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  1. Survival Marketplace Hello Survivors, I think it's not wrong to give the Dev's some Suggestions for the Items that will be placed inside the Survival Marketplace. Keep in Mind I do not Feature all Items that are in Survival, only the things we do really need. These are not Trading Prices, These are only market Prices! Ammo: The Ammo on the Market Place should contain all Magazins and Bullets that are available in Survival Mode. Assult Rifle: Stanag (30): 3000$, Stanag (45): 4500$, Stanag (60): 6000$ Stanag C-Mag (100): 10000$, Ak 7.62 Mag (30): 3000$, AK 7.62 Mag (45): 4500$, AK 7.62 drum (100): 10000$, G11 Mag (50): 5000$, G36 Mag (30): 2700$, G36 Mag (40) 3600$, G36 Mag (60): 5400$, G36 C-mag (100): 9000$ Pistol Mags/Rounds: 9mm (13): 1200$, 1911 Mag 45acp (7): 950$, anaconda rounds (6): 1100$, Desert Eagle Mag 50ae (7): 2000$, Fn57 Mag (20): 1500$, Kruger 22. Mag (10): 650$, P226 9x19mm (15): 1300$, STI Mag 45.acp (10): 1800$, Nail Strip (35): 500$ Sub Machine Guns: Bizon mag (64): 2500$, Evo mag (30): 2100$, Mp5 Mag (30): 2300$, Mp7 mag (30): 2100$, P90 Mag (50): 2400$, SMG (20): 1800$, SMG (40): 3600$ Shotgun Ammo/Mags: AA-12 Drum (20) 7500$, Saiga Mag (10): 4000$, Shotgun Shells (2): 825$, Shotgun Shells (8): 3500$ Sniper Mags: SVD Mag (10): 12500$, .308 Winchester (10): 15000$, .50 BMG Mag (5): 15000$, .338 AWM Mag (10): 17500$, VSS Mag (10): 20000$ VSS Mag (20): 40000$ Other: Arrow (1): 250$, Flare Cartridge (1): 250$, Kruger Mini Mag (10): 650$, Kruger Rifle Mag (10): 450$, Kruger Rifle Mag (20) 900$, Kruger Rifle Mag (30) 1350$, Mosin Clip (10): 4000$, PKM Box (100): 12500$, M249 Box (100): 12000$ Meele: Bat: 2000$, Brass Knuckles: 1800$, Butterfly Knife: 3500$, Chainsaw: 4000$, Cricket Bat: 2000$, Crowbar: 2100$, Fire Axe: 3500$ Flashlight: 800$ Frying Pan: 1200$, Garden Shears: 2100$, Golf Club: 1800$, Hammer: 2000$, Hatchet: 5000$, Katana: 6000$, M9 Bayonet: 3000$, Machete: 4500$, Metal Bat: 3000$, Pickaxe: 4000$, Power Drill: 3500$, Pitchfork: 3500$, Shank: 4000$, Shovel: 2200$, Spiked Bat: 3500$, The Brotherhood: 8000$, Wrench: 1000$ Throwables: Smoke Granates All Colours: 3000$, Frag Granates: 5000$, Bada Boom!: 6000$, Flare: 2000$, Chemlight All Colours: 1000$ Armor / Helemts / Masks/ Backpacks: Armors Light Gear: 5000$, Custom Vest: 7500$, MTV: 10000$, IBA 10000$, Medium Armor: 10000$, Custom Guerilla: 25000$ Helmets: K. Style NVG: 25000$, K. Style Helmet: 20000$, M9 Helmet / w. goggles: 7500$, M9 Helmet NVG: 15000$, Fireman Helmet: 6000$ Mask: Gas Mask: 5000$, Gas Mask Advanced: 5500$, All Masks: 2000$ Backpacks: Medium: 4000$, Large: 7000$, Alice: 13500$, Military: 30000$ Medical Supplies: Bandages: 650$, Bandages DX: 3000$, Antibiotics: 2500$, Pain Killers: 2000$, Poultice: 2250$, Medkit: 7500$, C01: 12500$, C04: 30000$, Zom. Repellent: 5000$ Vision: Binoculars: 5000$, Range Finder: 7500$, Tactical Binoculars: 10000$ Food and Drinks: Food: Bag of MRE: 7500$, Can of Ham: 2000$, Can of Pasta 1500$, Can of Soup: 2000$, Can of Tuna: 2000$, Instant Oatmeal: 800$, Bag of Chips: 600$, Minicabra's: 800$, Granola Bar: 1000$, Chocolate Bar: 500$, Nudle Cup: 2000$ Drinks: Water 375ml: 1000$, Water 1L: 2400$, Electro Aid: 4000$, Can of Soda: 800$, Energy Drink: 750$, Juice: 1200$, Coconut Water 2000$ Attachments: Compact Scope: 7000$, ACOG Sight: 6000$, Holographic Sight: 6000$, Red Dot: 5000$, Reflex: 5000$ pso-1 scope: 10000$, Swiss Scope: 12000$, Tactical Sniper Scope: 10000$ Foward Grip: 5000$, Modular Aluminum Combat Grip: 4000$, SMG Grip: 3000$, Silencer: 8000$, Pistol Silencer: 3500$, Flash Hider: 4000$, Pistol Flash Hider: 2000$ Rifle Laser: 7000$, Pistol Laser: 3000$, Rifle Flashlight: 3000$, Pistol Flashlight: 1000$ Thats all from my Site, maybe you can add weekly Discounts and new Items, I did not Feature any Weapons! Thanks anyways!
  2. Introduction: The only survival price check thread in this forum might look outdated, and the game itself has some changes and updates. This is the start of my idea to post this so people can check ,and look for the item value. Me myself has a lot of experience in survival trade. So many people I have sold and traded item with. I'm quite good at farming and I farm a lot in game. I know where to find specific items, I have traveled and checked towns and cities all over the map. I understand the game mechanics in both open world and survival. I know how difficult to earn GD from Open world , also know how difficult to farm in survival mode. The price is only from my feeling by comparing to all those things that I have mentioned. My goal is to everyone to know the standard price, the price which is fair and happy for both buyers and sellers. I know many of us as buyers think that Survival mode trade looks overprice, and as a former seller, I also want to maximize the profit as well. I understand both feeling. and I'm think about many aspects of the loot. Is it fair to sell stanag 30 for 15k- 20k , compare to killing few zombies and get 2 painkillers which as a price of now is about 10k-15k each ? Is it fair to sell L85 gun for 100k, compare to 2-3 antibiotics as of now which costs like 30k-35k each. What would choose to do ? Switching server in military area and hope for L85 to spawn in rare spawn point , rather than Switching server looting in medic center where 1-2 or 3 antibiotics will often spawn ? Is it ok to sell silencer for 15k each, compare to how difficult to get it in survival map. If you got premium , how fast you can earn GD in openworld in few hours and you could spent it to buy survival stuff which people spent more hours to farm and go back to safezone? All of these questions are in my head and I believer other players do so. In Openworld , how difficult to farm a sniper and the their price in trading. You can't deny that a sniper in openworld worth like a few antibiotics in survival. Some people good at pvp They don't have to farm loot, they can farm dead bodies, or some people work as a team and helping together, they got their own looting way. Some some people , they play alone , or not good at pvp. they prefer farming which look safer but slower. I didn't list all of the items in survival only the common ones , the ones that people usually want and use. If the Feedback is good. I might list all of the items in future. Welcome to hear feedback from this. please reply or comment for some improvement and changes. It doesn't mean that everyone has to follow the price list. Trading survival stuff with GD is at your own risk. Some trusted trader might raise their price a bit because they are honest. But all that , what really matter is the price you, as a buyer and seller, are happy with.
  3. Buying all your AR. IMI TARS, L85 ETC for a good price...
  4. Is there any good way to do a lot of GD in-game? And I haven't see skinboxes on the map, were they disabled?
  5. so the double xp/gd event should start in some minutes right? next year please make it less confusing thx
  6. Sell Skin M4A1 Black Night. PM ME With Offer.
  7. D_millz

    gd farming

    any tips for returning players on the best places to farm money rn?
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