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Found 7 results

  1. https://clips.twitch.tv/CrypticPricklySmoothiePRChase Video describes it all.
  2. I've seen a bug on a couple occasions... it may be fixed now - not sure... but on both map Tropico and Arizona in Tropico... I was in the water and I couldn't get out. I could jump... but I couldn't jump out or walk out of the water. I swam all over the place to get out. Eventually the radiation belt got me. In Arizona.... I was in the ground. Legs in in the ground and my torso was above ground. I could run around - jump - shoot - everything like a normal... I was just... half underground. Even when I ran up a hill or a mountain... same thing. Only my torso was above ground. Eventually just quit / restarted the game... issue didn't happen again - for a while - but I have seen to it a few times.
  3. Is Teaming allowed in Battle Royale (Arizona Map). I've seen several instances where team was obvious... just didn't if it was allowed or not.
  4. Up for bid!!! Battle Royale Box YOU GOT 45 MINUTES TO BID!!!!!!!! HIGHEST BID AT END OF TIME WINSSSS!!!!!!! Bidding starts at 100 GD BID NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORDS!!!!!!!! BY THE FRICKIN WAY!!! YOU HAVE 10 MINUTES TO CONTACT WOLF AFTER THE AUCTION FOR DETAILS!!!!!! BECAUSE I SAID SO!!! THAT'S WHY!!!! "The village idiot blacklist of Stupidom" Rizioniel
  5. Cheater's/Glitcher's Character name: PHICACHOTime: ~21:20 GMT+1Date: 2017.11.22. What kind of cheat/glitch: Out of zone long time (at least 10 minutes)Screenshot proof : https://imgur.com/a/WCWsb https://imgur.com/a/xrYuT
  6. Lately I've been thinking about what could make the Battle Royale more interesting and / or with more players, among my friends we ask ourselves: - Why are there zombies in the Battle Royale? This doubt has brought me here, because many times it ends up being annoying the game by the amount of zombies in the area where we were born my suggestion is that you could diminish the flow of zombies in the partitions of Battle Royale or completely remove them. thanks for listening. - L u c k
  7. I miss attachments in battle royale... will be cool if the devs put this on, even the players usually use third person to shoot, but sometimes u want to shoot in first person and the aim is in ur front
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