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Found 9 results

  1. Hi dear support of NewZ, all russian community need your help. The streamer who's name Shoroh so toxic man, he always disrespect Admins of NewZ, disrespect this game, disrespect russian community etc. On streams he inciting ethnic hatred, lie about some ppl like they thief and using drugs. He always report players just because they kill him, and he scream STREAM SNIPER, STREAM SNIPER, on streams he say: pls admins of NewZ i invite so many people in this game, can u ban one idiot who always kill me. Other streamers doesn't behave like Shoroh, pls help us. So, dear support of NewZ can you do smth, cause he face of your game,and face of ru community, because he most watching streamer.
  2. gürkan


    [email protected] my account has eaten a few months ago, but automatically banned times without help do you have a chance to lift the ban?
  3. Hi to all stuff team. Today I try to login and got message "U got banned" My mail: [email protected] My login: Flappy My youtube channel(pruf about support to game): Link I still play NewZ a long time and first time got free banned. I think old dev's remember me.
  4. Hello I was given a ban...Can't understand why,because I don't play with cheats,and this ban is not true
  5. Hello guys, i was in the open wolrd collorado today when i saw a vehicle called "stryker" and then i took some 5 minutes looking around on prone mode before finally going up there and stealing the vehicle. Then i drove up a mountain in a complete isolate place (hard vehicle to drive, slow and bad at turning/steering) and then after i exit the vehicle i look for the key to pick up the vehicle to my inventory. I searched on the internet to see what was the key to pick up the vehicle and then i pressed the key F5, but i pressed F5 the whole time and nothing happens, i even hold it for 10 seconds and nothing happened. Then i looked in the key binds in the option menu, and found out F7 fix vehicle position, i pressed F7 and the car was teleported!!! Then right after that i pressed F5 again and got banned for cheating????? ???????? i got banned for cheating for trying to pick up a vehicle and i couldnt even pick it up.... Fair enough i stole it from someone, but i thought that was normal in this game (its a joke). But seriously, i got banned after i pressed F7 or F5, not sure. Fortunaly i could get back to the game, it wasnt a permanent ban. MY QUESTION IS: Will this game get me permanently banned someday for no reason ??? Or is there a number of times u get banned before u get permanently banned??? Because if thats gonna happen it makes no sense to keep playing this game (i am deeply concerned). I have tons of items i spent so long time looting, found even an interesting guillie clothing today after i killed the master zombie. I need someone to answer me if i risk losing my account for no reason like that, because if thats the case i will start to get worried.
  6. Please ban this kid. I B I Z Z Z A
  7. hormonao


    buenas, he sido baneado por cambio de ip, llevaba meses sin jugar y me conecte hoy, desde un pc, y probé en otro, en los dos me salió que estoy baneado por cambio de ip, no le he dado mi cuenta a nadie y creo que no ha sido robada...me podríais ayudar por favor? gracias
  8. Hey, dear Developers / Players. Yesterday i connected to a private server with my friend. I put down my car, i see the server owner kick everybody. I leave the car very fast, and i try to pick up, before he kick me. I can't pick up, i go kicked, my car got stealed. If i tryed to go back, i got banned. Please Fredaikis, or developers, help me.
  9. In this video, I've highlighted a topic that I feel like should be discussed, but I would like to see other people's opinions on the matter so I know what the general consensus is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f31Gz3Vyf2Q I did not think that this was against the game rules, and I've been doing this since the game was originally released without any problems. I have no interest in glitching/foul play because I think that it ruins the game. So I would like to ask you, do you consider this as glitching/foul play?
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