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About Me

Found 163 results

  1. A quick little video about the Partnership Program
  2. ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Stream starting in 10 min's https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb BIG PATCH COMING, Map info, Easter event, Last stream for the week, Come get some !!! @infestationnewz
  3. A quick little Partnership video
  4. ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb New Week new streams and allot of fun to be had all around !!! @infestationnewz
  5. To enter you will need to go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSesTkMOW7S13Uoqi6yTK0sO4P5s_st0ZjTiszzsrbr8amlssA/viewform?usp=pp_url&entry.2092238618&entry.1556369182. There are only limited spaces left so you need to be quick! Stream time and date: Starts Wednesday 7th March and will continue through Thursday and Friday. 12am CST Make sure to give Bravo a follow on Twitch also https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb
  6. Bravodog

    Last night

    ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Patch incoming WoooHooo, Matri Locker Box give away if enough people? https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb
  7. Just kidding imagine my surprise when I opened this the other night on my stream Not to sure what I want to do with it yet ?
  8. Hi gang this is just a quick little tip on GC scams. Check it out if you like.
  9. There will be some Awesome give a ways tonight https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb
  10. Just a quick little video I did on 2 questions I have been asked. Same video just posted up on both of my channels https://youtu.be/SzOjxepkNd4 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/183776396
  11. ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Stream about to start. Tonight's stream will include The Prize Wheel as well as some great information about up coming events. So let's get this going. https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb
  12. 1: - Main priority is the Health bar, me and my friends liked the old one way more with the character cuz it was kind of big and easier to find while u are in a intense fight. 2: - Bring back the " Black&White " Screen when u were low HP. so you actually know "oh I am lit, I should be more careful now" without looking all the way down the screen. 3: - The Heavy armor is still flying in midair even when you activated Item Physics which is kind of annoying in PvP. I might add more things soon! stay tuned!
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