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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, here is a map where i find skinboxes, mostly autumn, but some Halloween as well. You can find them EVERYWHERE: In houses, in front, behind or on the balkony. On cars, trucks, on or in helis, pools, camper, dumpster, roofs, whatever you can imagine. Hope this help a lil bit. Update 1.1: Added some places where you can find more Skinboxes, around Downtown and at the Airport. If you watch closely you can see that the new circles are thicker. ^^ Update 1.2: Added 44 (i guess) new spots (color is this time a lil bit pale). Have a nice day and good loot. Ecky
  2. The Elite CatZ [TEC] Sucht neue Member! Wir wollen wieder ein großen Deutschen Clan aufbauen! Wenn du dazu gehöhren möchtest dann melde dich bei uns Wir spielen gerade viel PVP Server aber wir wollen auch wieder aktiver Colo/Cali Spielen! Was wir von euch erwarten: Ein funktionierendes Headset und Teamspeak 3 Ein alter von 18(mit ausnahmen) Spielerfahrung Teamspeak IP: ts3.EliteCatZ.de
  3. We Are missed good old days ! New survival mod but old map is coming huh =? -TOXIC
  4. Update: Thanks to K 0 0 L 's friendly hint there is a 14th tree, i've overseen it (shame on me ^^). Hi there and Merry Christmas, well i still decided me to make a new map for Patch 2.12 #2 and try something new. I sat here in my dark room and didnt saw the green circles on my print. So i make a new map with white ones and cutted the map so it fits better on a DinA4-Site. Anyway! I post both maps so you can decide which one you want (if so). Well i walked a lil bit around, and i guess (no guarantee) that there only these 13 Trees. I found zero up to 5x Winter and/or Christmas Skinboxes under them. Have a nice day and good loot Ecky Normal: 1593*1768 / 1,45MB Small: 1253*1766 / 1,19MB
  5. Hi there, because of the patch i decided to actualize (only) the Caliwood map up to 2.12, Hotfix #1. I dont know when (or if) i actualize the Colorado map. As usual you can see the patch information in the down right corner of the map. Caliwood 1593*1770 / 1.45MB - Patch 2.12, Hotfix #1 (New Bus stop at ~F11) Colorado 1585*1762 / 1,60MB - Patch 2.11, Hotfix #2 (old one) Have a nice day and good loot Ecky This time no hidden name. ^^
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