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Found 8 results

  1. To voltando a jogar e comecei um clan, M T C, Most True Clan, quem quiser entrar nessa comigo vem discord discord.gg/SNGPFPy . To online todo dia, clan com prioridade o pvp, amizade e diversão. Regras: Respeitar o próximo, o loot é de quem matou, não matar o amigo do clã, tenha bom-senso para zoação, chingamentos e falar alto demais.
  2. Ye i know i f*cked a little cuz third person, and didnt changed to first but.. How the f*ck ive done this?
  3. i think its unfair to play solo againts teams of 3, the should disabel group play for now. there should be atleast 2 options to play BR, one should be "solo", the other "team play" Solo BR: there would be every man fighting for himself against other solo players (no teams in solo) Team BR: there would be atleast 10 three or two(maybe maximum 4) man teams, and if you are in group with your friends befor you join then you stay in group,but if you are not in group with anyone then the game will automatically but you in group with other players who is looking for group. its something that H1Z1 have, this makes gameplay more balanced and fair. And for zombies i junt cant see the point why ther should be NPC,s in BR
  4. so frustrating to play... spawning in city with other 50 people
  5. first montage from br's (some good Mosin kills) enjoy
  6. We already see players in coop. But when you play with a friend, you can't invite him to a team and he spawns at the very opposite side of the map, it's quite annoying. So i think it would be great: - To allow us making 2/3 players teams in BR - Maybe spawn in the same zone than your mates (it could be something like "not more than 300m") -And of course, to see your mate's name/health (and position on the map) like in survival teams. Sorry for my English and let me know what you think about it.
  7. 6 frags in 21sec on Tropico Battle Royale! Would you be faster?
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