stolen First, I can not stop other players from entering my car Then, after he got into my car, I could not do anything, like asking him to leave my car and not recover my car
  5. PM me offers 2,500x Medkits 13x Stryker 3x ZK 20x Personal Lockers 3x GI Access Lockers
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